safari of poetry


safari of poetry


Look at me the big game hunter
On a safari of poetry
Determined to capture the elusive feline
With words that pique curiosity

Searching through thick jungle bush
Her tropical metaphors left me bare
And a trail of her verses led me
Unexpectedly to her empty lair

Am I still the big game hunter
Or has the prey become me
For I set the trap
Yet, I’m captured by her poetry

It’s good to finally be back. One day this week, I will post some vacation pics.


242 thoughts on “safari of poetry

    1. Well, that tells us a lot about you. If you have nothing constructive to say, better to remain quiet and move one.
      Sadly, some of us have to leave our descrutive little messages and demonstrate how little we really are.
      Seek therapy my friend (asshole).

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      1. Only angry, miserable people feel the need for such senseless drama. Personally i pity them, they live in their own dark clouds never to know what life is really all about.
        Keep dreaming and writing Andrew, we all ❀ your words here! πŸ™‚

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