As I said right before my vacation, jobs fill our pockets. Adventures fill our souls. My first 5 days in the Dominican Republic were at a beach resort to relieve my stress. This was the view outside my balcony.

There was nightly entertainment. On the second night 8 professional dancers selected 4 men and 4 women from the audience to compete in a Dancing With the Stars competition. Yes, I was selected. When I survived the first five rounds (rock & roll, the twist, hip hop, lambada, and salsa) I thought I had a chance. The last two elimination rounds were the typical island dances; merengue and bachata (my forte). At the end of the competition I was called back onto the stage to receive my award (a bottle of rum) and I pulled a hamstring. The very next day I received Swedish massage to ease my pain.

One of the reasons I went to the island was to see the humpback whales. These whales come every winter from as far away as northern Canada and Norway. This is a single female flirting and letting the males know she is free. The white on their tails are like our fingerprints. No two whales are alike.

Here I captured two males crashing into one another as they fought for the attention and right to be with the female. In all, there were four males fighting for the lone female. I guess she had an amazing tail.

This is my goddaughter Dibel (proounced Dee-bell). We spent plenty of time together shopping, beaching, and playing. Now, the peculiar thing about Dibel is she swears her parents gave her the wrong name. She insists her name was supposed to be Lily. So, I always make sure to call her Lily.

My good firiend Luis has a slight resemeblence to actor Daniel Craig. After years of teasing him about it, I put it to a test. One night in a beach bar, I turned on the charm and convinced two lovely ladies that Luis is James Bond’s stunt double. Well, after a wonderful night of dancing, laughing, and drinking, the two ladies left the bar with 007’s stunt double. Lonely Author went back to his room alone.

Because of the wedding, I had the opportunity to stay at this private resort for two nights. This was the table where I had breakfast and did some writing.

My long time followers recognize Ally. We spent some time together at the 75th birthday party and at the beach wedding.

I had the chance to dine at two mountainside restaurants. This one Aroma De La Montaña (Aroma of the Mountain) has a revolving floor which gave us spectacular views while me and my friends dined.

Ah, the wedding. It was my first time being a bestman. I had plenty of fun dancing and mingling. I recited poetry (English and Spanish) during the bestman speech at the celebration.

Sadly, I said goodbye to two old dear friends Maria (95) and Tato (93). Hope they will still be there when I return.

Here is a peek at one of the orange sunsets.

Life is about the memories we make. And the memories waiting to be made. So, go out there and make some memories of your own.

Can’t wait to go back.


260 thoughts on “Memories

      1. You can use the email address attached to my comments. If you go into WP Admin – Comments – and find my comment, you will see my Gravatar pic w/ my blog address and email address.

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        1. Thank you. I edited your commemnt to remove all references to your email. while on vacation i foudnd a great mural I wanted to photograph for you, but got lost on my return trip when I was searching for it. I am certain I will find more. Thanks.

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  1. Awwww
    What a wonderful time you had..
    Such special moments – and it was nice to see Ally- I wondered what happened to her..
    thank you for sharing your beautiful moments😊
    I hope you go back soon
    Nothing better than hanging out with the ones we love 💕

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    1. Ally is doing great. Actually spent some time with her. It was wonderful and painful too.
      Happy you enjoyed this slice of my life.
      Thank you for being there to read my highs and lows.
      I truly appreciate it.
      Yes, nothing better than to hang out with the ones we love.

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      1. How wonderful you spent time together – even if it hurt too.. those we love will always remain special in our hearts – even when it doesn’t end up how we imagined..
        I hope you end up in Florida soaking up the sun 😀👏

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    1. I had no idea about the name meaning. Cool. Yeah, I call her lily since she insists that is her name.
      And the trip was the best vacation of my life. It was fun sharing it with my friends.
      Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment. I appreciate your kind words.

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  2. Loving the photos and the post! Just a wee bit jealous…especially of the white table overlooking the ocean! My goodness…paradise! Or my version of paradise anyway. One of these days I must take a holiday where I can write by the shore like that. Sigh….<3

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    1. Thrilled you enjoyed the photos and my little vacation post. Oh, that table by the sea was so beautiful and inspiring. The view was breathtaking.
      That is why I am sufferign from the vacations over blues.

      You need to get away to paradise. It is intoxicating and refreshing. No better way to recharge the battery.
      Thank you for your beautiful words. Hope to see your vacation photos one day soon.

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    1. It was a wonderful vacation. So good, it has me singing the blues now. LOL
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. And that lonely nighyt, well, it gave me time to write.
      So it wasn;t all bad.
      Thank you for your read and comment. Always appreciated.

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    1. I know you love making memories. You do it so well. In factr, you are the expert taking us on your adventures with your gorgeous photos. Kind of inspired me to do the same.
      Thanks for your lovely words. Happy you liked it. You and your lovely blog inspired me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww that’s so kind of you to say Andrew! I’m sure you inspire many people and more than you know! We are influential beings, aren’t we? Sharing our adventures lets us get a glimpse of each other’s lives. 🙂


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  3. Looks like you had a very nice time on your vacation. Your Goddaughter is adorable. And I am so jealous of your ocean view… I have never made it to the shore line. Glad you made some wonderful new memories!

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    1. As wonderdful as you write and you have never made it to the shoreline? Oh, you have to do it. It is so inspiring.
      Thank you gor the kind words about my Goddaughter. The vacation was wonderful.
      Thank youy for reding and for your wonderful words. They really made me happy.
      Appreciate your kindness and support.

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  4. Sounds like such a good time you must’ve had.
    It was funny about your convincing powers to make them believe he was Bond’s stunt double. Yet Thelonelyauthor remained alone. You could try being someone’s stunt double too, lol 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was a great vacation.
      LOL .No one knows the lonely author. Now, James Bond’s syunt double, well…..
      You really made me laugh with this comment.
      Thank you for your kindness and words.
      Appreciate your comment and humor.


  5. Omg how is it possible to have a view like that at your balcony! I keep feeling like I’m missing out in life!
    Such a lovely place and beautiful memories you got stored now

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Welcome back. It has been a long while. Hope and your loved ones are well.
      Secrets in Punta Cana. That will be my next resort whe . I return to the island. It is gorgeous.
      I loved Secret in Cancun. Not as beautiful, but the attention they give you is incredible.

      I will be catching up wioth your blog soon.

      Again, welcome back.

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  6. It was so lovely to have a snippet into your real world Andrew and your time on vacation. I love dancing too! Sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing this and I hope you came back rejuvenated. xx

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  7. What a wonderful experience is to take time out from normality. Thank you for sharing your rejuvenating events, places and beautiful faces that represent souls. Funny, that you didn’t post a pic of you. Makes me wonder. Any way, I’m looking forward to read more of your moving and poetic rhymes. Lidia

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  8. I am trying to catch up on reading and realized I have missed some of the posts of my favorite author …………these are memories to be cherished truly …..and I see some beautiful captures

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