masterpiece of poetry

If you love beautiful artwork, please visit my friend Resa’s blog. She posts outstanding murals from the brightest upcoming artists in the Toronto area. Don’t miss it. It is full of so many masterpieces.


masterpiece of poetry

Criss cross brush strokes
intersect the depths of my soul
with brilliant colors
she extracts from a rainbow of love

Brushing my abstract heart
with colorful metaphors
from her palette
she turns me into art nouveau

She was my muse
or has the muse become me
for I am the quivering canvas
where she creates
her masterpiece of poetry

356 thoughts on “masterpiece of poetry

    1. Smiling. Thank you Miriam. This is what blogging is all about. Everyone doing their best to create a tsunami of inspiration.

      Oh, I think I will use that in a poem. Thanks for that.

      Thank you very much for appreciateing this. You are full of so much love and inspiration.
      You are so appreciated. xo

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  1. “The quivering canvas…” I do love your metaphors. I, too, have been that quivering canvas where someone’s kisses created brush strokes on my soul. I really need to work on my metaphors in my poetry. I was much better at it years ago. Cheers on your poem and to this new week! x

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    1. So v ery happy that you loved the metaphor. I am a bit ticklish, so her brush strokes would have me quivering. And what better image than a painter using their subject as a canvas.

      Thank you for your very kind and supportive words. I am certain your metaphors are just fine. Better at this years ago…??? You do it well right now.

      Very grateful for your warm comments. Have a brilliant and beautiful new week full of inspiration and love.

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  2. Your muse is an artist…
    And she’s transformed you into an unsuspecting muse too?
    I knew I liked her.
    Images of her painting a masterpiece on you are kind of hot, Mr Lonely Author.
    And then you softly slip in the word ‘quivering’ into a poem…Well. My gosh… I’ll keep my thoughts PG13 for now.

    You have to give me her number , I am LOVING her work thus far.

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    1. Laughing so hard.

      My muse is everything. Poet, painter, muse…..
      An inspiration. Oh, you like the image of the <onely Author being painted. That is why I found that image I used so appropriate.

      I am very very ticklish (don't tell anyone).


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      1. Yes I DID enjoy that image.
        Now I’m wondering how ticklish you are…
        Oh wait I’m supposed to be talking about your poetry right now. Like I said, give me a sec…
        And you’re secret is safe with me, my Lonely Author x

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  3. Most lovely poem with amazing feelings.”brushing my abstract heart with colourful from her palette ,she turns me noaveau..”beautiful metaphor like gem. “She was my muse or has muse become me..”wonderful emotional lines.hey dew!! The girl in image is real girl who is your muse.most beautiful image.i like your poem and image both with admiration.

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    1. This is a very beautiful comment Aruna. Lovelier than my poem I might say. Happy you appreciate my metaphor. Love, art, and poetry mix
      well together. Don’t you think? Muse and painter, muse and poet becoming one. Muse to each other. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

      Yes, the painted girl in the image is most beautiful.


      1. Good morning,dear dew!! In waiting your comment,suddenly,my eyes has closed coz of sleepy time and my daughter had closed tab as she have done after my a days she are busy in preparing for examination till 1.00 or 2.00 at night.i have wake up n see your all comments.Sorry dear for not replying at just are saying right.muse n painter,muse n poet become one like blood in vain,souls in bodies remain.beautiful thought.i agree with is time 7o’clock at morning.what is time there?may be night.have a well sleep with sweet dreams.i have to go on my job.from there i will reply you of all your comments.right,dear dew!!yeah,your metaphor in this poem is really able to appreciate . Your poem is most beautiful with its image and lovelier than my comment.😊😊😊

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  4. Good morning, Drew!

    Perfection. Silence is how humans first react to perfection. Impossibility to speak for words lose their meaning.

    Well, I am over the silence so I will give it a try.

    “Brushing my abstract heart… or has the muse become me” The feelings here appear to be light, not really profound (She was my muse/or has the muse become me: ambiguous hence the lightness) However, the effect is astonishing: a sort of transmutation for lack of a better word. Something that occurs in the soul (where everything starts and ends) A sort of “there is no You, there is no I, for I is You” (this belongs to a poet who does not write in English, so I am quoting only). It’s not my place to ask if you really ever feel that. However, you do convey it brilliantly. And when two people get there…

    Your soul is the canvas. Her colors penetrated your soul. Can you feel them without seeing them?

    Brilliant poem! Bravo!

    I also want to note how good of a friend you are. Extremely nice of you to feature Resa’s work.

    Have a lovely day Drew! The day is You πŸ™‚

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    1. Good morning G.

      I always pride myself in being calm, cool, and collected. Sort of a James Bond of blogging. Then, you come along with these gorgeous comments
      and I turn into a stammering, clumsy mess.

      Happy you pointed out that abstract heart. For only she could turn abstract into art nouveau.

      Love how you described the transmutation of him/her artist and muse and their lost distinctions. Most beautiful when the two become one
      (heart and soul). But then again, I am a hopeless (and perhaps helpless) romantic. <—– mi debilidad.

      Have I ever felt that? Smiling. I like to think so……but it may be best to refer to the hopeless/helpless comment above.
      In all honestly, I believe that question can only be answered by the two. For it to be a reality, both must be sharing that experience.

      Yes, her colors (words) penetrated deep inside his soul. A glorious feeling of bliss.

      Whenever I can, I try to link a blogger to a post. Kindness is the virus that needs to spread throughout WordPress (and the world).

      Thank you for these amazing words that fill me with such joy. Humbled and grateful. Thrilled that you liked it and flattered you
      took the time to explore it with such depth. Honored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Have a beautiful day. May the muse be with you.


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      1. Oh, good morning to the covert agent of the most beautiful poetry. What’s the next move you are planning to? I should not ask. You cannot tell me.

        Seriously, your poem is gorgeous. It touched me deeply. I am sure most of your readers were touched too.
        “I turn into a stammering, clumsy mess” : the description of the heart of a poet. Even if you fight your heart, sooner or later she will win. So embrace your own heart, listen to her, and delight us with superb poetry.
        Make your day sparkle.

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        1. Oh, I am so embarrassed G. What are people going to think of me? I was typing so fast I misquoted my own thoughts. I like to think
          of myself as a James Bond of blogging (not poetry). You for one, know how insecure I am about my poetry. And you have always been
          so supportive with your generous and motivating compliments (even when others were not). And that kindness will always stay with me.

          Thank you for these gorgeous words. You have added blush to my cheeks.

          “Even if you fight your heart, sooner or later she will win. So embrace your own heart, listen to her, and delight us with superb poetry.”
          Sigh. I will learn to always listen.

          Grateful, humbled, and sparkling.


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          1. My dear Drew,
            I am sure that your fabulous readers will not think anything bad of you. They all know the pains of creation. After all ” The writer of originality, unless dead, is always shocking, scandalous; novelty disturbs and repels.” (Simone de Beauvoir) We all know that, don’t we?
            I’m anxiously waiting to hear what your heart whispers to you on Thursday πŸ™‚

            And, Drew, you are welcome. You deserve the praise!

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  5. This was a delight to read. I had a hard time deciding which of the verses I like best. I’m leaning towards: “Brushing my abstract heart with colorful metaphors from her palette she turns me into art nouveau”. And I liked how he ponders if he has become the muse. Gorgeous poetry.

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    1. Humbled by your beautiful words. I very much like that stanza as well. She turned something abstract into something modern and new.
      Happy you pointed it out. Sometimes connections become so powerful the lines dividing muse and artist can be blurred. Especially
      when you have a special muse.

      Thank you for your gorgeous comments. They added so much joy to my day. Very grateful.


  6. Most lovely poem,dear!!specially”brushing my abstract heart with colourful metaphors from her plette,she turns me into art nouveau”amazing metaphor like gem.other special line”she was my muse or has the muse become me…….”all are wonderful.hey dew!! That girl in image is reality.most beautiful girl’s image and your poem.really this poem is a masterpiece among your all poem,dear friend dew!!

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    1. Oh, Aruna, Most beautiful words and compliments tyou painted over me. Very grateful for your words. Happy you like my poem. Sometimes muse and artist can become so connected they are one. The girl in the image is colored in her painted metaphors of love.

      Thank you for your supportive and lovely words of kindness. They are treasure here.


  7. You are too good! I was thinking of writing a poetry book and then I thought about you. You are like the WordPress poetry connoisseur. The last paragraph for me made this whole piece perfection. The switch around of becoming the muse.
    I find that happens in love. You focus on thinking about you and how this person brings you happiness and joy, and then you start to think about them and how you can do the same.

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    1. You are much too kind with your compliments LauraJ. Humbled and grateful
      As for your second paragraph, the blending of artist and muse, man and woman,
      that is the way it should be. To individuals breathing as one.

      Thank yoiu for sharing your thoughts, They are always appreciated.

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  8. You have a way with words – what more I can say.
    As long as the brushes of your muse on your heart’s canvas do not leave a bleeding heart and open wound and these masterpieces keep coming, our thanks to your muse.

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          1. Thank you for asking! I’m well into the new girl. She’s a fusion of … wedding … white cat… Jean Harlow…. & Vionnet.
            Still, I keep adding details, which means more sewing, and they are all hand made.

            Perhaps I could use your gown/dress poem in one of my Art Gowns update posts?
            Perhaps you would pen a poem for one of my actual Art Gowns? The one after this is for a special friend. Right now, I have peacocks in my head. Anyway, it’s months away. If I haven’t blown you away already, let’s chat! xo

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              1. Okay! So after the new Art Gown is posted, I take it off the Judy. Then the new fabrics get played with on the Judy. I take initial pics of the inspiration.
                Then it’s all free creativity, and it becomes defined, as I build it. I usually send pics of the inspiration, then one or 2 as it unfolds, then one or two of the finished product to the poet, other artist, historian or whomever has become involved.

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  9. Another beautiful poem, my friend. Especially love the part about switching places as the muse. Sometimes we think someone is our muse, but we end up becoming their inspiration and masterpiece. Really beautiful artwork and love your friend Resa’s blog. The images are stunning.

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      1. You are always welcome, Sir Andrew. Good to know my presence is appreciated. πŸ™‚

        Aw.. Music world is my home, but WP is a home to me, too. Could never leave you guys hanging.

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          1. I did a cover of “I put a spell on you” back in October on my blog for a Halloween Countdown. It’s on there if you want to check it out. On Valentines Day I promised my best friend I would post myself singing another song, so I will be posting that soon. She’s trying to push me to get over my … fear. lol

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              1. Lol. Yeah, I know, I know. You would think I would be past the shaky knees, but the internet is a different performance stage for me. I shared my voice only with people that knew me, never with complete strangers on the internet. So yeah… I got my fears. lol

                Thanks for the support. Really appreciate it.

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  10. Amigo, your poem does what only the best poems achieve – it tugs at our heartstrings and connects to subconscious and deep-seated emotions, longings, and knowing that can barely be put into words. Such is your gift!! Thanks for sharing it with us. You are truly a word wizard and magical muse-adorer!

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  11. Good morning my Lonely Author,

    I thought I’d sneak back in to your poem now that it’s nice and quiet and share my thoughts with you because clearly you deserve much more than my pervy,Β  silly banter from yesterday.

    It’s a very You poem, you know that. And you must also know that I love it.Β  So soft and sweet and still with little sparks of passion behind the words you penned for your muse.

    I see from all these wonderful comments before me that the consensus is that your abstract heart being transformed into art nouveau is your most alluring line here.Β  It is gorgeous and the image of a heart not quite resembling its true form in the abstract until it is touched by her colourful palette of metaphors and becomes renewed is so deeply resonant.Β  Perfect the way your own emotions mirror those of so many people in love with a beautiful entity.

    But for me (and prepare for me tooting my own horn here….no- stop being a perv, THAT’S not what I meant. ) but a million comments ago on a poem of yours far, far away…I think it was the first My Muse poem, (you’ll have to nerdily check the facts for me) I gave you a little theory.

    You know what. I’ve got time. I’m off to find my exact wise words. Bear with…

    Okay! Wow that poem has a lot of comments!Β  So I did the nerdy research myself and found this. Ahem:

    “…Then I thought,Β  Β imagine if your muse’s muse was you, and you never knew. And she was inspired to write poetry because of you, and you because of her, so really the light andΒ  the love of her words that you feel, would be partly because of you, then because of that, you are even more inspired to write EVEN more love and beautiful poetry and so on and so on and so you have a perfect,Β  infinitely eternal cycle of love and poetry and inspiration. Mind. Blown….”

    Yeah…I am so effing smart.

    Yep I said that to you a squillion months ago , and while I was being super serious I am pretty sure you made fun of me for my little theory (big surprise there..) and now look at this beautiful poem you wrote whose last stanza sounds just like what wise little Fiery told you so very very long ago.

    Can you tell how incredibly pleased with myself I am lol.

    So now that I’ve finished tooting,Β  I will say while the whole poem was a sweet, beautiful breath of poetry from you, with another expert metaphor woven through seamlessly,Β  a metaphor which is so innocent in its conception and emotion (being painted by soft strokes of poetry. ..I mean sigh…)Β  it also evokes such sensual images of two lovers covering each other in sultry poetic colours.

    The last stanza where you switch perceptions for yourself and the reader, contemplating this almost inexplicable cycle of inspiration is by far my favourite part of this. How sweet when that happens…you believe you’re inspired to write beautiful words when you realise one day that you’ve been inspiring the very beauty that has touched you so deeply and coloured your soul with something much more vibrant than you’ve ever experienced.Β 

    It’s kind of magical.

    Fully crushing on you and your crazy perfect poetry




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    1. Good morning Fiery. Yes, this is what I consider a very Lonely Author poem.

      Your paragraph about the abstract heart touches me in so many ways. It appears the line has resonated with many readers who may think their hearts are abstract as well. The muse/painter turns this deformity into a work of art through her powers. Her words (metaphors) are transforming giving rebirth to his heart. Very happy you appreciated it.

      You are effing smart. Having read that comment from my a past poem….well it is quite impressive and brings much light to this work as well. The cycle of perpectual inspiration (muse to artist and artist to muse). Very effing smart.

      Perhaps, your wise thoughts implanted the seed for this poem and the cycle of inspiration. Have you considered that? Ah-hm. Don’t dislocsate your shoulder while patting yourself on the back. LOL . Always feel free to toot to your heart’s content.

      Humbled by your lovely words and appreciation of the painter metaphor. At first, I considered making this poem more sensual with the brush strokes and reactions to her touch, but this is what came out of me. Happy you mentioned it. It can give liottle images of delicious touch.

      As for your synopsis of the final stanza. You expressed it so beautifully. Actually, your words were a work of art. Flattered you think it was magical.

      Perfect poetry…..much too kind Ms. Endless Flame.

      Grateful for you taking the time to leave your eternal flame of words here. Always an honor. Always so touching.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Lonely Author. xo

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      1. You know what.
        I was so busy having my pants charmed off me with your response to my adorable little rambles about your poem, I failed to notice that you called me Ms. Endless Flame which I am DEFINITELY taking and running with. I love it.
        Also now I can’t stop singing Eternal Flame.
        ‘Close your eyes..give me your hand…”
        Love that song.
        It shall surely be stuck in my head all day now, Mr. Lonely Author.

        Thanks for that lol.
        Okay exiting the room…

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