she cast a spell on me

she cast a spell on me

a crow caws
as a black cat
points its tail at me
wine colored lips recite
a magical verse
of enchanting words
inducing days of red roses
and oleander nights
my soul is hers
she has snatched
my heart from me
‘ver since she cast a spell
with an incantation
in her poetry


268 thoughts on “she cast a spell on me

    1. Won’t be the first time a woman takes me for a ride. LOL
      Yeah, women can make us feel so many wnderful things. Bewildered and bewitched.
      You have your own delightful charms.
      Thank you for your words.


    1. Flattered and delighted that you liked my little poem. It is so nicde to have you back. I went on a bloggin hiatus and returned whikle you were on one. Great to reconnect with you again. Hope you are well.
      Thank you for reading, commenting, and more importantly, for not forgetting me. I appreciate it.


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