safari of poetry


safari of poetry


Look at me the big game hunter
On a safari of poetry
Determined to capture the elusive feline
With words that pique curiosity

Searching through thick jungle bush
Her tropical metaphors left me bare
And a trail of her verses led me
Unexpectedly to her empty lair

Am I still the big game hunter
Or has the prey become me
For I set the trap
Yet, I’m captured by her poetry

It’s good to finally be back. One day this week, I will post some vacation pics.

212 thoughts on “safari of poetry

      1. No you may get it a few times! Kept going all red and scary and telling me there was a problem with my comment! I was like, “No YOU’RE the problem, crazy comment box!”
        But then I calmed down.
        Aw….Feel better. If only you had a little pet to rub your tummy πŸ’‹

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              1. I can’t take all the credit. I heard it on “Archer”, one of my fave shows.

                God, no I wouldn’t want you pulling a brain ligament…your brain is one of my favouritest parts of you

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                    1. Well it would be their loss. Also I’d write them a sternly worded letter if they did.

                      Also I may march down to Medical Science Central (?) and have a little rage at them. Don’t worry about that lol

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  1. Good morning Drew.
    It’s a brilliant poem stemming from a brilliant idea. Hunters always acquire something from their prays. So the game goes. Every game, every relationship transforms us.

    In your vacation pictures can a see the empty lair? πŸ™‚
    Breathtaking poem Drew!
    Have a day filled with love and poetry!

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    1. Good morning G. You are so generous and kind with your words. It makes my insecure poetic mind smile. God, the depth of your comments never cease to amaze me.

      Empty lair? lol Suffice to say thoughts of my muse are always with me.

      On a differenty note; this was the poem my disorientated brain could come up with. I am confident you know me well. My heart and soul are missing palm trees, sand, and sunshine. The cold and dreariness of this city…….has me under the weather.
      You know what my heart dreams of…….

      Thank you for your lovely words and for making me smile. I needed both.

      Have a gorgeous day.

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      1. Good morning Drew.

        Sorry to hear you do not feel well. Take good care of you! Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of sunshine!

        “My heart and soul are missing palm trees, sand, and sunshine. ” Drew, I cry everyday. So we can commiserate together.
        On a serious note, what would you stay in NYC if you could move?
        Miami has a very rich art scene, great restaurants, an warm ocean, beaches, palm trees, and beautiful women (I am just putting this here. You may not be interested πŸ™‚ )
        It grew a lot and changed since I left, but the magic is still there.

        BTW your “disorientated brain” writes beautiful poetry! Can you remain disoriented for a while? Kidding.

        Wishing you – from the bottom of my heart- a quick recovery and a wonderful day.

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  2. There is interplay between those pursued and those being pursued. Maybe true love is the balance between and not caring who sets the trap, who is caught – or even leaving all the entrapment behind and simply basking in the glow of the relationship. Of course, flirting is also so much fun. But then, you were captured by her poetry – now that’s a whole other kind of interplay – heart, hand, mind.

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    1. I really like this comment. There is an interesting interplay between the hunter and hunted, I guess it is similar to the courting process.
      You leave the most gorgeous comment. Thank you always Sharon. I so appreciate you.


  3. First, love that photo! Second, I’m sorry you are ill! ☹️. I hope you feel better very quickly! You need your muse to soothe away the fever. xx
    And third…the whole concept of the poem is really great. You the hunter become the hunted from her cleverly set trap wrapped up in a short, slick, well packaged, tight poem. (Clapping hands) Well done!

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    1. Yeah,my muse soothing away the fever would be great. You are so kind Melissa. Happy you liked it.
      Somes the hunter can have the tables turned in him. (Lord knows it has happened to me).
      Thank you for your wondeful words and support. You are a treasure. xo

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  4. LOVE THAT BODY PAINT PICTURE! Have you read any of the Blissfully Lost Soul poetry? m Try, “Blueprint of Her Curves”…Seems to be on the lesbian side of things, but her descriptions are pretty intense. See what you think? Too much—for me, that was!

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  5. Wonderful lines”for i set the trap,i am captured by her poetry”,what a amazing lines which enjoy every hearts.hey dew!! I am in fever for two days.i forgot about your Monday is poetry’s day.sorry,dear!!

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  6. The hunter becomes the hunted….or does he? My friend Drew always manages to write himself a trophy! Beautiful poem my friend and such a colorful and creative picture that displays beauty and symbolizes that you are back from hidingπŸ˜‰…..though you were just camafloucging which we call vacation. You my friend are a big game hunter in the poetic jungle and this was a piece worth catching.

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      1. Many thanks my friend and welcome back😊. Chasing a muse through the jungle, well, that muse is crazy for running! Who wouldn’t want to be caught by a hunter like you?😁
        You’re very welcome, this post was just gorgeous my friend, I loved it.


      1. Hey, yes it is gorgeous. You have an eye for picking an apt pic for your beautiful poetries.. it is always a joy to read them..
        I am doing okay, thank you.. πŸ™‚ happy to know you still remember πŸ™‚ . A lot happened , I went offline and stopped writing.. thinking of picking up the pieces now and begin again.


          1. Thank you for your words and support. Writing poems brings a sense of self but reading your thoughts on my poetry brings joy. Thank you for following me all this time and having faith that I will come back. Your comments is something that I have always looked forward to.

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  7. It seemed the enemy wanted to punch me in the face as soon as I get up……I’m almost ready for my friend to be back. Today (because I’ve been staying at the salvation army) one of the men accused me of coming way out here just to find a boyfriend…..and at all places amoung the guys there. I try to like African American men but they are so quick to jump to conclusions, so easily offended…..and there is nothing you can say or do to advance their opinion of you…..besides ignore them. I woke up in the middle of the night with the flu and had been sick all monring……and he had the bright idea of acusing me of being a whore because I was all bent over and I guess my breats were exposed. So he came to the ignorant assumption that I all the way from the Metroplex to find a boyfriend and I was sick because I had been with me. And I wasn’t trying to show off anything I was just bent over. So not only am I nauseated and vomiting … I”m a slut, yet he has no proof for his accusations. And viruses are airborn…….you can get them by breathing the same air as someone… really hurt me and I think, “he was so nice yesterday”, and now all this. So I guess if anyone gets the flu or has a stomache virus it’s because they are a whore.

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      1. No that’s what he says…..there’s a few men out there that would take a risk on me….., but they are few and far between. I’m feeling better today now, thanks. Yes, I do believe I have one waiting, but even if he’s not….I’m sure some day soon I’ll be with someone special.


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