in the whispers of palm trees

in the whispers of palm trees

my mind wanders aimlessly
like algae on the sea
beneath my rolled-up khakis
warm waves crash upon my feet
reminding me ofโ€ฆ..sigh

a gentle caress
trembles my skin
underneath my white shirt
I turn to reach for her
my hands grasp an island breeze
paradise is lost
she is the treasure I never had

sand seeps from longing fists
I call her name
as her silent giggles echo
in the whispers of palm trees

Photo taken by me.

254 thoughts on “in the whispers of palm trees

  1. This is so gorgeous Drew!
    I almost feel that any said word will break the magic. It will savage the beauty of this poem which is meant to be deeply felt.
    “my hands grasp an island breeze”
    “sand seeps from longing fists
    I call her name”
    โ€œA thousand Dreams within me softly burnโ€ said a great poet! So they slowly burn in you, Drew!
    Masterpiece! This is a masterpiece!

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    1. You are so generous. My cheeks are softly burning and it isn’t the sun. Thank you for your beautiful words.
      “Savage the beauty…” oh my God.

      The inspiration for this arrived yesterday. Never thought it would come to me so fast. Smiling.

      Thank you for your generous words and inspirations. I am a lucky man.
      Thank you.

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  2. Most most lovely like your heart,dear dew.speiceally”sand seep from longing fists,i call her name,as her silent giggles echo in whisper of palm tree”most beautiful lines are enough to tremble all hearts.and using the word.”reminding me of…..sigh”is amazing way of expression the lovely feeling.Image of palm tree is most beautiful.weldone,my dear friend.๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒดafter seeing the tree of palm,my longing heart is feeling so much calm.good n wonderful the all lines of poem,dear!!

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    1. Love the palm trees Aruna. What a beautiful comment. Happy you appreciated my poem. He wants to hold his love, but it is only a breeze.
      He cannot manage to hold her, she sleeps through his hands…

      Thank you for your wonderful words.
      I appreciate your words.


      1. Most sweet and long waited your reply;
        now i have known you are not unknown guy!!!!
        It is sure you are my most special friend;
        I will share your all pains and love’s feeling till my life’s end.
        Dear dew!! Yesterday after reading you and replying on your post,suddenly network had disappeared.just now i has seen your reply on my blog.I am feeling most happy that i can not explain .Thanks for your amazing poem and Welcome with hope that you will be reply me at just time.still now that lines of your poem”reminding you……sigh”and a blank space before word ‘sigh’beautifully written by you-is wandering in my mind.amazing and wonderful masterpiece.i appreciate all line.Weldon,dew!!


        1. The wifi here is very weak. It comes and gores and makes it difficult for me to keep up with my blog comments and reading.

          Yes, I saw your post. It made me sad that in such a beautiful world that should be so full of love, hate still exists.
          It is very sads. MY blessing to the victims, their families, and India. May every recovery and find peace in their hearts.


          1. Hey dear dew!!do you know that those terrorist who attacked in Kashmir,their terrorist organisation was related those terrorist who had attacked WORLD TRADE TOWER AT NYC since09.11.I think-may be 15-16 years it right,dear!!


          1. Beautiful feelings are given you by that beach.dew!! In last of December,i had gone South India where are many plants and trees of palm.they were giving toch of love’s feeling to my heart .i had taken many types of palm trees on beach.there in water of ocean,i was remembering your at the beach.most lovely those trees and the beach.most wonderful experiences.


                  1. I am going to write a poem on your palm trees n my chinaar.plz love my chinaar.which is blossomed in only Kashmir.this tree neve is symbol of immortal love.i go Kashmir only to see autumn ,all trees’s leaves changed in red colours.then their beauty attracts everybody.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


                  2. Hey dear dew!!if you have the time plz read my post which are written by me at just time.waiting for your name is “Can you Palm tree give a little bit touch of calm..”


  3. This poem is like a tropical paradise, so utterly jaw droppingly picture perfect it is hard to believe youโ€™re really there. But you are, feeling the warm breeze, enveloped in feeling, sipping perfect cocktails, thinking of what you have, what is missing.

    I feel like this poem is part of an epic love story. So beautiful. I loved the rhyme…. the sigh in the first stanza.

    I canโ€™t pick a favourite line but I do love this one โ€œI turn to reach for herโ€จmy hands grasp an island breezeโ€. The references to grasping at something so beautiful and feels so good but you canโ€™t hold … sigh.

    Very gushy praise, but this poem deserves it.

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    1. Most appreciative of your gushy praise. You captured the essence so perfectly….reaching for her and grasping an island breeze. Something beautiful I cannot hold.

      Very grateful for your generous words of praise. Happy you enjoyed this. It is amazing how this environment can inspire us.

      Thank you so much. I appreciate your read and comments.

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  4. Itโ€™s amazing how just a few, perfectly chosen words, can make someone feel like they are there…. I am now basking in my own memories of tropical islands…. in a hammock of wistful feelings.
    I felt like I read I clue in the rhyme of this poem?! I might be wrong.
    I hope your holiday has been as beautiful as the poetry it has inspired.

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  5. Hello my Lonely Author.

    I loved every single longing and loving word of this. It really did feel like a soft whisper or a warm breeze, exactly what your title promises.

    You do love and longing like no one else, in my fiery little opinion. I could feel every emotion and the desire for that beautifulย  someone who fills your thoughts even when you’re in paradise without her.

    The imagery you used was gorgeous and perfectly placed to take the reader with you on to the lonely beach. The words you chose, the gentle caress of her touch on your skin, so evocative and sensual but in a subtle way. The whole second stanza was just so sigh worthy.ย  I adored the tremble on your skin and the words ‘beneath’ and ‘underneath’. So simple but they paint a vivid and (other words) picture. Reaching for her and grasping the island sad but so full of a subtle love and absent romance. The paradise lost phrase…perfectly placed and the way you carried it into her beingย  the treasure you never had…I was sighing along with you.. A lot of deeply rich emotions in so few words…One of my favourite aspects of your poetry and that lulls the mind towards the beach alongside you.

    The warmth of your affection and longing for her I really think are shown when you say silent giggles echo…that your mind put those three words together denoting a desire for the sounds we long to hear yet are absent and still we can feel their echoes. It shows a depth of emotion and intimacy that is rare and precious.

    I love LOVE that you place yourself in this poem. If you’d used the third person, the heart-magic wouldn’t have been as powerful. There’s such a tenderness here, even in her absence from him, that I could feel in every word and that can only be truly felt when the reader can absorb lines like ‘my mind, my skin, I call her name’…those placements of yourself give this a deeper beauty and feeling of love.

    One of the aspectsย  I loved the most I think was that you began with such soft gentle phrases; your mind wandering aimlessly, placing the mind and heart on that warm beach and you framed the whole poem with an ending which was more passionate and strong withย  sand seeping from longing fists.

    Many deep sighs from me as usual.

    This made me want to be on a beach and in love.



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    1. Hello Fiery.

      Flattered & delighted you liked this.
      Your description of my poem made me smile. I have been writing about loving and longing for so long, I get lucky every once in a while.

      Paradise does not exist if we are without that special someone.

      The imagery you mention is actually my best man outfit for the beach wedding. With this poem I was so worried about giving it a beach feel. So your words make me so happy.

      I didn’t even think about myself being placed in the poem until now that you mention it. Perhaps you are right. To do it in third person wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you for mentioning it as well. I guess I was expressing thought that wandered my mind.

      Your deep sighs bring joy. Perhaps they will be heard in the palm trees.

      Beach and love go hand in hand.

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and thoughts.

      Lonely Author. xo

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      1. Mmm…

        Sorry were you saying something?

        My sighs took my mind for a wander on the beach..

        You get lucky sometimes…wow you’re ability to downplay your writing is unbelievable! Don’t make me get mad at you! Imagine me growling menacingly at your silliness.
        Paradise. Yes it’s difficult when your deep longing for someone seems to deafen and blind you to anything else around you. It hurts. But longing hearts speak in poetry and yours does that all the time.

        You did give this a beach feel, no need to worry about that, plus many other types of feelings too.

        Hey, remind me to remind you of a conversation you and I had ages ago about an outfit just like that, worn in a warm climate..

        I hope my sighs will be heard by you so far, far away amongst those palm trees. That would be magical



              1. Didn’t I say best best man ever?? What you read sounds way funnier lol

                no need to rub it in that you’re in a hammock living it up in paradise, honestly. Now I am rolling my eyes.

                You know if we both believe in magic…


    2. Well?? I was going to make a comment but think I could never, ever match Fiery’s words and take on this poem!! Stunningly Awesome comment by Fiery to an equally brilliant poem by Drew!!! Equally thrilling to read!! Wow!
      Bellissimo, to Drew and Fiery, Bellissimo!!

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    1. I was listening to those palm trees. H You have me smiling so much with your words.
      Thank you for your very kind comment. And wondferful support. I am grateful.
      Apologies for my late response, there is so much going on in my life.
      I would never disrespect anyone.
      Again, thank you. I appreciate your friendship.


          1. Your poem was touching, so I am thrilled to return the touch. : ). Giggle…

            Life is hard on us sensitive souls, but you seem to be weathering it like a beautiful storm. Passionate. Alive. Nurturing.
            The rare gift of being so in-tune with your heart to express it so beautifully with words is a true treasure. ๐Ÿ’‹


    1. Lol. It has gotten so hot here I had to replace the mojitos with ice cold beers.

      The whole island scene inspires. And the warmth inspires me to stay away from the snow and cold. Lol

      Thank you for your lovely words Diane. Happy you liked the poem. Thank you.

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    1. Your words about the imagery made me so happy. In faxct, I am thrilled by your comments. There is something so sensual about tropical islands.
      The person will arrive one day. Thank you for your wonderful comments. You always make me smile. Very grateful for that.


  6. I’ve lived in a few different places where I was either right on or near a beach: Hawaii, Guam, Cartagena Colombia and more. That image…sand seeps through longing fists…oh do I know that. I have sat on a beach many times, staring out at the endless waves and yearning for that love to be sat next to me while warm, pouring sand slipped through my fingers. “The treasure I never had…” So sad, so poignant, so, unfortunately, very true.
    By the way, I’m loving the tropical imagery in your new poems. I can tell that you are happier and more at peace. Yes, your poems still speak of longing, but it seems to be less urgent, more content? Tropical oceans and beaches will do that. There’s a sort of peaceful lull in the wash of the waves as your cares seem to slowly drift away. Well…that’s how I feel on a beach. Feeling a bit jealous now, Drew. ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. You firdst paragraph perfectly depicted what I was trying to convey. A beach can make us a long for someone or long for lover itself.
      There isd something magical, loving, cleansing about the beach.

      I am having a great time here. It is so relaxing. I can watch the waves for hours. Very inspiring.
      No need to be jealous, come on down…

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      1. On my way…at least in my dreams. โ˜บ๏ธ And I agree with Fiery…I believe in magic and miracles. Do us a favour…get a pic or two of you in your best man outfit and post it with one of your poems. ๐Ÿ˜ X


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