dress of sand


Don’t know why, but I am feeling a little beachy today.

dress of sand

It was love at first sight

When the siren arrived bare

For the nudist wedding

Only to suddenly discover

It was a dressed affair

She knit a dress of weeds

With a sexy little slit

But it made her look all soggy

So she continued searching

‘til she found the perfect outfit

Asking the maiden for a dance

I reached for her tender hand

The siren broke my heart

For she had no desire to ruin

Her pretty dress of sand

Happy Valentines Day


201 thoughts on “dress of sand

  1. I hope you are soaking up every moment my friend 😀
    You are so deserving of this.. and there is nothing more fulfilling than great adventures – definitely rejuvenates the soul 😊
    Love this valentine piece 💕


    1. I soaked up so much sun. beach, and inspiration, don’t know how I will survive.
      Hoping to move to Florida to be in the sun all year long.
      Thnak you for your beautiful words and support.
      You are one person who I am so grateful for. You have made blogging a wonderful experience for me.
      Thank you for everything.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad you had sweet moments😊
        The ability to enjoy life isn’t always easy for everyone- I’m so glad you do – I love life and all its’ complexities –
        And I must agree – you are one of my favorite friends I’ve come to know through WordPress.. friends are invaluable and I’m grateful for you😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! (I was busy celebrating my V-Day with friends and getting serenaded by handsome Greek men. 😀 )
    I thought this poem was really cute and made me smile. Of course, then I start thinking…Dress of Sand…and my mind roams to mermaids and other fanciful ideas. I really need to write something again soon. Just been playing hostess for a week and trying to squeeze in work. It will come soon. Much love and hugs my lonely author friend xx


    1. LOL ou are killing me. I am trying to cath up with all commenbts that have been lingering and now I find this treasure.
      Happy you weere serenaded by sexy Greek Gods. That is the way I am picturing it. And you deserve every melody and every
      rippling muscle. LOL

      Keep writing. Anxious to get back from this upcoming vacation so I can read those posts about you.
      Thank you

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  3. This made me giggle a touch, a woman unable to decide whatever to wear! Then I shook my head at her… she missed out on a lovely moment…to keep a dress just so. Very poor choice on her part 😊. Hope your trip has been positively delightful!


    1. A woman undecided over what to wear. Whoever heard os such a ridiculous thing.
      Oh, Suzanne you have me laughing over here.
      Apologies for my late response. My life has been a hurricane the past several weeks.
      Today I am sitting here, listening to romantic music and drinking a bottle of wine.
      And I am determined to answer these old messages that have accumulated.

      Thank you for your lovely words and great support. You are a treasure.
      I sincerely hope everyone in your life knows that.
      Thank you so much. You hacve alwasys been so kind and supportive.
      You are an inspiring woman.
      I am lucky to be your friend.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Happy you’re laughing. There’s never any hurry. Romantic music and wine sound like a lovely way to round out the day. Such a beautiful reply, thank you Andrew. I am lucky too. 🌷


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