her words are teardrops
preserved in my eyes
like liquid diamonds
of inspiration
cascading in my heart
seeping bone deep

should you find any beauty
in the verses I spill
it is her reflection
always swimming
in the poetry I weep


259 thoughts on “teardrops

  1. The poetry I weep…a perfect line. I have not been feeling very poetic of late, but your poetry always inspires me to try again.

    How do you do it? Having time to respond to the hundreds of comments you receive, writing and reading so many other people’s posts? You’re a good man Drew. I hope your muse sees that. Sending a hug x


    1. I am happy you think that was a perfect line. I thought it was a good ending for this piece.
      Flattered that I inspire you or anyone in anyway. Thank you for saying that.

      How do I do it? LOL Sometimes, I ask myself that very question. Blogging reading. Loyalty is very important to me. I feel I must read the people that read me. I try to comment back on everyone who comments on my blog. I can’t always comment on everyone (time constraints), but I do my best.
      The blog does take up several hours of my day. That is why I only post twice a week.

      I guess I am lucky that I was able to retire early and ow dedicate myself to writing (and traveling). It is a lot of fun for me. These vacation breaks also prevent burnout.

      Hope I answered your question.

      Thank you for your wonderful support. I appreciate your visits and our conversations.

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      1. Lucky you that you were able to retire early! Though I work from home, I still do the 40 hour work week. But I feel blessed to work from home. And I must say also that you have a gift Drew. You make each and every person you talk to feel special. It shows that you are a gentleman in every way. Looking forward to the next poem. x

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        1. It’s probably difficult to notice I am blushing with this vicious tan that I have.

          Working from home is a blessing, although it limits your interactions with people..

          You are very kind. I am flattered by your lovely words. Looking forward to your next post as well. Thank you. xo

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    1. All is so well. I am seriously thinking of adding a week or two to the vacation. I hear it has been snowing in New York.
      Don’t know why this sad little write came out of me. Maybe it was a little sadness that the vacation is coming to an end.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am always touched by your words. xo


  2. Hmmm not sure what happened to my (and other?) comments? Perhaps WordPress is hungry and needing comment snacks.

    I’m pretty sure I said something along the lines of utterly gorgeous poem and breathtaking image… I loved this.


  3. Most beautiful poem written with amazing words.”it is her reflection swimming always in the poetry i weep”beautiful but can you not write in your happy mood as your before poems like massage of love,bubbles of love,exotic fruits.you know-most wounded person can laugh on all situation.Dear dew!! are you understanding.?your muse’s reflection can be her tragic life.oh ,i am most talkative.all poem from beginning to end is most impressive.and image is Ya Allah..kya kahna.(my God !!most beautiful).πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€mixture of green and blue.here what is work of melancholic touch.my dear friend!!plz reply.


    1. I am very happy Aruna. In faxct this vacation has been wonderful in so many ways.
      On Friday when I am back in NY I will post vacation photos.

      This poem is about the way “she” inspires me. She is in my words and poems. Even in my tears.
      And everything beautiful you see in my blog is all because of her.

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                    1. Now he is my good friend but in indirect way coz of my family members.i have no complain with him.i have converted that love in universal love.it is become for me as blessed gift given by God-i think.

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                    2. That time,my mom was expired and papa was most sad .i am so much innocent that time that i could not understand him.he was most nice,gentle man,well mannered but that time my luck was busy in conspiracy against my happiness.my bad luck.

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                    3. That was my most bad time of life.but left it.you know-i am nostalgic.i don’t like bad memories.oh i want to sleep if you allow me,dear!!


                    4. Plz,dear dew!! Enjoy your moment and at night sleep well with sweet dreams.bless you dear!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


                    5. Dear dew!! Do you know about of the crush on you by my Girl?plz give answer.she is in doubt.please clarify to her all things.here i am worried for your lonely life.

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                    6. From where i come take your bride.hey dew!!if you can plz come to India.here is my Kashmiri friend.most sweet and well natured.can you marry with her.πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘°


                    7. Just now i send you my answer.at night,searching your massage i had slept suddenly.sorry dear friend!! How much i am like a snail to reply.this time ,you are sleeping and i am answering.sweet dream.believe always -MIRACLE HAPPENS.my special sweet friend!!bless you forever.


                    8. Yesterday night,i had return back to home after attending a wedding of my friend,dear dew!!as my routine to see my blog at the night time,there is not any comment.why?are you angry with me.?if i have replied you in ugly way or wrong from which you feel hurting.please,sorry.and tell me about of my fault.i am feeling heartily sorry ,dear!!perhaps i had sent you answer by email.🌹🌹🌹🌹

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                    9. When you had not replied my question(about those i have forgotten)i thought you are angry with me.you are asking now about my those words said by me four days before.how much you are careless.now i am going to sleep ,dew!! Because i have to awake since 5.00 o’clock.good night,dear!! Bless you.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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              1. Hey dew!!if i come to you,you can enjoy,feel free and relax,no tension but only for you.if any body try to cheat me for that i become most harsh.i am a bull but not cruel.you know as i told you -here is a bull.i call him my boy friend and all members respect him because they know- i will be angry with them.my harshness is a defensive device for saving my self respct and my moral value of life. Oh,i am boring you.sorry.

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  4. My dearest Lonely Author,

    You know I sometimes find it difficult to express my thoughts on your poetry for many reasons that should probably remain unsaid (my silly girly crush on you?) even though I write paragraphs and paragraphs of comments usually,Β  still I mostly don’t say everything I want to. Today is kind of one of those days. When something so beautiful is condensed so wonderfully into such few words, I find my self loving each and every one of those words.Β  When I said earlier that I was in love with every single word, I meant it;Β  I wasn’t just gushing hyperbole. Felt like you chose each word so carefully.

    There was so much love in this even though you didn’t say the word ‘love’ once you really didn’t have to. Teardrops is a perfect title and that you began with her words being your teardrops preserved like diamonds, made me think of forever and of diamonds, taking on so much intense pressure to become the beautiful priceless gem they are. What an image…melts the heart. Speaking of hearts, I love the word ‘cascading’ and any word actually to do with flowing water (behave, I am being serious here)Β  and seeping bone deep as though it can never be removed, it’s part of your core…beautifully done.

    I was torn over the last stanza because I completely understand that feeling that the beauty of words written is present because of someone’s love inside us and because we are possessed by the love we have for that person, but you MUST remember,Β  Β the beauty people see in your poetry is very much you. If her love has touched you so deeply, it has brought out a deeply moving outpouring of words which all came from you. And yes, her love of you.Β 

    “The verses I spill… the poetry I weep”

    SIGH. You’re overflowing with gorgeous words, deep emotion and pounding heartbeats.

    Think I’ve fallen in love with those two lines.





    1. LMFAO

      Fiery you are so kind. The poem was written by candle light. And I was very selective of my words. There was plenty of one word edits almost through every line. Touched that you think my wording was good. This poem was also one iof those rare moments where I actually wrote the opening lines first.
      Something very new for me, as yo0u well know.

      Truly amazed and touched by your thoughts on diamonds. Those were m,y very thoughts as well. Diamonds are brilliant and they are FOREVER. I thought it was the perfect way to describe words (poetry) that stays with me forever. Your thoughts pon cascading and bone deep was precisely what I was aiming for. It deeped bone deep, again, because iut will not be easily removed. Very tuched by thr way you read my intent so perfectly.
      Honored to be honest.

      And your words over that last stanza…..sigh. It has touched me deeply. Humbled and grateful for this little paragraph. I truly am. You and so many others are so kind to me. I am a very lucky man to have such wonderful support.

      I really like the spilling of poetry. Honestly, I was aglow with that when it came to me. Thhe poetry I weep just seemed like the perfect ending.
      What a way to write poetry….through tears.

      Your words and reactions have me floating in the clouds. Thank you.

      Loved every woirds and sigh of your comments. I am not the jealous type so fall in love with my lines.

      I have fallen heads over heals for this gorgeous comment that was right on. You nailed my intent and thoughts.
      Grateful for your amazing comments on my blog and the eway you read me.

      Again, I am such a lucky man.


      Lonely Author . xo

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      1. Good morning,
        A warning maybe would help me out when you’re about to lay the charm on me so thick! Took me a while to gather my little burning thoughts when I read this this earlier..

        I know usually you begin with your final lines but I love that you did this one differently, maybe it was because you knew exactly what you wanted and needed to say and it just flowed as it was meant. When things are meant to be, they find a way of happening the way were always supposed to don’t you think?

        Forever is so important. We *need* to feel it, and feel as though all this love we are endlessly giving and receiving is not in vain or fleeting or temporary. Diamonds were perfect, I knew exactly what your intent was with those lines and with your expression of love and inspiration seeping bone deep. Her words are part of you now and I am sure the feeling is reciprocated, how the eff could it not be. That was all so clear to me.

        My lonely author, it is so, so sweet that you’re touched by the love and support you receive here but honestly, you make it very easy for people to be drawn to you and care for you and love you and your poetry. You deserve it all and much more.

        I love it when you are happy with your imagery and wording because you *should* be happy. Those two lines which have become my newest object of affection were so so inspired and beautiful. I can relate. I’ve spilled enough poetry through so many tears to understand EXACTLY how you feel. It is a beautiful way to write a poem. And the tears are not always of sadness but often just an overflow of emotions that need somewhere to go and they find their way through poetry longing and sweet love.

        Oh… well I am relieved that you’re not jealous of me being in love with your beautiful lines. I can’t help it …They did unspeakable things to my heart and mind and stuff. Hard to compete with that β™‘

        And don’t tell your muse that you’ve fallen head over heels for my comment…I wouldn’t want to incur her wrath. Though I suspect she doesn’t really have any wrath in all that beautiful love and inspiration she gives you and I think she’d really love me too because I am so bloody delightful – how could she not.
        Thank you for this tingly reply so early in my day. Sets the mood, you know.

        Many warm things


        1. Sorry, didn’t realize I was being charming.

          Yes, things do have a way of working themselves out. I believe that very much. I guess this poem worked itself out. My inhibitions of where a poem is going sort of left me that night. I just started writing and it worked.

          lmfao . I cannot speak for anyone else, especially “her.” I know poetry does enter my heart and soul, and some writing seeps into my bones and remain there.

          Paragraph three – blushing.

          I agree. Tears are not always sadness. It is emotion spilling over. Your comments are so beautiful.

          You flatter me so much. Flattery will get you…….EVERYWHERE. LOL

          Since I haven’t never truly confronted my muse, she doesn’t suspect a thing. But how could anyone not love you, you delightful little flame.

          Thank you for your wonderful message and thoughts. Humbled by your dedication to my blog and poems, and the effort you put in to comment on my posts.

          Feeling many delightful things.

          Lonely Author . xo

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          1. My Lonely Author,

            You didn’t realise you were being charming… sigh. OF COURSE you didn’t.lol
            Makes you even more… you know.

            Now let’s see what you wrote here:

            Charm, charm, charm…sweet heartbeaty sentiments…some modesty just to be even more endearing…blah blah blah blushing….oh yes the directions to EVERYWHERE (just past flattery and beautiful poetry, right?), I’ll be on my way in a sec so start preparing…and then let’s see…ah yes…you can’t help – I mean NO ONE can help but love me….something about being delightful and flamey…oh yes and finally I made you feel delightful things.

            A shy little kiss


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  5. I will try again as WordPress appears to have β€˜disappeared’ my comment… but I like this poem so much it is worth writing another version! Gorgeous poem, her words are like teardrops, and so are yours. Beautiful.


    1. I have your comments. In fact i have over 300 comments.

      I am onm vacation and this island does not have 24 hour electricity. Between the vacationing and preparing a 75th birthday party and a beach wedding of a good friend, I have been quite busy. When I have had time to blog, the electricity has gone out and and lose wifi. So it has been a challenge, but I will be getting to all of the comments (hopefully starting today).

      I hope my followers aren’t too frustrated.

      I am flatered by your words and lovely comments. Very touched in fact that tyou have gone through the trouble of commenting mulitple times. Humbled and grateful. I am so happy you liked this piece.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts and for your efforts to rwach out to me. They have touched me like you could never know.

      Thank you so much.

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  6. This is gorgeous, Drew.

    “like liquid diamonds
    of inspiration
    cascading in my heart
    seeping bone deep”

    Your words sparkle, cascade, float. You immerse yourself in beauty. You create beauty.

    “in the verses I spill
    it is her reflection
    always swimming
    in the poetry I weep”

    I do not feel any “her” here, but maybe it’s just me. I feel you fabulously weeping for love. Weeping an ocean of love I should say.

    Wonderful poem!

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    1. Beautiful comment. Weeping for love. I like that very much. You are too kind. :creating besuty.” Thank you you arer sweet.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment,
      I hope you have an inspiring day. I know your poem inspired me.

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    1. Actually, I am on the beaches of the Dominican Republic running away from the snow and cold of NYC.
      Hoiw are you my friend. Hope you are well. Your music posts are bringing back wonderful memories.


    1. Youare too sweet. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know why I love relating love and music and everything else in life to wrting.

      Thank you for your kind words and support.
      By the way, when does that prompt come up and what is the time limit to respond.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The prompts are posted on the first of the month, and writers/poets have 3+ weeks to post a response, so it’s pretty laid back. But honestly, Drew, only if you have the time, energy, and inclination. I’m going to keep this up for at least a year. πŸ™‚


  7. This is very, very beautiful, Lonely!
    You are very inspiring, & have pulled a poem out of me……

    If I was a mermaid
    (wished many times to be)
    I could swim below
    The waves of
    Your sorrow.
    If I was a mermaid
    (Still, a fantasy)
    I’d dive the salty deep
    And retrieve
    Tears you weep.

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    1. Grateful that you think this is beautiful.

      Gorgeous is this little poem you have just written. This is a wonderful decoration on my blog. So flattered and honored
      that I could inspire tyu like that. Thank you so much for your amazing comment. So touched and humbled.

      Thank you.


  8. So this is how you have been spending your vacation… Swimming with Mermaids! Good for you πŸ™‚ That’s how I would spend my vacation too. A gorgeous poem Andrew! You skillfully play with changing perception. Even transforming pain, into something beautiful.


    1. Humbled by your gorgeous comment. I never thought of myself transofrming pain into poetyry, but I guess you are right, I did.
      Thank for your lovely words. I am grateful and very touched.

      As for the mermaids, when I get back to NY it will take me weeks to get all of this sand ou=t of me. LOL

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      1. LOL A true sign that you’ve had an unforgettable trip. Enjoy every minute of your last few days of sun ❀


  9. Wow Drew, this was poetically amazing. As Rumi said, β€œYou are not a drop in the ocean but you are the ocean inside that drop”. To be someone’s poetry is a beautiful thing, I love how you stated the beauty in the poetry is a reflection of the inspirational dedication in her, to draw the ink from one person to create such beautiful words is something spectacular. You my friend, and this poem you spoke has touched many readers and can be a key to where to draw inspiration when writing on love.🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Humbled by your amazing comment Roy. And to relate Rumi’s quote to this post truly thrills me.

      Well, Mr. Romance Freeze you and Ms Sparkles do a wonderful job of inspiring people with your writing and love. And you know all about being someone’s poetry.

      Thank you for your profound & wonderful comments. I am flattered and honored. Thank you so much Roy. My best to Ms. Sparkles.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Truly my pleasure Drew, your words and work is stunningly special.
        Your support is also truly admirable and appreciated by both of us, we can’t thank you enough for that❀️.
        I shall send her your regards which she’ll be happy to hear and take our love and support back in return my friend.😊


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