with every passing day
my insanity blossoms
like pink carnations
in a garden of abnormalities
for her inspirations are delusions
that cling to my mind
like a crazy apparition
in my forsaken memory
her words became my asylum
in the circus of this mind
and she the ringmaster
that caused my manic instability
oh, how the doctors fail to see
my muse clasps
unforgettable words
inside my head
with her Velcro poetry

250 thoughts on “insanity

  1. Ok, first…the picture! So sensual and an excellent visual for this poem! (Feeling a little warm here…LOL!) Second, I love the paradox in this poem: your muse is both your asylum and the person who drives you crazy. So she is both the refuge and the one that causes the madness. Ah yes…as most relationships are, we both love and can be driven crazy by the people we love. These lines especially…
    “oh, how the doctors fail to see
    my muse clasps
    unforgettable words
    inside my head…”
    So it is her poetry, her words, her delusions that inspire you, but yet leave you wanting more? A lot to read here between the lines Drew. Well done!! xoxo

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    1. Damn. What a breakdown. You have even mentioned things no one else picked up on.
      Yes, our beloved can drive us to madness yet we seek refuge in their waiting arms. A delightful and intriguing paradox.

      You are an excellent between the lines reader. Is that on your resume? lol
      Oh, I so love how you read me. You make me fel so good about my poetry. Thank you for that. I don’t always like what I write.

      Grateful and flattered by your lovely words and breakdown, even for the in between lines reading.
      Thanks for your read and praise. I feel like a lucky man. xoxoxo

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      1. You’re entirely welcome! I was an English Lit major so I spent the better part of my college education breaking down and analyzing poetry and literature. haha! I’d almost forgotten how to do it, but then your poetry captured my interest and I really enjoy reading it. Lucky the woman who is your muse Drew. xoxo

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        1. Honestly, there are several women who inspire me with their poetry. You are a newer follower. I used to dedicate poetry to my fictional muse. It was like a running gag here. People teasing me about it. Will have to do it again. lol

          With that said, hopefully, somday I will have a muse.

          English lit, huh. You read me so well, and you pick up on things others failed to see, it really imprersses me. When are you going to post again?

          Thank you for your amazing support. Truly builds my confidence (when it comes to my poetry).

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          1. I’m so glad that you feel my comments are valuable! Thank you!
            I have been very busy with extra work and extra activities, so my writing has taken a back seat somewhat. But just because you are so sweet and like what I write, I will get one done this weekend. Xoxo

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            1. Ah, now you have me wondering if you keepo your promises. LOL
              I will be looking out for it. If you don’t have the time to create, give me a link to an old one that you rally like or want me to read. I would be honored. xoxo

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  2. What a moving piece! You have a gift for connecting the opposite extremes of emotion with what is beautiful and tragic in life, to create this serene balance in your work. The painful and pleasurable imagery go hand in hand perfectly. Wonderfully done πŸ™‚ Is it love or is it insanity?


    1. I feel like the Joker, you have me smiling from ear to ear.
      Such a beautiful comment. Connecting “the beautiful and tragic.” Very inspiring praise. I am humbled by your words and practically speechless.
      Love or insanity. Sometimes it is the one in the same. Of course, I am thinking in a positive way.

      Thank you for this gorgeous comment. It touched me, inspired me, and made me so happy. Thank you so much.
      You are wonderful to me. Thanks.


  3. Wow
    I love this πŸ˜€
    Your calm and storm at the same time.. her words engrained in your heart – owning your thoughts..
    sounds quite adventurous πŸ˜‰
    Beautifully written


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