the coming of a muse

A tribute to my muse (and muses everywhere).


the coming of a muse

A woman in red
reveals powerful emotions
performing her tango
depicting a poet’s words
A matador’s blade
carved inspiring verses
of sharp metaphors
possessing the power of a bull
While a thousand church bells
rang in poetic harmony
as red carnations
stood in full bloom
proclaiming his heart aches for you

Cristo Redentor awaits with open arms
So does he

There was no need of red carpets
or trumpets sounding
when the universe conspired
when Pythia foretold
the coming of a muse

278 thoughts on “the coming of a muse

    1. I only have one muse. I said “A tribute to MY MUSE.”

      the muses everywhere . was merely to acknowledge all muses.

      I only have one, and that is more than enough for me. Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts. Mucho appreciated.

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  1. Drew, this is fabulous!
    The red of the dress, the tango, the matador’s blade (ay,,,), the bull woven in metaphors. The air filled with the sound of church bells. “He” like Cristo Rendentor (aw..Rio de Janeiro! ) with his arms open proclaiming his heart ache. The movement stops here and the longing starts: waiting, no red carpets, no trumpets. Everything descends into a mythical prophesy. Everything is murmur and mystery.
    Masterfully done, Drew!
    I am sure your muses are delighted 🙂
    Have a wonderful Monday!

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    1. Thrilled thrilled thrilled by your words G. You plastered a big smile on my face. The arrival of a muse needs the fanfare. Love how you broke this down. Always grateful for your thoughts.

      But a little FYI here. “you are sure my muses are delighted.”
      G, I am truly a one muse guy.

      Thank you for your wonderful words that started my Monday perfectly. Your visits always make me smile and motivate me to write. Have a beautiful Monday full of sunshine and smiles. Thanks.

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    1. Smiling. I hope the heart stopped for good reasons. I know this is another whole side of me. Hope you like it.

      This weekend poetry flowed out of my like NEVER BEFORE. Other narcissistic ladies may think they were a good muse for me, well, my current muse has me writing like never before – inspired and unemcumbered. Writing poems has always been an agonizing thing for me. This weekend it flowed.

      This one was penned just before my self imposed posting deadline. It was my way of thanking my muse.

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      1. Has to be the first time your response was longer than my comment. Must write the date down…
        My heart…yes. Stopped for good reasons, my Lonely Author. Of course. I felt that this was a pocket sized work of art. I didn’t really know what to say to be honest with you, hence my excuse for a comment lol.
        I do like this side of you, silly. Impossible not to and I am sure a million people will agree with me.
        I’m beyond happy for you that your muse (who is swiftly becoming rather UN-fictional) is inspiring you in such a profound way. There’s nothing like an uncontrollable flow of words emerging that we just MUST write down before they disappear from our hearts. I love that feeling and I can see so clearly that you do too.
        The narcissists…lord knows what they think their controlling and selfish ways will achieve. Unencumbered you is a poetic treat and a kiss on the heart.
        This poem. A gift.

        More deep analysis to follow. As if I could resist

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        1. LOL January 28th, 2019. New Year. Same me! (I don’t know, it doesn’t have that same Umph).

          I think your comment of a whole new side you have never seen, provoked the wordy reply from me.

          Thank you for referring to my poem as art. Never received that compliment before. We will see how well liked this is.

          Well, I wanted to thank my muse, those humor and playfulness (if she exists)
          were not appropriate for a genuine post of gratitude. So yes, I am admitting I have a muse. Though many ladies inspire me wityh their writing, there is only ONE true muse.

          I relished in the feeling an the flow of words. Something that only has happened in novel writing, never in my poetry.

          A kiss on the heart…….I love that thought.

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              1. I can’t remember what I’ve said and haven’t said to you about this poem, weird I know.  But you get what I mean!

                You are completely possessed by the hand of your muse guiding yours in gently strokes.  That’s how it felt.

                We know each other pretty well and for me to say that I didn’t expect this from you should speak volumes.  I love all your poetry,  for different reasons each time. But genuinely,  no BS…this one floored me. The first image …of a woman in red…don’t think I didn’t notice that you omitted the word “dress”. It was heard in the mind of the reader but you didn’t say it and I don’t think you meant to. Red elicits so many images…passion, the heart,  love,  desire and so much more. I think it guided you through the whole poem and complimented the image of a tango, an ethereal muse dancing in front of a poet carving words while she wields the matador’s sword..mixed emotions there. The merciliess slaying of a bull, the power and prowess that action represents and the palpable passion of a her metaphors on his writing cutting deep into his pages. I mean..I sigh as I write.

                And then. ..THEN the harmonious church bells and him, waiting with open arms surrounded by red (love your commitment to that impassioned colour) carnations was breathtaking. One of your most gorgeous images and with a subtle whisper of some kind of love there, I am sure.   I saw the whole image in my mind and I can’t get it to leave me alone. Sweetly torturing me.

                Christ the Redeemer mirroring his own worship of the inspiration she brings is …what’s another word for ‘powerful’ asked the English teacher…Overwhelming.  I don’t know how you did that or how you weaved it so perfectly into this art you painted (yes art,  shush).

                And then your last stanza which is becoming my favourite part of all your poems…The red carpet for her to place her careful footsteps on (even more powerful that you say there is no need for it) and the subtle whispers of destiny and classical prophecy and paths written for two perfect souls to conspire and create poetic beauty together is as I said about 6 hours ago..heart stopping.

                Whatever she’s doing to you,  she’s making you poetically irresistable.




                1. My muse did inspire this, at times it almost felt as if she guided my fingers through each line.

                  The woamn in red, don’t know why i failed to mention dress. Honestly, I imagined a long clingy red dress.
                  But failed to emntion it. Actually worked quite nicely, but as you said, I nevr intended it. Just goes
                  to show, less words often works well. I did intend the red carnation and her wearing red. Red gives
                  the images of love and passion.

                  Happy you appreciated the matador and bull. Powerful images that my muse’s writing is worthy of being compared to.
                  Sighing at the thought my words made you sigh.

                  I am always accused of only writing about love, I wanted this post to just a small hint of it. Thus the two lines you mentioned.
                  You are so generous with tyour words Fiery. Torturing you…. too kind.

                  Christ the Redeemer with open arms, the following line obviously is my admiration, appreciation, and love for my muse. Also
                  meant it to represent the admiration she receives from so many others. For her writing is admired.

                  When I wote about the red carpet, I thought there was no need for it because she floats on wings, never touching the floor
                  like us mere mortals. Thus, my using an angel in the image. For she is a gift from the Gods,

                  Poetically irresistible….another first on this blog, Humbling to say the least.

                  Noticed, there was very little humor in your comments today. Hope that is a good thing.


                  The Lonely Author . xoxoxo

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                  1. You’re craving for me to make you giggle?
                    Well that’s do-able.
                    Ha. Do-able.

                    See what you’ve started now?

                    I couldn’t sully this poem with my silly humour. It was too….oh you know ♥

                    As you know, my precious time diminishes as the day goes on, so I will reply to this beautiful bouquet of words tomorrow
                    Fiery ♥

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                    1. Thank god you took this conversation another way…
                      I thought your comments section was about to go up in flames.
                      Nice save. Impressed. Wiping the sweat from my brow lol


                  2. What with all the talk of kisses and nether regions, I almost neglected to reply to this…which I could never actually do. Neglect your words I mean. Not the…you know what I mean. 🙊

                    I just love that you felt that your muse was guiding you through this. The way you speak of her- your inspiration is amazing. Everyone can feel it, and it is beautiful to be around you when you write like this.

                    You kind of…do always write about love. It’s not a flaw ! It doesn’t matter what you write about, love always peeks out and makes an appearance because you’re feeling it and your muse is making you express that in your poetry and no one is complaining, trust me! It’s who you are. Even longing, loneliness, sensuality…all have roots in love. You can’t change that. Sometimes one subject is more prominent but it’s all love.

                    And even here, the way you speak of her, a gift, admired…and angel floating above…it really is SO sigh worthy that I am leaving it alone. She kisses your words and you gift her poetry. Perfection.

                    Shushing now.

                    Many warm things, my Lonely Author.




                    1. Yes, I lost track of things myself.

                      Very flattered, she does have me inspired so I can’t take all of the credit. Well, what you say is true. Here, I was writing about my muse and yet,
                      love reared its beautiful head. “His heart longs for you.” and “so does he” alluding to waiting with open arms. Love is always there, yes. It must be engraved deep into my DNA.

                      MY muse is a gift of love; to cherished and adored.

                      Grateful for your appreciation Ms. Sultry.

                      Lonely Author

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    1. Smiling. Thank you so much for your beautiful and encouraging comment. So grateful for yur words. Happy you liked the imagery. And your compliments have me smiling from ear to ear.

      I believe I am the lucky one for having amazing followers like you to encourage me.
      Appreciate yout time, your read, and wonderful comments. Thank you so much Melissa.

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  2. Ah, yes, the muse…I think my favorite lines this time are “A matador’s blade carved inspiring verses of sharp metaphors”. I continue to be enthralled with your playful muse!


  3. I love the cover (always do 😄) but this poem had me scratching my head. It’s beautiful poem but… I can’t like it. I guess after living in Spain for so many years I developed a strong hate at the words “Bull” and “Matador” even if it’s use as a metaphor.
    Don’t take it personally Drew, I just have to get this out my chest.
    The poor bulls 😭

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      1. Wonderful tribution to your coming the muse.hope-she will be happy to read it.dear dew!! Pythia told true about your the coming of a muse.hey dew!!she has seen n met you but i could not see your face still now.plz show your face.i think-your muse should not have any objection,dear!!plz reply internet is disturbed.using the metaphor of Cristo Redentor is amazing in your poem.Weldon,dear!!

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              1. Your poem has not a little bit intoxicated is much tiredness and reading your poem,i feel sleepy,dear!!you know here is night time 12.00 o’ NYC it is time of afternoon.right?so ,dear,good night….😴😴😴😴😴😴

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                    1. Hey dear dew!!your coming muse in red dress has wake up and going to bull fighting.😁😁😁😁😁all the are really my true and honest friend.bless you dear.


          1. Oh really,i am understanding all things but with a little bit confusion,dear dew!!plz clarify it.i like all verses by written you.soliloquy is wonderful for mine and the coming of the muse……..who is she?


            1. My style. Should I leave a post saying where I am going my dear?

              I had a package waiting in the post office. I am shipping clothes and food to the poor in the Dominican Republic. There was a package I needed to pick up.

              You needed something?


              1. No.dear dew!!you are most kind hearted for the poor in Domnican Republic or other site.that is most kind work ,dear!! I have only wanted to know your answer related to your today’s give me answer at once.when i don’t get your response then feel as puzzled.plz do your nice work of human’s welfare.don’t worry about i feel well,dear!!

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                  1. Dear,i accept your lovely questions were about your poem-can you tell me about your muse?i think maybe she is she my Girl.she will be happy after reading you.may be you meet her and she saw your face.why you don’t show me your face.

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                    1. Okay.wise comment on the coming of a muse.wonderful,my naughty dew!! I understand all know-i have sixth sense by which everything is able to understand for me.

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  4. Wonderful tribute to your coming the muse.hope-she will be happy to read it.dear dew!! Pythia told true about your the coming of a muse.hey dew!!she has seen n met you but i could not see your face still now.plz show your face.i think-your muse should not have any objection,dear!!plz reply internet is disturbed.using the metaphor of Cristo Redentor is amazing in your poem.Weldon,dear!!


    1. You obvious are a mental midget who doesn’t follow my blog very much. It is sprinkled with so many poems and posts about empowering women and defending the female cause.

      You are a coward because you don’t even have a blog for me to visit and read your garbage.
      You are hate spewing idiot. Full of envy and frustration.

      I used the image of an angel because I was comparing a m use to an angel. Not asking wom,en to look like one. But I AM SURE THAT WENT OVER YOUR TWO CENT BRAIN you stupid brain fart.

      I have never claimed to be the perfect man. And the last thing I expect is a perfect woman.

      What I DO expect is people to be civil and fairly educated, two things which you are not.

      Go look in the mirror and bask in your hateful ugly ways.

      Toodles Stupid.


      1. Your photos are full of young supermodels. Not one looks like the average person. Don’t you dare talk shit to me Jim. You post naked photos of girls, young underage girls all the goddamn time. When you were AC you wrote a story about fucking my teenage daughter and as crazy girl wrote about fucking the other ones. You are a pervert, a child molester and a pedophile and that is just for starters. You are a goddamn peacock who had to have everyone tell him how great he is and if not you will comment to yourself. I bet 90% of your comments are you talking to you under yet another fake name. The only time you kinda act like a decent human and show a side that isn’t the normal POS you then I are pretending to be a woman. You are as fake as they come. I am 100% motherfucker. I have no reason to hide and no reason to feel bad about myself. I sleep rather well. You absolutely disgust me. I hate your goddamn fake ass guts. Everything about you is fake. Even the people in I fucking life are fake. Fake wife, fake daughter, fake ass motherfucker. Go ahead and tell everyone what kind of muse I really am. You take my words and put your name under them. You take my truth and do podcast making fun of the life I lived. You are the meanness sob I have ever had the misfortune to meet. You are a bitch, a coward a pervert and a goddamn asshole. You value blogs over me. You rather write lies about love and respect while giving neither. I am not afraid of you bitch. Anytime anywhere and I will gear your fucking ass. Certainly will save what you wrote because you had the never to talk shit and call me stupid again. You are the stupid one. I tell you don’t put me down, don’t put me last, stop with the lies stop being fake and you rather tell these strangers you are a great man. Anyone who has to inform the world they are great is far far from it. Pull your head out of your ass and see what you are doing. I hate you. I absolutely hate you in ever way because of the way you act. It’s 100% your fault but you love this fake ass life and horrible behavior more than you love me. You don’t love me. You don’t respect me. You only care about you and the bullshit world you have created. It means more to you than I ever will and that shows how fucking pathetic you are.


        1. Oh, I remember you. You did the same thing before you Idiot.

          Jim??? Who the hell is Jim? My name is Andrew. People call me Drew. No Jim here you twit.

          You know what? Why don’t you put down your cell phone for a second. Go ahead put it down.
          Now go and get the meds you forgot to take this morning.

          I’ll wait here. Lonely Author whistles. Checks his manicured nails. Must restock on the fridge. Whistle.

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              1. Everything I wrote is the truth. Clearly you can’t stand to face it. You can’t be real so you have to find reasons to try and hurt me. I just spent time deleting all the comments and followers because they were all your fake bullshit. I stopped following and unliked everything that I liked. I don’t need anyone to like me.. I am perfectly happy with who I am. I am not a list or a fake or a goddamn pedophile like you.

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        2. Why are you abusing him?you are selfish and don’t want to know that all authors like to feel free and want to live beyond every burdens of should know evérybody is perfect on his/her place.plz,don’t talk in abusive is not a property for anyone.the meaning of love is love to all human race n beauty in universe.plz be calm,be relax n be well.

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        3. Not that Andrew hasn’t already addressed the insanity of your comments, and as always made his point very clearly and always with truth and class, yet still I think I speak for everyone who has half a brain and an ounce of self respect (and with that respect for other humans) that hurling such vile abuse at someone who not only doesn’t deserve it but who defends anyone else who is receiving such disgusting abuse written in foul and debasing language, only reflects ON YOU and only makes YOU look and sound like every distasteful and derogatory word you used.
          Clearly you have your own issues and might I suggest talking them through with someone…anyone who can help you because talking to a person like Andrew in this way and especially on his blog where there are literally THOUSANDS of people who will jump to his defence and verify that he is NONE of the shameful words and phrases you so easily used, is an exercise in futility.
          You need to focus on yourself and put ALL the wasted energy you put into writing this diatribe back onto self improvement and self reflection and self awareness. We all know what kind of amazing person he is, how much talent he possesses and how he genuinely connects with people in a warm and truthful way. No one has a doubt and no one is going to commend you for being a complete and utter C-word and no one needs to read your vile poison blasted onto his blog.
          I’m sorry if someone has made you the way you are and we all have anger somewhere inside us but you need to redirect yours elsewhere because this kind of abusive, crass, uninformed, hubristic, uneducated, hateful, disgusting, borderline psychotic and clearly despicable language is not welcome ANYWHERE , let alone on this blog and you’ll live a dark existence if you never come to realise that.
          Sort yourself out and I would start that process by shutting your mouth and thinking long and hard before you open it up to spew such bile again.

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  5. This seems so very different from what you usually write. I’m happy you’ve found a muse again! I’ve started keeping a journal, hoping it will help me find my creativity again over time. Right now my journal is still too focused on loneliness and pain but I find I must write something, even if only for me…

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    1. Diane, you have followed my blog from the beginning, you know I have made a living of loneliness and pain. Those themes have alays worked for me.

      Who knows, there may be wonderful poems or stories waiting to be composed. I am certain you ill find something to inspire you. Then, again, the love in your heart should be more than enough.

      This was very different for me. It suddenly came out of me. Can’t explain it. As if the muse was writing alongside of me.

      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.
      Happy journaling.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet words. always so kind.

      Just an FYI
      I may be mentioning you in a post next week.
      I am working on a poem about art. Whenever it is ready I will be linking the post to your blog.
      I will let you know before hand


  6. The spell you make with words that paint, took my breath away. Your Muse, Andrew, couldn’t be any happier as She looks upon your portrayal of Her. Bravo, dear friend. I was amazed and so taken away by this post. WOW!


  7. My dear friend!!plz don’t care ungly talks as abirdwithoutwings are saying.she is in misunderstanding.your muse will be live always with you.she can never forget are you.nobody can take your place.your popularity is main reason of is not big matter.bless you forever.


  8. You have a very lucky muse! Your poetry can flatter anyone. So beautifully written and descriptive. Reading your pieces, I can always envision the words. It’s like you bring things to life. I just picture some woman in a red dress with red lips performing the tango. 🙂


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