do dreams really come true

do dreams really come true

they say the waves never stop
caressing your footprints
with a white dance
of pirouetting ocean foam
the breeze whispers your name
through trembling palm leaves
as coconuts gently fall
constructing our love hut of a home

the moon told me
she has never seen anything
as brilliant as your eyes
your adoring eyes
she suggests I make our chats endless
by squeezing the entire beach
into a sun dial
as immense as the sun rise

oh, to taste an orange sunset
with you my pet
as we swing in a hammock
made just for two
listen to the island sing a song
encouraging me
to stop fantasizing and ask
my love
do dreams really come true

332 thoughts on “do dreams really come true

  1. Most lovely poem,my dear friend dew!! Really dreams come true if you are honest for your dream and try to receive dt about you dreamt for dt❀


      1. are absolutely right.dew!!what is a amazing thing that we both have same thoughts.who ignores about dreams,is pessimistic.but you have optimistic and it is sure that your dream will come true one day.a person who has no dreams ,is like a animal.dreams are those power which can help the person to reach the top of imagination and motivate to do something see your blog-how much it is so much awesome and amazing.hey dew!!plz write something for Hollywood’s movie.i want to see like a famous person on International level.bless you,dear.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


    1. Laughing. Loving your reaction to this poem.
      How did I do it. I wrote it in a morning I was overdosing on coffee.
      Thank you for taking the time out to read and comment.
      I truly treasure your reaction. Thanks my friend.
      Hope you are well.

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              1. aw dont worry. you have a gift with words and you use it all the time. just talking to your readers and friends you have a great way of talking. you’re polite and charming and attend to details others just ignore. you have a big heart. big hearts can write great stuff.

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  2. You write gorgeous poetry….hope we’ll meet someday. This world is getting less and less a place for me, and it never has been “my place”. Keep writing. My heart was really feeling upset today. I guess, whoever she is I hope you meet up with her some day, and yes, dreams do come true. (I don’t know what happened to my other coment, I guess it got erased since I didnt fill out the below info.) Right now, I walk every beach a lone….go everywhere alone, but chances are my dreams will come true and I will be with someone this year. I *think* God told me “just around the corner”. So I’m hoping this summer for positive ….and a much better life.

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      1. Can you tell me…..can you get on other people’s blogs on wordpress and find out their likes and their comments? I’m wondering how exposed I am to lukers…..who don’t want to join wordpress but just hang around?


  3. The setting was dreamy, the situation was on an oasis, your couple was perfect and the mood was magnificent!! Yes my friend, dreams do come true and you wrote the proof to that because that poem was a dream my friend. How romantically done, I had to reread verses because I thought I was seeing things with how beautifully done you spilt your heart. I loved this, and to bring in the most romantic star the moon, that paints the setting to a perfect dream. Well done my friend.🌹

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    1. Happy you liked this Roy. And your comments are so sweet. I tried to set the mood and setting.
      I suspected you would say dreams come true. You are living it right ow with Ms Sparkles. Inspiring
      all of us in the process.

      Humbled and thrilled by your gorgeous comments. Honored by your praise. Thank you so much Roy.
      You are treasure my friend.

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      1. This poem was the roadmap to my question that was answered when Ms Sparkle Freeze came along and you wrote it so beautifully my friend. An answer within a question in such a poetic fashion.
        A gorgeous post indeed, honored to be a treasure among your island my friend.🌹


        1. Haha . Oh, Roy. Ms Sparkle Freeze may have been the original author of that map with her gentle heart and beautiful poetry.
          Happy you appreciated this poem. Thank you for your gorgeous words my friend. You are so appreciated.

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          1. Hahaha, I agree she has the map to my heart my friend…I give you that and her beautiful words and heart did bring my dreams true. But your words my friend are also a treasure map to a chest of poetry gems. Rubies, diamonds and emeralds my dear friend Drew which makes me and my Sparkling Princess admire you. You are very dear to us both!🌹🌹


              1. Smiling from ear to ear dear Drew, and you of people need no permission to cross the drawbridge to our castle my friend. It would be an honor to read such work and a dedication of your poetic art to us, such a humbling moment indeed. I’m sure she’d be speechless. You are an amazing friend to us Drew.

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  4. Good afternoon Drew.
    Sorry for joining the party so late.
    The role of landscape in poetry: every natural element of that beautiful tropical island becomes part of your love for your sweetheart; witnesses your love; melts into it love. The melting is magical and creates one of the most beautiful poems I’ve read. The moon and the breeze talk, the island sings, with her by your side all dreams come true.

    Gorgeous work, Drew!
    May you taste orange sunsets forever and may you be loved forever!

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    1. Good afternoon G. What are you talking about? Tha party doesn’t begin until you arrive.

      What an amazing comment. You are so kind and generous. Thank you. The island can fill one with thoughts of personification, slowly bringing the landscape to life.
      Flattered that you enjoyed it, and humbled by your beautiful words.

      One thing. Many have volunteered to answer the question posed by the poet. Curious about your thoughts. I know you’re terribly busy, but when you have a chance, tell me G.

      Do dreams really come true?

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      1. Thank you for saying the party doesn’t start without me. That is so sweet of you 😊
        I really loved your poem, Drew.
        Before I answer your question please know that I respect everyone’s opinion.
        As for me:
        No, Drew, dreams of love do not become true. Dreams appear to become true for a while, they seduce us, we delight in that seduction; it’s more like we fall in love with ourselves; with our own projections.
        Love knows dreams but love is much more than a dream.
        I do not want to bore you with all that. I will stop here.
        A great afternoon to you and beautiful dreams! There is nothing wrong with dreaming when in love. We all do that 😊

        Inside an orange sunset when dreams intersect reality may
        you be forever loved.

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        1. But the party doesn’t start…

          First, let me apologize. Sometimes, I get carried away with my playfulness.

          Everything you said is true. People are seduced by the dream of love and the fairy tale ending. They want it badly. Sadly, as often is the case, reality sets in and something as passionate as a kiss can become routine. A tragedy when people allow that to happen.

          “Love is much more than a dream…….”

          Couldn’t agree with your more. Someday, I hope to be with a woman, not because I want or need to live with this lady, but because I can’t live without her. And I truly believe that can be discovered and kept alive with communication, mutual respect, self sacrifice,and so many other things. But enough of my silliness.

          Bore me? Blasphemy Amiga. I have only met the tip of the iceberg and I know you could never bore me.

          G, my problem is I dream even when I’m not in love. Hopeless & helpless. Always dreaming (but with my realist feet planted on terra firma).

          Thanks for reply & all of your wonderful words and support. Truly grateful.

          May all your sunsets be orange, may every sunrise fill you with inspiration.

          Be well, G. Have a restful weekend.

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  5. Well far be it for Tubularsock to get involved in romantic dreaming. But on second thought Tubularsock got to thinking which is always somewhat dangerous.

    Well dreams come true
    but pass on through

    β€˜cause present moment
    is all you’ve got

    So now you have to set your watch
    for time’s an illusion is it not?

    So here we are with that dream thing again
    As seconds pass by to minutes then hours

    But all that I’m stuck with is the sand in my shoes
    And a hole in my heart thinking of you!

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  6. I have commented on your this poem but suddenly my eyes closed coz of tiredness and slept down but forgot to send my comment.πŸ˜‹my written comment was waiting for awakening me.Damon to my sleeping.have you any comment which i have today morning.

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  7. Dear dew!!you are right.dreams come true if you have strict will power and pure soul.perhaps you is already blessed soul.i have felt deeply that my dreams are mostly have come true.your palm tree,my chinaar tree,cleansing the foot print by waves of ocean are motivating me ,my dear magician of amazing you can play with wonderful words like gem.Weldone,my dear friend!!

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  8. Beautiful. And that question in the end really made look back to a lot of things.
    Do dreams really come true?
    Hmm… yes and no. Because some does, some don’t. I can’t guarantee it but I don’t think anyone in the world lived out their lives with all their dreams fulfilled.

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    1. Smiling. I like to think that dreams come true. And if they don’t, dreams keep us young at heart.
      Yes, I agree with you. No one has ever fulfilled all of their dreams. Life just doesn’t work that way.

      Thank you for your kind read and for sharing your great thoughts.


  9. “caressing your footprints
    with a white dance
    of pirouetting ocean foam”
    “to taste an orange sunset”

    Such beautiful imagery Drew! I can only hope to rise to your ability of poetry one day. This old world has wrung the metaphors out of me and I must find them again. They are there, somewhere…I just have to dig a little deeper to find them these days. Sending a hug from this lonely author to you. xoxo

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    1. Sighing here Melissa. What a beautiful comment and generous comment. Grateful you liked the imagery. Oh, I am sure there are plenty of beautiful metaphors beating in your lovely heart. Look no deeper than your heart and you will find them.

      You comment humbles me and makes me so happy. I am so lucky to have you as a friend and a follower. You are a great friend who can encourage and inspire (even if you don’t realize it.

      Receiving your lonely hug and sending back an even warmer one. Thank you. Grateful to know a treasure like you.

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  10. Hey dew!! On your poem,i admire for which wordings.all lines take me in my dreamland.specially-the breeze take your name through the trembling palm leaves….and i have complained that your moon told you wrong.that never knows -she had ever seen anything as brilliant your eyes your adoring eyes.plz say your moon about its misunderstanding just now.your description of ocean’s waves like personification is marvellous,dear!!


  11. Hey lonely author
    I loved all your posts,poetry,everything completely….Everything is just words to say actually.The way you express each topic is completely something to appreciate about..Lots of Love….KEEP POSTING..LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR NEXT POST….

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  13. Truly Beautiful! I just began reading some of your poems. Hope I have time for more each day. Thank you for liking my post on: From Darkness Into The Light. Trying to pay more attention to the inner beauty that pours out of other’s souls by way of reading such poems on blog sites. How often God touches us through the gentle words of others. You have blessed me. Timothy Baugh.

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    1. You are so kind to say the things you did. Truly grateful for your kind read, supportive words, and blessings.
      I so agree with you. Poetry is an amazing way for people to express themselves and the brilliance they have inside.
      God touches me in so many ways, each and every day. I never take it for granted and I am always thankful.

      Thank you for your gorgeous comment. May God always bless you and yours.
      (Sorry for the late response. I just returned from a long vacation.


  14. I love the way you begin. It draws me close, just like a whisper. The colors come alive and I can feel the sand between my toes. Then you go and make me smile in all the right places. Your dreamy poem has answered its own question Andrew. 😊

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  15. What could have been. Poor N, I think she was afraid, as fearless as she seemed. Perhaps her fears will subside one day, perhaps one day, when you’re 80, when society no longer cares, she’ll come back to you. Who knows?

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    1. LOL . This comment brought the biggest smeile to my face. N. is a special person. She was not ready for the next step.
      Can’t blame her. Thank you for your gorgeous and heartfelt comment. It was very sweet. I appreciate that.


  16. there was one poem up there I do believe you took off??? It mentioned a name, I won’t say which and about I think sitting in the sand letting the waves hit you and her. Can you tell me which one it was?

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