do dreams really come true

do dreams really come true

they say the waves never stop
caressing your footprints
with a white dance
of pirouetting ocean foam
the breeze whispers your name
through trembling palm leaves
as coconuts gently fall
constructing our love hut of a home

the moon told me
she has never seen anything
as brilliant as your eyes
your adoring eyes
she suggests I make our chats endless
by squeezing the entire beach
into a sun dial
as immense as the sun rise

oh, to taste an orange sunset
with you my pet
as we swing in a hammock
made just for two
listen to the island sing a song
encouraging me
to stop fantasizing and ask
my love
do dreams really come true

330 thoughts on “do dreams really come true

    1. Smiling. I like to think that dreams can come true for everyone who dreams and dares reach for that dream. But I am a silly romantic anyway.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I appreciate the kind gesture. Thank you so much.

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    1. Yes, it has. I have been on vacation for the past four weeks. So, I have only been posting once a week. Thank you for noticing. And thank you for reading and sharing your lovely thoughts. I appreciate it.


      1. Oh the things we could do if we were able to slow down time, stretching out moments luxuriously. Stretching out the time spent while dreams are becoming true, drinking orange sunsets perhaps. Beautiful poem.


        1. That is exactly what I was thinking. If oly I could extend the moments I want to lengthen. That would be so sweet.
          Drinking orange sunsets would be a great reasons to stretch out time especially if you are with that special someone.
          Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. They made me smile. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Dear Andrew, My friend and wordsmith of love …. Your ❀️ Is looking out into the world more and more and as it does it searches for the truth …dreams come true when you least expect it l was taught by my father in heaven one day when l read this ….This popular text is based in Christian beliefs and describes an experience in which a person is walking on a beach with God. They leave two sets of footprints in the sand. The tracks represent stages of the speaker’s life. The two trails dwindle to one, especially at the lowest and most hopeless moments of the person’s life. When questioning God, believing that the Lord must have abandoned his love during those times, God gives the explanation, “During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” …. here is a dream really worth believing will and has and does come true daily …. πŸ™β€™s its found in you and when it does you will fly like an angel πŸ˜‡


    1. Dreams do come true when we least expect it. And I know our Lord has a wonderful surprise for me.
      His plans are always better than ours.
      Thank you for your lovely words and support.
      I am grateful for your friendship Ian.
      Thank you for everything.
      And apologies for my late response. Life has been a challenge.


    1. Frank, this island has my thoughts swimming
      in all kinds of senses and emotions. It has been a wonderful experience. Very inspiring.
      Thus, this entirte island sparked this post.
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      It is appreciated. Be well my friend.
      I will be back n NY for Aretha.

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  2. Took me a little while but I came back.
    I speak to the moon, too. I had no idea you two were so well acquainted, my Lonely Author. I won’t tell you what she tells me because it’s all terribly secret and hush hush. But I would suggest you keep listening.
    I’ve enjoyed your island poetry, you know. It’s funny because I lived most of my life on an island with no real seasons, 9 months of scorching summer heat and then 3 months of an attempt at different seasons which actually kind of go: bit less hot, bit less hot still, kind of rainy and chilly, wintery-ish then back to scorching heat.Β  I think because of that I never liked the heat or the summer or probably never truly appreciated where I was living because it was soo effing hot all the time and summerΒ  never really brought me anything good or happy so I think that cultivated a love for real seasons and wintery magic and stuff. Then you come along with your love of beaches and the sea and the palm trees and all that good stuff that I forgot that it can actually be beautiful and sensual and I think only you could have reignited my love for summer and the love and dreamy things that go with it.Β  I am sharing all this useless info here because your poem made me think of all that and so many other things.
    Definitely my favourite of your island poetry. Actually it felt like the first stanza was a summary of the poetry you’ve written since you’ve been away. Could have been a stand alone poem but obviously you had more to say, that was clear. “Caressing” is the perfect word to get my attention. Then needless you say, you held that attention.
    The beautiful personification of the waves, “a white dance
    of pirouetting ocean foam…” and the whispering breeze and trembling (love that word) palm leaves and the love hut. ..all of that made me smile.Β  Love hut.. I can picture it so clearly.
    The second stanza…oh my gosh.Β  Don’t know where to start. The LOVE is tangible, visible, beautiful. The moon and the eyes..and trying or wishing that we could control precious time when it seems to do whatever it wants when we don’t want it to. So inspired and such amazing imagery of a sundial…I LOVE that. And much more powerful that you’re saying these words as if whispering the poem in her ear.
    And because this is already becoming very difficult for me to express my appreciation and love for your poem, I’ll just say that the whole poem was so creative and inspired, so sweet and gentle, so full of rich imagery that could sweep anyone away into a dream of true love and warm sunkissed days, such a wonderful feast for the senses and thatΒ  last stanza was romance, intimacy (that little ‘my pet’ …oh my gosh,Β  heart melting and so personal)Β  love and forever all in a few lines and you can guess, I am sure my most favourite line.

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  3. I’d like to believe dreams come true. πŸ™‚ Otherwise I’ve spent an awful lot of time planning something not real lol. Beautiful words – it has me counting down until I get to enjoy a day at the beach in the midst of summer.


    1. Oh LauraJ I finally had a chance to sit down and reply to old messages that had accumulated on me.
      Thank you for your gorgeous words. They are truly appreciated.
      As for dreams….you are such an elegant and sweet lady. I hope everyone of your dreams come true.

      Thank you

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  4. I can’t answer the question, as my dreams have gone missing or fallow. Your poem, however, is fun and fanciful, a touching tribute to love and island life. It seems you’ve gone native Drew. πŸ™‚


  5. This is so serene and reads like a gentle breeze (just my feelings when I read it). I’d like to hope dreams come true, even if a bigger part of me doesn’t think they do, I’m reserving a small part of myself that has hope πŸ™‚


    1. Happy you enjoyed this. To the small part of you reserved to have hope; not all of our dreams can come true. Life just doesn’t work that way.
      But some of our dreams or hopes can become reality. At least my helpless and hopeless heart likes to think so.

      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. Glad you liked my poem. And flattered by your words. Thank you so much.


  6. Held me from start to end. The lovely imagery in the beginning and then the deepening of emotions and finally the sweet longing yet the uncertainty. Ahh, all so well weaved.


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