my pillow waits for you

my pillow waits for you

forlorn shadows
hang like colorless tapestries
against barren walls
that reverberate no sound

a frame with no photo
rests on a dresser
resembling a weary wanderer
desperate for a smile

beyond my world
entwined lovers
mutate into carnal wolves
howling at the moon

a baby weeps
tears of forget me nots
in a world eclipsed
my pillow waits for you

270 thoughts on “my pillow waits for you

  1. The first two stanzas beautifully explain the hollowness of the heart and the last two, silently scream the longing and yearning of the same heart .. ……and the title leaves me speechless

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  2. This is probably one of the deepest poems I’ve read from you, so far. I’m not sure if this was the image you were trying to convey in this piece, but this is what came to my mind while reading…


“forlorn shadows
hang like colorless tapestries
on barren walls
that reverberate no sound”


I love the contradictions in this verse. You say that the shadows hang like colorless tapestries on barren walls, yet a barren wall has nothing on it. Without a picture hanging on the wall, how can a shadow be cast on the wall? It’s as if it is an illusion, or incomplete picture. It’s not real. You also mention that there’s no reverberation at all in the room. Empty walls are going to reflect sound, yet it makes me think that the deadness of the room is coming from within the person who is in it. There is no life in the room, because the person feels incomplete like that shadow without a hanging picture to create it.

    “a frame with no photo
rests on a dresser
resembling a weary wanderer
desperate for a smile”

    This verse makes me think of waiting. It’s like the picture frame is waiting to be filled, not just by any face, but a specific face. It has reserved a space for someone and it waits desperately hoping that one day a picture of happiness will bring life to it. Maybe the frame is symbolic of how you wish to hold that smiling face?


“beyond my world

    entwined lovers
mutate into carnal wolves
howling at the moon”

    It’s like you do a scene shift here in this verse. You bring the reader’s attention to another place in the same moment in time (almost like something out of Scrooge where the ghosts take him for a trip). I’m seeing a couple in this verse making passionate love, I guess? The howling at the moon being their moans, or screams? Yet, this world does not include you in it, it seems.


“a baby weeps
tears of forget me nots
in a world eclipsed
my pillow waits for you”

    I felt like the baby could be you crying for love. The forget me nots make me think of true love. So there was a sense of longing and ache in this part. Yet, there was another contradiction… Your world is eclipsed, I’m assuming unseen by the world with the wolves in it, yet when something is eclipsed, both sides are blind to each others presence. But I get the feeling this is like a one way window… Your world is unseen by them, yet you see their world ever so clearly. And your pillow seems to be waiting for someone in that world (one of the wolves, I’m guessing?)


Sir Andrew… this poem is… PROFOUND. I really love the way you crafted this and, even if my interpretation of this is WAY off (probably me projecting my own personal experience into it lol), it’s still a really beautiful piece, my friend. You truly outdid yourself on this one. Standing O!

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    1. Oh, my God how you plunge into my mind and tell the world what you have discovered. I have goose bumps. If one really pays attentiont to the first stanza; you will find many contradictions as you said. Blank walls DO reflect sound. The shadow part as well. Contradiction. If there is anything lifeless/empty in this room it is the narrator/poet.

      The picture frame. Again you nailed it. Waiting for a specific face and smile. I tried to convey weary waiting here, too. (Cause I am not a very patient man when it comes to things I want). LOL

      The beyond my world stanza came from my actual experience of apartment living.
      We often hear a baby crying, couples arguing, or making love through these paper thin walls. Of course, you nailed the howling at the moon. Yes, yes, yes. The mutating into carnal wolves and howling at the moon doesn’t contain or happen to me. You are wonderful at reading me. Bravo.

      When were you in my mind? Seriously? This is almost scary. Yes, the world eclipsed is a contradiction again. And yes, I see it as a one way window. I see it exactly like that. The wolves are too deep into their own feelings and experiences to even bother looking at the one who is alone. Yet the poet can clearly see the love all around him, even when none of it is meant for him. You are incredible the way you read things.

      Yes he and that picture frame are waiting. You interpretation was MINE.

      Sorry, if you can relate to this in anyway. You deserve so much better. You deserve your own muse inspiring and injecting music and poetry into your veins.

      Again humbled, amazed, and grateful for your words. This was a lesson in reading the Lonely Author. Hey, since you travelled through my mind, you should wash your hands once you leave. You never know. LOL

      Lady B, thank you for everything. It feels good to be understood. The loneliness feels a little less lonesome…..

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      1. LOL. Responding to your “weary waiting” and your impatience when you want something: I always joke and say I’m a very patient person… until I want something. Lol. Funny how you said that! My patience apparently comes with a limit! *shrugs*

        Ah… apartment living comes with so many stories to tell. Unfortunately, with paper thin walls a lot can be heard and the neighbor’s lives inadvertently become a part of our life and vice versa. That’s why I hated living in one! Lol

        As for relating to what this poem was about… It is the reason I am alone right now. When I started my blog, I had just come out of a relationship that put me in a position to wait. I was that incomplete shadow and picture frame you mentioned in your poem and the waiting became too much for me. The more I waited, the more I hurt and the more I lost sight of myself and who I was. I wanted an illusion. I realized that life is too short to spend it waiting on something that will obviously never happen for me. So I filled my picture frame with a different picture… It may not be the picture I had hoped to see in it, but at least it’s something that brings me happiness and peace of mind. 

        You are so very kind to wish such a beautiful thing for me, Sir Andrew. I did have a muse once and I am proud to say I was a muse for someone once… and though I don’t have that anymore, I’m still thankful for that experience. Will it happen again? Who knows. But in the meantime, I let life be my muse and I write about what I’ve gone through here in blog world and put it in my music to help others.

        “A lesson in reading the Lonely Author” … LOL!!! You should start a “Reading the Lonely Author course! Have a textbook and everything!! THAT class would be interesting! Hahaha!
 As for your mind and its dirtiness…. What the heck is going on in there, dude??? 🤨 I took the liberty of cleaning it while in there (shout out to Pine Sol and Scrubbing Bubbles!). Though I am traumatized by the things I saw in there, I will say your mind should feel nice and fresh today. LOL!

        Sir Andrew, it’s always a pleasure talking to you, as well as reading your amazingly beautiful work. It seems all of us on here help each other and, if I could help you feel a little less lonely in the world, that means my existence is not in vain. It does feel good to be understood and I thank you for allowing me to be myself on your blog and for never judging me or making me feel like some weirdo when I go all DaVinci on your posts. Lol. Excellent poetry deserves to be read deeply, so that’s the reason for my in depth comments to your work, my friend.

        Now…. GO CLEAN YOUR MIND! I think I saw something crawling in there before I left… and I didn’t stick around to find out what it was. (tosses you a hazmat suit) LOL. 

        Much love, Sir Andrew!

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        1. We are so alike. I a m always calm and cool, but when I want something (and that includes the right woman)….Mr Cool goes out the window. LOL

          Yeah, apartment living casn be more entertaining than TV. Especially if you’re into dramas.

          Whatever you placed in your frame….if it brings you happiness and peace it is good. Someday someone will give you a reason to fill that photo with a new face. You are too amazing for that not to happen. Lady B. museless. A terrible oversight by the universe. Watch how things will happen when you least expect it. I remember we came out of relationships more or less at the same time. Life has something special waiting for us. I have faith in that.
          So I just write, to pour my sentiments onto the page and in hopes of inspiring others.

          Pine sol and scrubbing bubbles. Hysterical. My may may also need a cross and an exorcist. Yes, wuite fresh. LOL

          Aaaaw how sweet. You can go all DaVinci whenever you please. “Excellent poetry”…..heyt, flattery will get you………everywhere. LOL
          You are so sweet. I thank God I met you. You are a blessing.

          Got that littkle bugger out of my mind. Keep the hazmat suit available.

          Much love and admiration in return Lady B. Always.

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          1. You are too funny! LOL! I understand what you mean… When we find something we want, the cool in us is like “Screw this! I’m going for it!” (Patience – 0 / Impatience – 1) Lol

            Your words brought the biggest smile on my face, Andrew. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your positivity and the well wishes you have for me. Yes, it does seem like the universe had a big oversight issue when it came to me being museless, but hey… at least I know what it’s like. Better to have loved, than not have loved at all. I do believe great things and people are out there for us. We just need to keep our hearts and eyes open for it all. Though I’ve been hurt, I still keep faith that eventually someone great will come along, when I least expect it (like you say). Your words and your poem made me think of a song I listen to a lot and was actually gifted to me some years ago. It’s by Tyrese and it’s called “Somebody Special”. Whenever I get a bit down, I play this song and listen to the lyrics. It inspires me, so I figured I would pass it along to you. Maybe you will be inspired by it too. It just fits what we’re talking about. 

Keep writing with your heart in everything you do and sharing it with us, my friend. When you write from that deep place within, your words light up. It’s raw. It’s authentic. It’s YOU. And that is what inspires others… at least that is what I’ve learned in my short amount of time on earth. Lol.

            As for the cross and exorcist… I may know somebody that can hook you up with those things (don’t ask how I know them… just don’t LOL) Oh and keep that hazmat suit. I have a feeling that will be a PERMANENT fixture in your wardrobe. LOL!

            You are the sweetest and best, Sir Andrew. And I, too, thank God that I was allowed to meet you. You are a genuinely good soul, a blessing and I’m honored to have you as a dear friend.

 Thanks for the love, the laughs and the encouraging words! I so appreciate them! Enjoy your Thursday, Mr. Cool. 😎


            1. Gorgeous and humbling reply…..

              Lady B, I will leave you with these words. Perhaps, one day you will record it and and post i omn your blog….

              I (I) think I really know what love is now
              How it would get you how it looks how it sounds
              (how it makes you do types of things that you never seen yourself doing)
              And how it makes you feel when you finally found somebody special
              Now (I) think I really know what love is now
              And how it makes you smile when you down and out
              And the world treats you cold
              It’s easier when you’ve found somebody special
              (Everything that you want and need you got in your pretty baby)
              (Ah, oh baby)

              Waiting for that Valentine’s Day post. Don’t you dare think I forgot. Have a grea evening

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              1. 🙂… You actually looked up the lyrics… I’m humbled by that. Maybe I will do what you suggested one day in the future. I’ll keep it in mind.

                Humbled you didn’t forget about my Valentine’s Day post… that makes me even more nervous. Lol. (just playin’)

                You have a beautiful night, Sir Andrew. Stay sweet.


                1. Lady B. I would look up the lyrics to a hundred songs for you. (Not 101, so don’t push your luck. One hundred is my limit.) LOL

                  I have a few of your posts in my queue, I will be reading and responding from the beach. Vacay starts tomorrow.

                  Be sweet. Stay inspired. I benefit from that when you do.

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                  1. Aww you are so sweet… you had me, until you said 100 was the limit. Now, I have to put my extra song back. LOL

                    Woo hoo! Vacay starts tomorrow! I hope you have a blast. Get an extra tan for me (It’s cold and rainy here). Have fun and get inspired.

                    I’m glad you benefit from me when I’m inspired, my friend. That means a lot to know that. ☺️ Have an awesome night and stay out of trouble… Keep that mind clean. 😉


  3. Oh…my… something with many heartbeats

    What has got into you lately, My Lonely Author…this is on a different plane altogether.’s like a dream.

    I haven’t got any words for you right now, but I’ll be back to drown you in them soon.
    Fiery ❤️

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    1. Ah, Fiery. This inspiration came to me yesterday. It came to me suddenly and quietly as if a spirit had entered my body and wrote along with me. This must be the poem where its original form and final product had the least amount of tweaks.

      Thank you.

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  4. My Lonely Author,

    I hope you’re comfy because I am in no mood after reading this to edit the length of my gushing praise for your Verse of Art. And the 10th or perhaps 20th time I read this, my playlist decided that “A 1000 Years” would be a good choice of background music and well…you can imagine what began to happen to me. But I digress.

    Have you noticed that this latest trio of Art Verses you’ve penned sound like each line is a  breath leading to the next. Sounds so much like that to me, maybe it’s not that way for you, but it’s so clear in my mind.

    I know I rarely comment on your images, just because I am always focused on you and your poetry but this image…so so perfect and so sultry and vintage and almost set in a  different time and place, which is, I imagine, exactly where your two longing lovers are in this dream. You couldn’t have chosen a more fitting image. And where my mind went when I saw those bedposts…sigh.


    I don’t even know if I can take this stanza by stanza and pull it apart, or if I even want to.

    You began by setting the scene and the emotion you would then carry all the way through. Such deep longing and need and some kind of beautiful emptiness of being without that body and mind and heart you so need, painted perfectly by the words forlorn and colourless and barren. Heartbreaking words. Reverberations of an empty room that should be filled with sounds of love and desire…I felt that deeply.

    I couldn’t presume to know what you meant or felt when you wrote this but it felt so personal like the empty frame crying for a photo that would look back at you smiling. Makes my skin prickle and tingle with the longing in those words.

    But the second half of your poem…the raw desire and yearning for that absent object of desire. My god..I imagined some other dimension where these two would be allowed to touch, beyond this world and give in to the hunger for each other entwined (love that word) with primal need like wolves (unbelievably powerful image) and slaves to the beauty of the feminal moon. And the moon itself, epitome of love and sensuality and romance and need, desperately out of reach but always present and seen by both wherever they may be.

    And then your finale. 

    Someone’s Baby weeps, wow…I had tears trying to escape there… begging to be remembered as they exist eclipsed from one another by this palpable longing you poured in to this and the last line mirroring a perfect reflection of your title..makes the heart race with a melancholy reminder that although he craves her and needs her in this perpetual absence of forlorn shadows , there’s a place beside him in his bed, and his life waiting for her always.

    And the only, ONLY line where you referred to yourself when you say ‘my’ and to her… ‘you’.

      Literally wiping tears away as I write.

    Sorry it’s so emotional today. 

    But this was almost too…sigh. You know.




    1. First, “A 1,000 Years” is of my favorite songs. I relate to it since I think it would be the perfect song for my manuscript which I eventually hope to turn into a screenplay. Humbled you read this so many times. Not really sure how to respond to that.

      I guewss you are right about one breathe leading to the next. This is the first time I ever wrote a poem from start to finish. It came to me as a stream of consciousness. One line after another. I never wrote one in this way. Something new and inspiring to me. Leaves me quite dumbfounded searching for an explanation (that perhaps shouldn’t be explored).

      I connected the image to this write because it conveyed the dreariness the poet feels. His world is lonely, dreary, missing beauty (or perhaps better said a beauty in his life).

      Bed posts…..smiling.

      You meantioned the key words I was trying to convey. And YES, it is the sounds of love he needs to hear in his room. The groans, moans, and little smacks of tender kisses. Happy you felt that deeply. I thought it perfectly set the tone and meaning. Flattered you liked it.

      That photo-less frame is missing a smile, but not just any smile. HER smile. There is only one that belongs there. Only one smile he longs to see.
      Grateful for your beautiful words and interpretation.

      God, your paragraph describing the second half of the poem made me tingle. I may need a hot shower after that. You nailed everything. The raw desire and yearning….entwined, Yes primal, wolves….ah, and the moon representing love, sensuality, romance, and YES NEED. Love love how you read me.
      Humbling and quite spiritual in an amazing way I find hard to describe.

      The weeping baby and the howling lovers in the previous stanza….both come from apartment living where we can hear our neighbors privacy in so many ways. The baby weeps…..tears of forget me nots. Tears of true love. I was trying to convey the longing for true love in this lonely soul who lives in a world eclipsed by all of the love (romance, lust, and family love) around him. He sees them, almost painfully, yet they don’t see his eclipsed world.

      As you said, there is a place for that special someone….my pillow waits for you. Another poem where I am not mentioning myself (well, here it finally happens at the very end). This was all about the endless waiting of ‘MY” and “YOU” entwining. He waits for her to be beside him. Resting, making love, and loving one another. Yes, he always waits for HER.

      Speechless about your tears….are they forget me nots? Sorry, if this one was emotional and caused your feelings of sadness. I would never want to make anyone, especially a woman and dear friend cry.

      This one was……from very deep inside. A place of pain, loneliness, and and perhaps a bubbling love longing to be released. My world eclipsed.
      Having written it I would say it was very….sigh. You know.

      Always in debt to you for gracing my blog with your beautiful and inspiring words of support.

      Lonely Author . xo

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          1. Hey,

            Seems nice and quiet around here now so I am just going to silently slip in my reply while you’re probably laying on a beach lol

            I think I told you I used to sing that song way back in another lifetime when singing was my job lol.

            People used to want it for their wedding song as they were walking down the aisle or as their first dance. It was so touching and beautiful.  It fits perfectly with your manuscript. Perfect.

            You know what,  don’t question it and don’t seek an explanation.  You know in your heart why and how this poem came to you and it will keep happening I am sure.  Inspiration can feel like a magical touch and you need to just accept it and let it touch you and move you however it wants.

            I love the way you speak of the sounds that should be reverberating within those walls and the beauty that awaits that frame.  Sometimes there is only one smile we want and need to see gazing back at us and only one voice we want to hear making all the sweet sounds we love.

            I was laughing at your need for a shower. I promise I wasn’t trying to be naughty at all! Your imagery just made me feel all those things and I really did connect.  I always connect with your words, that’s no secret around here and it is a spiritual feeling, very hard to describe but it’s okay.  Sometimes there are things we feel that we just can’t explain and that’s what makes them feel beautiful. 

            You absolutely conveyed everything you intended to and more, trust me. It’s a very deep longing waiting for someone while your heart aches and your body echoes those aches with desire of its own and that final sigh that you know will happen once her head does rest on his pillow was almost audible in the spaces between the love and longing you placed in your words my, Lonely Author.

            How could I ever think you intended to make me cry. You would never.

            Maybe they were tears of forget – me – never know.

            One of my favourite things to do is give you my words so…my pleasure




            1. Now, it is very effing quiet here. Good a time as any.

              Yeah, I have to learn to stop questoning the inspirations that come to me.

              Thnak you for your beautiful words Fiery.
              You are a treasure. Oh, answerng old comments with an almost empty bottle of wine.
              Excuse the typos.

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              1. Hey my affectionate term of endearment,

                No need to apologise.

                It’s always a pleasure, especially when I don’t expect your replies and they sneak up on me like all James Bond-esque.

                I’m only one coffee cup down, so …my fiery-ness is half asleep.



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  5. Good Morning Drew,
    “a frame with no photo/rests on a dresser” one of the most beautiful description of loneliness that I’ve ever read. The entire poem is gorgeous. It hurts in it beauty. And again you do it: the juxtaposition between carnal wolves and a baby who cries makes the reader (in this case me shiver).
    Yet, the invitation remains open: “my pillow waits for you.” the promise of to-come. The forever promise of to-come.
    Brilliant! Breathtaking!

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    1. Oh, G. Good morning.
      Flattered you like the description of the frame on the dresser. What can be lonelier than longing to see a face that isn’t there?

      You are generous with your compliments. Very humbled. Almost blushing. Yes, the invitation is there. The forever promise. Always there.

      Thank you for this glorious comments. It made my day sweeter and inspiring. Always flattered and delighted by your words and visits here.
      Thank you for being you.
      Have a gorgeous day.

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  6. There must be something in the air today. I was just about to begin a verse that talked of waiting. “My pillow waits for you…” that says it all. I hope soon you will no longer be the lonely author my friend. xx

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    1. KInd of blushing here. Great minds think alike.
      I have never been good at waiting. When I want something I go and take it….in a very loving way of course.

      Thank you for youer kind words and sweet wishes. They mean a lot. Flattered and grateful. Thanks. xo

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  7. Me gusta la profundidad de tus letras, pero sobre todo, unas de las cosas que más admiro de ti, es con la maestria que las expresas. Un abrazo Drew 🌼😘😊

    I like the depth of your lyrics, but above all, one of the things that I admire most about you, is with the mastery that you express them. A hug Drew🌼😘😊

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    1. Tus generosos comentarios me hacen respirar alegría. Me siento tan humilde ante tus asombrosas palabras. Mil gracias.

      Thank you for your generous words. I feel so humbled before your amazing words. One thousand thank yous.

      You are very kind Rovica. I am very grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo

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  8. From day one ,a naughty baby is converting into a lonely guy who is in tears and in waiting for someone special like Keats.from beginning to ending,in this poem,you are looking like my favourite poet Keats.oh so much pains in every lines are presented by you,dear dew!! Forlorn words reminds me heart touching pain which is inevitable always.”A baby weeps ,tears for forget me nots,in world eclipsed, my pillow waits for you”,most heart touching lines and related from your soul’s depth.are you second Keats?most emotional and teary poem ,like a voice of blessed soul feels weary lonesome.most beautiful and unique verse ,i think-nobody like you in amazing poetic expression in this universe.I am speechless still now and drowning in depth of many thoughts.Oh i have to read this one hundred times.marvellous and most most beautiful expression of yours lonely one’s feelings,dear dew.!! Really you have created a masterpiece for the world of poems.🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁


    1. Keats, Aruna? Keats??? You are so kind. Much too kind.

      Humbled by your beautiful words Aruna. This came from a deep place in my heart. I am grateful for your read and appreciation of my poem.
      YOu are much too kind my dear. You say wonderful things that make my cheeks blush.

      So happy you liked this poem. It means a lot.
      Thank you for your words and lovely dedicated support.
      Always grateful.


  9. Dear dew!!after reading two words”forlorn”and “forget me nots” are moving so much speedly in veins of my brain,like water of swimming pool are flowing in most speed through the opened drain.most memories of my one first beloved is remembered bý me who is suffering in many troubles.his spouse is most hard natured and cruel my that friend had claimed to divorce before 10 he is living like lonely is late n show l so,😴😴😴😴😴😴

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  10. An empty frame is an evocative image. It sounds like you, dear Lonely; a complete entity unto itself/yourself, yet, seemingly incomplete. Of course, as this is your poem, I see it as very complete.
    I adore this haunting poem, and when your pillow is not waiting, anymore, I do believe a fun energetic pillow fight is in order!

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    1. You have me smiling so hard my cheeks are hurting. Complete and incomplete like that empty frame……yeah. that’s me all right. Smiling
      Yes, loving pillow fights and poetry reading will be part of the preliminaries. Obviously, before the howling at the moon.
      Thank youm Resa for your gorgeous comments. They are works of art on my blog.
      I have been so busy, but I saw a p[ost for your gowns. I will be getting to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds great! I’m so busy shooting the new Art Gown, that I have been neglectful of blogging. Hey, it said today would be mostly sunny… it was for a couple hours this morning. Now the forecast is dark. Nothing like spending a few months hand sewing a fabulous creation, then shooting it in the dark. lol.


        1. Haha . Resa, I am off on vacation tomorrow. I have a couple of your posts saved in my queue. I wilol read them while on the beach. I don’t want to miss any of your posts. (And one was a gown post, YAY).

          It will be a write-cation, so I will still be blogging – just from a beach.


        1. Smiling, I have to. I am grateful for eveyone who stops by. If a person takes the time out to read and comment on my blog, I should thank them for the effort and let them know it was appreciated.

          Blogging is all about connections.
          Sorry, my reply was late, I have been so busy lately. But I always make it a point to reply.

          Liked by 1 person

                    1. My first instinct is to compliment your poetry further but I will refrain, as I have now fulfilled my quota of making people awkward for the day! I’ll save it up for your next post 😂. I hope that one day you can trust and appreciate your poetry as much as others clearly do.

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  11. This is so bittersweet. I love how you use still imagery to capture deeper emotions. It is so like real life, when there is a yearning, there is feeling in all the seemingly mundane things.


  12. Oh my! Left me speechless for quite some time – the imagery hit me too hard, so piercingly piquant, it took a while to process…
    Just when I wanted to quote the second paragraph, you moved me with the third… Images upon images dissolving into each other and creating a kaleidoscope of emotions…
    Oh well done, lonely author, well done..! If I’m unable to articulate my thoughts on this, or feelings to be more accurate, it is only because your poem is beyond it.


    1. Oh, Isha. “Kaleidoscope of emotions….” I am humbled by your words. Actually very touched. It means so much to me to read this gorgeous comment.
      This little poem came from a deep place, so your appreciation has me glowing. Thank you so much. Your are such an inspiring person. I hope you truly realize that. Thank you.

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