in the whispers of palm trees

in the whispers of palm trees

my mind wanders aimlessly
like algae on the sea
beneath my rolled-up khakis
warm waves crash upon my feet
reminding me of…..sigh

a gentle caress
trembles my skin
underneath my white shirt
I turn to reach for her
my hands grasp an island breeze
paradise is lost
she is the treasure I never had

sand seeps from longing fists
I call her name
as her silent giggles echo
in the whispers of palm trees

Photo taken by me.

236 thoughts on “in the whispers of palm trees

  1. Sounds lovely… I hear the ocean. It sounds like your unknown muse went on vaycay with you.
    I love this prose poetry piece you have penned! πŸ–‹β¦ πŸ–‹


  2. Hello!
    I left a comment yesterday. It seems to have disappeared.
    Sorry, if it’s something I said. Although it says this post was published on February 22, but comments go back to February 18?


  3. Could actually feel myself on the beach πŸ– along with you, so vivid and real are your words. It’s a gorgeous piece and so picturesque is the photo! Enjoy your trip!


  4. My roadtrip cost me a lot including my blog readings. When I see this I just have to read it because I’m surrounded by palm trees right now. I should have know that I’ll feel the usual twinge of… I don’t know how to explain it… lonely? No not really… more like a solitary walk in the sunset.


  5. This is beautiful on so many levels! I love the way you grasped at wind and then sand ran through your fists… perfect! She won’t stay hidden in the breeze forever.


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