Fragments Of Me


This is an old post for my newer blogging friends to get to know me.  It posted three years ago.

Fragments of Me

When we were young our lives consisted of questions.

The questions we needed answered. The hundreds of questions our parents and teachers asked.

But a ten year old was never meant to have all the answers.

My classmates attended the big party. Stupid me promised to dance with every girl. Boys stood on one side, girls on the other.

My friends taunted me. “Go dance.”

With wobbly knees and sweaty forehead, I tried to look cool.

Then I spotted Lisa Big Boobies Barelli. Oh my, she could fill up a B-cup like no other girl in school.

Ever since kindergarten when she first smiled at me, I knew the other girls didn’t compare. Lisa had all her teeth.

From across the room I admired her.

Who cares if she had rounder cheeks than the other girls?

Lisa had something the skinny girls didn’t have.

She had curves.

Deep breath…..I broke the ice approaching the circle of “cool girls” as they giggled like hyenas.

Unable to speak, I did something that became my signature move. Never inviting her to dance, I took Lisa’s hand and led her to the dance floor.

Everyone watched us dance as I impressed her with witty banter.

She said, “Nice party.”

I replied, “Uh-huh.”

“Are you wearing perfume?”


Even at that early age I knew women preferred a good smelling man. So, I wore my mother’s Chanel #5.

My friends mocked me for dancing with Lisa. I maneuvered us around so she wouldn’t see their hurtful antics.

The boys never understood. Why dance with other girls if I was already dancing with the prettiest one?

“Andrew, there’s so many beautiful girls here with lovely dresses and their hair in pretty curls. You could’ve danced with any of them.”

Then, Lisa asked the terrifying question.  “Why me?”

I felt the universe collapsing on me. Boys laughed. Girls gave me dirty looks. Now, I had to answer this….

How much pressure could one ten year old take?

Searching for infinite wisdom, I gazed into her big blue eyes and whispered. “Why not?”

The lights dimmed.

A love song came on.

Lisa gave me a bear hug and kissed my cheek.

Thankfully, the darkness cloaked my confusion.

That ten year old boy learned so much that night.

He learned about having the courage to be the first.

He learned to go after the girl he wanted, no matter what anyone else thought.

And dancing cheek to cheek…

He learned some questions are meant to be answered by asking another question.

Photo of myself taken by friend of the family.

581 thoughts on “Fragments Of Me

  1. Oh Drew…everything you write just makes me appreciate you more. Having courage at 10 to go against the tide and follow your heart….well, that explains a lot about the man you are today. I’m sorry that your former muse didn’t fully understand what a wonderful man you are. From the point of view of a curvy woman who was often rejected because of being a bit curvier, your story touches me. Lucky the woman who becomes your next muse. xoxo

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    1. What a sweet thing to say. I wanted to post this so my newer followers know me a little better. I have always loved and respected women, and it wasn’t all about the great figure and stuff. Although She was a killer in her B-cup). LOL

      I see beauty in all women, especially curvy women. (trust me, I have dated quite a few).

      Thrilled you enjoyed my childhood story. Grateful and flattered by your beautiful compliments. Thank you so much for reading and for your super kind words.
      They are treasured.

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    1. Hey, Frank. I never forgot that “Why not.” Has gotten me out of a few holes later in life. LOL
      But I will tell you, in the way my why not was delivered so naturally, it did pass as a cool answer back then.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend. Appreciate it.


    1. Smiling. No childhood is never the same for all. Certain learning processes are, but the way we adjust and the events that happen and when they happen, it is different for all of us.

      Thank you for sharing yur profound thought on this post. I truly apprecisate your words.
      Thank you so much

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  2. Good morning my adorable Lonely Author,

    My gosh…I was so happy to read this again. I read it a loooong time ago along with your other Fragments posts and you have this way… I don’t know how to explain. You draw us in to your little personal world and we are immersed. Such a touching write.
    I think it says so much about you and how you really haven’t changed that much!

    Such a little smooth operator even back then. All heart and charm and so wonderfully blasé about how others perceive the true you and your cheeky confidence. So lovable and honest.

    Sound familiar?

    I love that all the most beautiful parts of you are ALL your mum and that you never once turned to a darker you because of the hurt you endured from your father. It gives me so much hope I can’t even begin to explain to you here.

    These little fragments we all have in our memories make us who we are or sometimes…help us to avoid being the worst parts of who we could be if we did not have hope and love and guidance from the right angelic soul.

    It’s beautiful to see this part of you. 

    It’s all still there but magnified and deeply ingrained into the amazing person you are today . Someone I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with.



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    1. Good morning Fiery,

      Honestly, I was expectng your comment, I wasn’t expecting this gush-a-thon.

      I am thrilled you enjoyed this childhood story. It really taught me so much about girls, guys, and taking control of certain situations.

      My mum has always been a great influence on me. She really drove home the point on trying to understand women and see their point of view.
      Not exactly walk in their shoes (the stilettos would kill my feet), but yes recognize womens struggle in this man dominated world.

      There memory fragments are who we are. In many ways we are a puzzle pieced together by memories and events in our life.

      Don’t know about the maginified part……at least you didn’t call me a poet. LOL

      Thank you so much for your gorgeous words and coimpliments. Happy you appreciated this true life story.
      I feel lucky to have met you.

      Grateful. Yes grateful. Why not? lol

      Lonely Author

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          1. Hmm…
            Did you now.

            Well we often get what we LEAST expect from people.

            I thought I’d leave all that stuff to everyone else.

            I wrote about what spoke to me.

            Sorry, I mean I GUSHED about what a wonderful person you turned out to be.
            How predictable of someone like me


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                    1. both of those questions.

                      I always expect smooth from you.

                      Either that or a swift deflection of my flirty little words of Lonely -Author -crush- syndrome with something ridiculous and change of subject-y
                      Such as….

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                    2. Oh .. because of the nailing….very cute.

                      And you’re the moth?
                      Don’t get burned ..

                      Or get burned. We can soothe the sore parts…

                      (What’s wrong with me????????)

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  3. Como siempre me haces entrar en tus letras. Es como, si estuviera viendo una película de ese momento exacto de tu vida y que tan genialmente describes. Precioso Drew. Me has hecho sonreír con algunas de tus frases. Un abrazo grande 🌼😊😘

    As always you make me enter your letters. It’s as if I’m watching a movie from that exact moment in your life and how brilliantly you describe it. Lovely Drew. You have made me smile with some of your phrases. A big hug 🌼😊😘

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  4. Most beautiful picture of my naughty boy’s childhood.feelings are so much innocent like you in your image.thanks for sharing the sweet memories of childhood and amazing lines are”he learnt some questions are meant to be answered by asking another question”description of blue eyes with innocent word”why me” and” why not”.most beautiful poem reminding my was so much cute and sweet with innocence but having a touch of wisdom in your naughty brain.😄😄😄😄😄

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    1. Happy yuo liked the photo of myself during younger days. Now, you can’t say you haven’t see my face. Smiling.

      I was lucky that day at the party. I really didn’t know what to say to her, so why not seemed perfect. And she loved the answer.

      Hqppy you liked this Aruna. That means a lot to me. This was before my naughty days and mind. LOL . Thank you for your wondderful words and appreciation .


      1. You was really naughy boy and today have not show me your photo of this time.perhaps i can do idea your round and smiling face.i have write two poem for you”an Angel calls you…”and”a sweet star behind the clouds…”.have you read those two poem?dear dew!!

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                    1. For you good morning with hot n sweet coffee,my dear friend.i see daily a lonely star on my is rised soon today.Are you wake up soon in the morning.that lonely star rounds on my home n tangles on my is daily routine.i think-that is you and want to say i right,my special friend!!

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                    2. I want to say that those words in your poem’s title”She cast a spell on me”we have talk often in comman conversation.but that poem is more impressive by your pen than an Indian touch.🌺🌺🌺🌺🌻🌻🌻🌻🌼🌼🌼🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


                    3. Yeah.most cold weather is main reason of your pain of neck,dear dew.plz take your best care.bless you,my dear😇😇😇😇😇


                    4. After then i will sleep with my daughters and before this i send you a email.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹and a song on my blog.enjoy dear!!good night,my dear friend!!you are special.

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                    5. Now for you good is Indian festival-Holi(day of colours) you know that biggest festival are celebrating at Utah,USA.wonderful it is.dear dew!!


    1. You made me smile with your lovely compliments. I was lucky. I was determined to dance with her, even if she wasn’t up to the standards of the other boys. Then, I was lucky with my “why not.” Had no idea how to reply, but that one seemed to do the trick.
      Thank you for your gorgeous words. You made me smile and blush. Thank you so much.

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    1. Smiling so hard. I am in shock. Would never have guessed you were a wild child. Refuse to believe it.
      This little story and the lessons I learned that day alwasys stuck with me.
      Thank you for reading anf for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it


  5. I really enjoyed reading this, Andrew. A lot of pressure for a ten year old boy but you handled it like a champ with the line: “why not.” It got you a kiss from the prettiest girl who had all her teeth 🙂

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    1. It was quite a bit of pressure. And thre reward, that kiss, was well worth the ridicule and potential embarrassment. Smiling
      Thank you for your lovely words. So glad you enjoyed this story. Thank you.


    1. Yes, the lessons have served me well. “Why not” has helped me in times when I have stuck my big fotin my mouth. LOL
      Delighted to make you smile and even to have the chance to let everyone in on a part of my life.
      Thank you for your gorgeous comment. Always appreciated.

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  6. Such a handsome young gentleman with bright eyes and a warm smile. I wonder what Lisa tucked away in her own heart from that long ago evening…. you would become the first sweet dance to which all others would fall short. 🌷


  7. Awwwwww, the romance of a 10 year old! I dream of being that slick with women, even today. Of course I’m practically married with two daughters, so being slick with the girls means they do their homework without a fuss. This certainly told me a lot about you. (Things I already suspected, lol)


    1. What a humbling comment. You have left me blushing and sppechless.
      I am very grateful for your beautiful words of praise.
      Thank you so much. It feels so nice to know someone thinks so nice of me.
      Thank you Alexa. I truly apprecuate this.

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  8. That 10 year old boy showed something none of the others taunting and teasing ever had – compassion, a broader mind, a sense of self. I love that you danced with her, that you went against the tide to do what you felt was right and what you wanted to do. Lisa Big Boobies Barelli deserved more than taunts, and you made her night that much better. Thanks for sharing this, it was hugely heart-warming to read! x


  9. What a cute little boy you were! Love the picture. I was one of the girls that never got asked to dance. Shy beyond belief. I went to a couple of dances, but finally gave up on going and standing by myself all night. Those teen years were not good for me. I admire your courage! I am sure with those sparkling eyes the girls came running to you!


    1. The boy is grateful for yur lovely words. No one asked you to dance. Hmmm. I doubt that.
      Your words are so beautiful and encouraging. I am sure your shyness appealed to plenty of guys.
      You just didn’t realize it.
      Thank you for your wonderful words. They are greatly appreciated.

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  10. Oh, my, what a handsome young chap you were (I’m assuming you still are too, by the way)! I love it that you wore your mom’s perfume. That line made me chuckle out loud. Your appreciation for beauty is endearingly enduring – as I’ve said before, you have a gift Drew!


    1. Thank you. LOL . Don’t know about now. haha . Yeah, I used to sneak into my parents room to put on her perfume.
      I wanted to smell good for the girls. I knew it was important.
      Thank you for your beautiful comments. They made me smile as they flattered me.
      Thank you.

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  11. Great post, Andrew. I like the honesty and the emotional intensity of your story. Also, you look cute in the photo as a ten-year-old. I just wonder what the same story would be like if told by a girl asking the most atractive boy to dance. Why is it always boys chasing girls and not the other way round?

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