masterpiece of poetry

If you love beautiful artwork, please visit my friend Resa’s blog. She posts outstanding murals from the brightest upcoming artists in the Toronto area. Don’t miss it. It is full of so many masterpieces.


masterpiece of poetry

Criss cross brush strokes
intersect the depths of my soul
with brilliant colors
she extracts from a rainbow of love

Brushing my abstract heart
with colorful metaphors
from her palette
she turns me into art nouveau

She was my muse
or has the muse become me
for I am the quivering canvas
where she creates
her masterpiece of poetry


359 thoughts on “masterpiece of poetry

  1. Ooo I especially like this part, about “brushing my abstract heart with colorful metaphors”, it’s delicious. Just checked out a few of her latest posts, wall art really can be absolutely incredible, some very talented people wielding spray cans out there! x

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    1. First, thank you for checking out her blog. I appreciate the kind gesture.

      Happy you liked the poem. You pointed out my favorite lines as well.
      Thank you for your beautiful support. It is greatly appreciated.


    1. Thank you for peaking in on Resa. Appreciate that.

      So happy you indulged yourself in the thoughts of an inspiring role reversal. Sometimes the lines between muse and artist can beceome blurred.
      Thank you for your lovely words and praise. Very flattered. So lucky to have you as a follower and friend.

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      1. I appreciate how generous you’re. Couldn’t help not going through the comment section and realise why your words touch so deeply because that’s how you are as a person by heart.
        Even though, I’ve just been here, not too long to be called a worthy reader, but it’s really a pleasure to have found your blog.
        Thank you, for the pleasure’s all mine. 😊

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          1. That makes me nostalgic a bit, because I used to be the blogger who would go to everyone’s post and litter their comments section everytime. 😂
            So not professional, but that was the best part about here. I really made friends, had people along the way who appreciated my words and created me who I am as a writer. 😊

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              1. Only a week back, I was writing my last High School exam.
                Flashback time, I quit blogging an year ago to not let my time distribute to various things. I stopped writing, in fact. Now that I’ve come back, it’s just not familiar a little. But no worries, everything would be alright and happy soon! 😊😄
                Thank you for asking.

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    1. Grateful for your kind message of support. Thank you for taking out the time to read and comment.
      Apologies for my late response, I am in the middle of relocating. It has been touch keeping up with the blog.
      Thank you


    1. My friend this is not the way to gsain followers. In fact this will turn off most people.
      Follow people. Read their posts. Make friends and leave engaging comments. Everyone will
      follow you if you do that.

      I have over 7,500 followers. Trust me. Leave good comments and be a good blogger.


  2. Really,you are quivering canvas on which your muse creates a masterpiece of poetry and after that she gives that you,dear dew!! Wonderful criss cross brush strokes intersect in depth of your soul-hey dew!!plz let her try to turn you into art of nouveau .wow.your muse is amazing.image is so much lovely.


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