cemetery of lovers past

cemetery of lovers past

A shadow exhales
Her breath of life
is a white mist
that lingers like cumulus clouds
on a windless day
a bell tolls
over a broken carcass
of rigor mortis memories

words begin to rain
a cleansing rebirth
born of poetry
the past is buried
the dead long forgotten
a curse lifted
like a holy veil
letting in the light

a heart gasps
a new moon glows
an angel departs
she forever remains a mystery

330 thoughts on “cemetery of lovers past

    1. Actually, I always loved looking at the clouds. Can’t explain it, but they have something that attracts me. Even now as an adult, I stopp to look at them whenever I am not too rushed.

      Thank you for your very kind visit and for sharing your thoughts.

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  1. words begin to rain
    a cleansing rebirth
    born of poetry
    the past is buried
    the dead long forgotten
    a curse lifted
    like a holy veil
    letting in the light,…………..sigh! This is beyond beautiful

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  2. I also wonder about the people I’ve never met, who they were and what they did. At someone’s death, we hear stories about when they were young and realize we’ve missed knowing an incredible person. Not just a beautiful potential lover, but all kinds of people who led generous and creative lives. In a way, I think it’s much better to be remembered this way, leaving a little regret that you’re missed or were unknown, than to loathed for being a b—–d.

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    1. What a beautiful thought. We do hear about someone’s life after they have departed. A life we never touched. An extinguished life that meant so much to others. A reason to get to know other people. To share our stories and hear theirs. We are missing out.

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I think a poem may evolve from this.

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  3. “An angel departs,she forever remains a mystery……”oh more touch of pain in these lines.why are you leaving your angel muse alone or only for mystery,dear dew.but your moon is for gasped for you but a happy thing for me.dear!!it is best to not look past and look after your present and Future for God.wonderful poem.

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          1. No dear dew!!your Angel will always demand from you.😊she can never leave you alone .you have given her a magical gift as the coming of a muse like a most beautiful way with many rainbows and rainy’s rhythm.may be you no agree buy she is your past,present and future too till last breath.perhaps she will be a mystery.

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              1. I know all things,dear!!! She can not forget those, In future,she will be always with you like present and past my dear friend!!now i am waiting your muse-cum-partner who may live with you always and i say welcome her,dear!!

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                    1. Dear dew!!i have known just now about your blog’name “the lonely author blog”.do you know the meaning of being lonely?this word is related from top 16 verses of holy Bible.am i right dear?


  4. Ahhh this is so beautiful. I had to read it over and over again and each time I was hit with more meaning. Your poetry is so eloquent and excellent, so beautiful and ethereal. I think I mentioned before how your imagery is so very striking. Now let me go read this again 🙂

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    1. Humbled by this wonderful and generous comment. I was so unsure about this piece, but your words relieved my uncertainty.

      Thank you for your very kind words and support. They encourage me so much. Appreciate your visits and comments. Thank you.

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  5. Part of what I love about your poetry are the beautiful and elegant pictures that accompany them. They are so…other-worldly. I don’t know if that is a phrase, but it seems the best way to describe both the pictures and much of your poetry. I believe, in some ways, that poetry like yours and some others are the gates into that other realm we all wish to find. Hugs Drew ❤

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    1. You just floored me. What a beautiful thing to say. Especially to me, since I am always stressing my poetry.

      As for the images, I have friends here in NYC that follow my blog and they are always contributing these wondeful images when they find them. Also bloggers email them to me as well. I am a lucky man.

      So humbled by your words. Grateful for your kind read and comments. They mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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        1. LOL . Hey, wondeful to know the job and life are treating you well.
          I am doing well, can’t complain. Have been doing some charitable work that has kept me busy,
          but it feels so good inside.

          I was just responding to Mr Sparkles. You guys make me so happy. Bless you both.


  6. Good morning, Drew. This poem is a miracle. Light replaces darkness “a broken carcass /of rigor mortis memories.” A new moon glows, light comes in. A process of cleansing and rebirth performed by poetry. Death, like any love which vanishes, remains a mystery. Death is forever, light is joy and excitement. That reminds me of Arthur Rimbaud “Come from forever, and you will go everywhere.” The new moon will take you everywhere for she is light.
    Yet, there is a duality here created by the juxtaposition of “carcass” “death” curse” versus “new moon”, “light.” Fascinatingly you manage to wipe off this initial impression and make death sweet “an angel departs.” You brake the curse of the poète maudit, my dear Drew.

    You are a brilliant poet! The poem is the most beautiful gem stone: imperfections chased away by the light of a new love.
    My words cannot do justice to the beauty of this piece.

    May you have a wonderful day bathed in light!

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    1. Good morning. Absolutely speechless. Touched by your amazing words. Flattered by everything you saw in this piece.
      To see the name of Arthur Rimbaud in my comments section….I can’t believe it. Then, you stun me with breaking the
      curse of poète maudit.
      Are you sure you are on the right blog page. LOL

      You know me very well. This piece was very personal for me. Your praise touches me in so many ways.
      Thank you for your generous words and compliments. Humbled that YOU would say these things to me
      about my poetry. You have always provided wonderful support, especially during the times I have
      doubted myself or my writing.

      Humbled. Grateful. Basking in the light of your comments.
      Thank you always. You helped to make this a special day.

      Thank you.

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      1. You are welcome, Drew. you deserve the praise.
        “Are you sure you are on the right blog page?” Lol. I am positive.

        It’s a magnificent poem, Drew. You deserve the praise.
        I hope your night is sweet and restful.

        P.S. It is estimated that more than 437 million people speak Spanish as a native language, which qualifies it as second on the lists of languages by number of native speakers 🙂 🙂 🙂


        1. Oh, G, apologies for this super late response. You are always so good and supportive to me.

          I had no idea that the number was that large. Reason for me to improve my reading and writing skills.
          I always struggle with the accent marks.

          Gracias Amiga. Eres un tesoro.


  7. My dearest Lonely Author.

    Took me while to get here with a comment you truly deserve. You can probably guess why lol.

    It’s so beautiful.  This whole poem. Pure poetry.  Nothing getting in your way, especially your over critical SELF which you need to start telling to move aside so you can always write with such intimacy.

    I really felt like this one could have just flowed so perfectly after the finale of Monday’s poem. They speak the same language and compliment each other beautifully. Especially the images of angels.  I adore this image today. Touched me somewhere so deeply. I would ask if it’s your muse you’re talking so tenderly about here in this poem, I feel like it is. Maybe I’m wrong  but I’m reading it as an epilogue of your previous poem because like so many beautiful things tend to do, they fit perfectly together. I see her touch in this poem, too.

    Love how  this angel breathed life into you and especially love the part about words as rain to cleanse. The way you describe her is breathtaking,  which befits the fact that she breathed life over a broken carcass of rigor mortis memories.  Such a painful image of hurt and lingering heartbreak dispelled by words and poetry. There is so much love in this. Your pallette of imagery you used is PERFECT. The shadow of her, the single bell that tolls,  the title tying everything together…there were moments I could see this so vividly as a scene. Your rebirth juxtaposed with the death of past pain and hurt..I don’t think you know how beautifully you crafted this.

    I don’t often quote just one part to you but,

    “a curse lifted
    like a holy veil
    letting in the light…”

    I loved LOVED this so much. Such few words with so much palpable meaning and depth. The holy veil..ah sighed so many times reading that. Sometimes we don’t even know our vision of love and life is veiled until someone does gently lift it and everything is brighter, clearer.  Feel like I’m rambling as usual.

    Your last stanza felt like 4 gentle inhalations..and the lingering mystery you left us with…


    Heart this so much.

    No funny business today.



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    1. Smiling so hard. I do stumble over myself when it comes to my poetry.

      Ah, the sublte connection between Monday’s “the coming of a muse” and today’s post. I was wondering if someone would catch that little detail. Yes, I used an angel on both posts. Monday’s post to say my muse is an angel and today to say my angel helped me out of a dark place I was in summer of ’18.
      Great awareness Fiery. You are truly reading me and paying good attention.

      Clapping. Yes, she breathed life into me. Happy you liked the cleansing of words. It was almost like a resurrection by words.

      Humbled, humbled by your breakdown of my poem. I really liked the single bell tolling over this broken carass. Loved the rigor mortis memories.
      I myself imagined memories hardneing to the point to being brittle. You mention the juxaposing of rebirth and the death of the past. Delighted you mentioned it. Thank you fiery for your wonderful reading.

      No, you are not rambling at all. The cursing being lifted came so naturally for me. This poem, this is going to sound ridiculous, it was as if were written by this angel. I have never had a poem come to me so swiftly, without pain. It has almost no edits from its original form.

      I am thankful for that, because my muse deserves to read this. And know that I appreciate her healing words.

      Grateful for you sharing your perfect thoughts. To be read so well is quite humbling.
      Thank you for being you.


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      1. I’m pretty sure nothing you say about how your poetry comes to you will sound ridiculous to me. I don’t know how many times I’ve said (and probably to you) that I don’t know where the poems come from sometimes. I read them back to myself and think, she wrote that?? So beautiful that you feel like she wrote it and it was painless. But YOU wrote it. It came from a place of truth, clearly. Writing shouldn’t be a gruelling process, I really believe that and that someone has allowed you to write this way is amazing.
        Well I do ramble but you’re sweet to say I don’t lol.
        Buy yes I saw the connection. Impossible not to. They felt like the same breath recited them both. She will be basking in the purity and beauty of this poem, no doubt. As will everyone else who reads it.
        Being in a dark place you can’t see a way out. I get that. I know that period was difficult for you and I’m sorry but so happy this angel you speak and write about in such a touching way lent you her hand to pull you out.

        I like reading you. And reading you well. You manage to hold my attention with your words and verses and many other aspects of you.
        (You’re my favourite poet. But like I said , don’t tell anyone lol. )
        You’ll always have my thoughts.
        I’m pretty sure you couldn’t get rid of them if you tried.


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        1. You are very kind Fiery. I am so humbled. This came from truth and pain that has disappeared.

          Flattered you caught the connection. I hope she does bask in this piece. You have me blushing.
          Favorite poet? You are very kind. Never thought I would hear anyone say that to me. Quite
          mind blowing. You have me speecless Fiery. Very grateful for this and all
          of your comments.

          Thank you so much.

          Lonely Author.

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          1. You’re so funny when you get all formal and grateful.
            Blushing. ..hilarious.

            Writing comments to you is a pleasure. You know that.

            With much formality and a super serious face,

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    1. Very flattered Michael. Thank you for beautiful words and read. Greatly appreciated.

      Facebook??? Smiling. If it were up to me it would always be down. It is a major outlet for the bullies and envious that are polluting social media (and the world). I gave it up so many years ago when I found this wonderful and positive writing outlet.

      How are you and your family? I hope everything is well. That is much more important.

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      1. As for Facebook, I only have an “author’s” page and can’t interact with personal pages. I simply enjoy sharing your wonderful poetry with my followers. I, also, wouldn’t want to get caught up in all the negative mess I hear about personal FB pages.
        My family is well. Hope you and yours are too. 🙂

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        1. Thank you for doing that. Very flattered by the gesture. That is a positive way to use Facebook. I would love to do something like that myself to support other writers/bloggers.
          Thanks for the idea.

          Good to hear about your family. All is well here.
          Thank you Michael. Hope you will return to regular blogging soon.
          Have a beautiful day.

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  8. I love the progression of your thoughts here, Drew…from the feeling of the weight of sorrow, almost like the weight of moisture on a dark cloud, to the release of pent up emotion, like pouring rain, followed by the cathartic end, that feels more like a beginning, or the fresh, rosy air that follows a treacherous storm…
    See how your composition inspires? Needless to say it moved me!

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    1. Your comment moved me. You described such a beautiful progression. Humbled and glowing.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words.
      This one was very personal for me.

      Honored by your lovely read and amazing words. I am so lucky to have you as a follower and friend. Infinite thanks and blessings

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      1. I am not too much for lengthy discourse but to appreciate love one must have loved too. I am with mine for last thirty five years, one that blossomed slowly and still have some rough edges that keep life interesting.

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      1. You deserve thos words adrew. I am kind if well, but suffering a LOT of bad pain. Deteriirating slowly. But still fighting. Posting more of my story, in prose now. Not just poetry. Though my main postings will be poetry p. Much love to you x

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      1. Wow amigo, you left me speechless with your lovely words! Mil gracias for your beautiful word-gifts 🙂 Abrazo fuerte from Spain and enjoy that marvellous upcoming trip of yours! Say hello to the whales from me:)


  9. The title is so catchy! ❤ It makes me want to turn and ran but it seems to be reaching out and asking me to stay.

    I stayed. Love it. Feel it. And I love how the poems wraps itself in a kind of fluffy and melancholy feel.

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  10. Wow… This one makes you think! When I read this, I see a painful past that has lingered far longer than it should have. It finally gives its last breath – a sign that it has lost its hold on you. I picture the “white mist that lingers like the cumulus cloud” being the soul of the past. It floats and is unmoving for a bit, as if to give you a chance to get one last look at it, before it makes its exit out of your life. The “bell tolling over the broken carcass of rigor mortis memories”… It makes me think of those memories that we buried that have decayed, but are too stubborn to stay in the ground. Like some crazy zombie movie, they keep popping up! That bell tolling makes me think that it is finally over. The past is finally in the ground (though we never really forget it). But we can at least say, we have no need to worry about it plaguing us, again.

    “Words begin to rain/A cleansing rebirth…” – It’s like your inspiration can flow again and you feel as if you have been made into this new person, because of the removal of all that has burdened you from the past. “The curse lifting”… Makes me think of going through life carrying all of these painful weights in your heart and finally they are removed and life can be felt again. 

    The most beautiful and powerful part of this poem for me is “the heart gasping, new moon glowing and the angel departing and remaining a mystery”. Sometimes people come into our lives and do something grand and we are forever changed. Maybe something they do, or say, changes us and gives us hope. They may stick around for a brief moment, or for a lifetime. But they are like our angels… coming in our time of need and doing just what needs to be done at that time. Their presence can be a mystery. We question how did they know when to be there in that moment? How did they know they were needed? Just reminds me that we could be talking to an angel and never really know it. 

    Sir Andrew… you must’ve devoured a whole plate of inspiration while writing this one. This is crazy beautiful, my friend. Loved this! 🙌


    1. You are always leaving the most gorgeous and perceptive comments. Yes, that painful past has given it last breathe as you said.
      Remember when we first started following one another, I was coming off of a painful break up. It did take long for that breathe
      to leave. You make me smile. Yes, this is my last glancde at that period which has dried up and decayed.

      God, you are uncanny….never worry about it plaguing me again.

      Your second paragraphed nailed it. Yes, the veil has been lifted. It is okay to let in the light, breath again, and even
      get inspired once more.

      The last stanza, you provided a most beautiful synopsis. Angels do come along when we most need them and when we least expect them.
      They are blessing. I have learned to not even question these things. What a gorgeous comment Lady B.

      You have caressed my soul with your crazy beautiful words. So grateful you took the time to read and provide your insightful words.
      You are a gem.

      Thank you always Lady B. xoxo

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      1. Your reply to my little comment is humbling, Sir Andrew. It warms my heart to know my thoughts are appreciated on your posts, as it’s always discomforting to feel like no one will embrace, let alone understand, my thoughts on their pieces. So to read these words really does make me feel comfortable to be ME on your blog. So thank you for that.
        Yes, I remember when we first followed each other. You were definitely heartbroken, my friend. But to see you blossom and be inspired again gives me hope that I can do the very same. I was in the same boat you were in and, though I haven’t quite moved to the stage you are at, I’m certain that with time, I will get there one day. But you give so many hope that light is out there waiting for us to find it.
        Thanks for being that angel for so many of us, myself included. YOU, my friend, are the gem. Never forget that.
        You are always welcome, Sir Andrew. Stay awesome, stay REAL! xoxoxo

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