a melancholy song

a melancholy song

outside my window
a bird sang a melancholy song
of infinite beauty and endless love
her lyrics resonated
like a gentle percussion of bubbles
popping in the recesses of my bones

she serenaded me
you will never see the stars
if you fail to peer
into the galaxies of her eyes
why wander the world
when you haven’t ridden a gondola
to the frontiers of her soul

the bird sang of orange sunsets
and skies forever blue
her song reminded me
there can be no true happiness
if I have everything
except for you

327 thoughts on “a melancholy song

    1. You are kind and generous with your compliments. Flattered that you think so.
      Tghank you for ther kindness of reading and your amazing words.
      And it is my pleasure to stop by your blog. I will be there again.
      Have a gorgeous day.


  1. Well, this is hands down my favourite post from your blog, Drew. I never really “save” posts, but this, I must. Second and third verse to me are like my own thoughts put into words. Thank you for this!

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    1. Isha, I don’t know what to say. First, I am thrilled that you liked this poem so much. Flattered and grateful for your kind words. Never imagined anyone saying these things to me. Really made my morning.
      Thank you for yur wonderful support. I feel like such a lucky man. Thanks.

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  2. No my dear friend!!your bird can never sing the song of orange sky because that time is to return back in her nest,and sky can never blue always because in the day its colour is light blue and time of night navy blue.my special friend!! I will taught you how to be happy if i come to you .most lovely feelings in your every lines.your galaxy is in your heart.among them one star is with me.your poem is most inspiring to me. Wonderful lines”she serenaded me….. if you fail to peer……….to the frontiers to her soul”,amazing but i am angry with that bird.please send her to meπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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    1. The bird is cool. She inspired me Aruna. She sang of a love that is not in my reach.
      She made me realize, I can have everything, but without that special someone to share it with, well, it is empty.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment and rue reaction Aruna. I appreciate all of your wonderful words and support.

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      1. That is right like my most shining star on my sky of imagination🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠it throw its lovely light on my heart.i love that very much,my special friend!!

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              1. You are absolutely right that it would be more beautiful to share with someone special.can i see that bird.i think all birds inspire everybody with their sweet voice.i love very much all type of the birds.your bird reminds me the nightingale of Great Poet Keats.❀

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                    1. A frog can not take kisses from princess.you are not a frog,dear!! not me like a princess.you are my special friend and i can kiss you on your forehead,your palms,your eyes and you your hand and that pen by which you write many amazing verses.are my thoughts rights.after then,we will see-what does happen,my innocent dew.plz try to understand.

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                    2. Good night and sweet dreams.see me in your dreams and ask my age.if you can not tell your age,why i do tell you my age.plz tell me your age and show me your face.reply soon if you are not sleeping.with love.❀


                    3. Hey dew!!where are you?why have you not given answer of my question.?if you are elder than me,it is not big matter for me.if i am elder than you,it is too not big matter for me,because i never forget you.but what do you think about friendship on issues of ages.can age effects the friendship?dear dew!!plz reply.


                    4. By seeing you,by smiling you,by writing some verses and by wandering with you here and there holding the hands each other.by sleeping in your laps by hearing your sweet voice.okay.


                    5. Again go my lonely star.he knows very well about my waiting for him.i think that i have to convert myself in that bird who sings outside of his window a melancholy song.what is my luck which deceives me again and again.😏


                    6. Why do you not me your clear introduction?i think you are feeling some disturbance from my coming to NYC.Don’t worry dear dew!! I am not coming to you.here i am fine.right?


                    7. Good.like me.i too like my all students and they too like me.your daughter is most lucky to having such job.congratulate you lovely daughterπŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ’–

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              1. Don’t worry dear dew!!before coming to you,i will inform you.you say that you are not there,then where you will be ?i come to you like only a special friend,plz do all arrangement for my respect.perhaps i fear from American Culture and not want to be your beloved but only a special friend.hey dear dew!! I will cook there Indian meals.i think-you will like that very much.perhaps you can take your meat.are you agree?

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                  1. But,dear!!how will i full my stomach?for me,i will cook veg meals.you know-i don’t take non-veg.it is right to visit American wonderful place.yeah,one thing ,you will give me protection in all area of America and there’s society.may be my twins daughters are with me.

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                    1. Oh no.my innocent friend dew!! I cook only for me if you say then for you too.protection is necessary for woman.it is not meant from bodyguard.eventhough i am most brave and like adventures.you only will care me.

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                    2. You are so much kind and sweet,dear!! But i fear that you don’t like me because i am not beautiful and smart as American woman.will you like me as i am in real.dear dew!!

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                    3. My dear how can you say that?
                      That is not nice.
                      First, I love everyone.
                      I have dated women of all shapes, sizes and color.
                      i don’t worry about a woman’s appearance.
                      i seafrch for a good heart.


    1. Mick, you pointed out something that I debated. I was uncertain if the poem would flow with that shift frombird to me and back to the bird.
      I am very grateful for your thoughtful comment. It ressured my insecure poetic heart.
      Thank you so much.

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  3. “there can be no true happiness
    if I have everything
    except for you… ”
    This one is brimming with some lovely emotions .
    Gorgeous it is 😊😊

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  4. Beautiful and sad, but oh so true. The world and its endless wanderings are often a distraction to fill that void that only the love of your life can fill. At least it has been so for me. I’ve learned to be content in my loneliness, but it never quite satisfies. A good poem Drew. xoxo

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    1. Melissa you perfectly expressed my intent. There are so many things in life to distract and entertain us, but in the end, these moments are empyt if we are not sharing them with that special someone.

      Happy and flattered you like this. It speaks for all of us who are alone. Thank you for your kind words.
      One of these days that bird will be singing outside your window and who knows what can come after that bit of magic…..

      Thank you. So appreciate your beautiful thoughts. xoxo

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    1. Ah, there are eyes that make the universe seems small. Happy you liked this line. I loved it as well. Every one should look into a woman’s eyes and discover infinity.

      Thank you for your lovely words. They truly made me happoy and I am grateful for that.

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    1. You soooo get me. Thrilled by your words. They really make me happy. Sometimes all of the glories and beauty of life just isn’t the same if there isn’t someone there to share them with.

      Thanl you always for your gorgeous and thoughtful words. You are a gem.


  5. Drew, I am really sorry for being late. I read your magnificent poem in the morning. However, I had to deal with plenty of insanity today (ha!) and I did not want to comment before things calmed down.

    To your poem:
    You are joining the greatest poets ever. How wonderful you express the theme of unattainable love! What a gorgeous imagery runs through your verses! An alluring gondola speaks to us of the eternal ideal of love.
    What kind of sublime muse fated you to write this poem? What kind of angel inspired you?
    Oh, wait, you do have another eternal theme here: I have everything except you. “Tengo todo excepto a ti” πŸ™‚

    A breathing poem written by a great poet!

    Have a wonderful evening! May the magic of Venice speak to you tonight πŸ™‚


    1. Good morning G. No neded to apologize, I am flattered a great poet like you reads my work.

      Sorry about your insane day, I suspected you were having a trying day when I didn’t see any poetry on your blog
      yesterday morning. (Yes, me and my coffee are aware of your posting schedule.) LOL

      You are much too kind with your lavish praise. You humble me so.

      Flattered you enjoyed this little poem and I am thrilled by the themes you so beautifully described in your comments.
      Gondolas and galaxies were the images I used to express my thoughs of eternal love. So happy you touched up on it.
      Except for you……sigh….it just seemed to be the perfect finale for this poem.

      Guess I got a little lucky.

      Thank you for your glorious praise. I will be walking in the clouds today (perhaps, I can fly over Venice).

      Thank you for your gorgeous comments. I am truly grateful for your friendship, support, and inspiration.
      You made this a special day. Thanks.

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      1. Good afternoon Drew.
        You certainly deserve plenty of lavish praise. Your poem is magnificent.
        “Except for you……sigh….it just seemed to be the perfect finale for this poem.” You can’t undo it, Drew. When it comes to this particular poem it is the perfect finale πŸ™‚

        Flying over Venice? Take me with you. Between my sprinkles going off without any apparent reason and my cleaning lady’s vacuuming, my head hurts and any attempts to get a life seem hopeless πŸ™‚
        Nevertheless, I am determined to post tomorrow no matter what.

        Know again that it was a great pleasure to read your gorgeous poem and I am looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚

        Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with Venetian dreams πŸ™‚



        1. Thank you for all of your gorgeous words. My insecure poetic heart is eternally grateful.
          Tengo Todo Excepto a Ti are beautiful sentiments and a song that would have been appropriate for this post.
          We obviously have simialr playlists.

          You hopeless attempt to get a life…..well you breathed life into your words today with one of your best.
          You have an amazing talent; no doubt you can resurrect the dead.

          Smiling. Venetian dreams? Yeah, Venice is on my bucket list, but for now, I will have to settle for my Venetian blinds.
          Have an inspiring and peaceful weekend.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You are welcome, Drew. You deserve the praise. And thank you for your beautiful words re: my work. You know they mean a lot.

            “Yeah, Venice is on my bucket list, but for now, I will have to settle for my Venetian blinds.”
            Drew, those lines are extremely good. They are poetry. Think about.
            Wow, you are great.

            Wishing you a beautiful and restful weekend πŸ™‚

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  6. Good morning my Lonely Author,

    I have, I would say…a top 5 list of your poems that are my favourite. I won’t disclose it here, but you know the ones I mean.

    I think I now have to adjust that to a top 6 list because this is one of the most heartfelt pieces of writing I’ve ever read from you. Heartfelt doesn’t really begin to explain.

    The imagery of the little bird singing to you about endless love and infinite beauty to open the poem was perfect. There are many people who read poetry and interpret it the way it fits their own emotions or in a way that relates to them and makes them feel better about themselves and their own inner struggles, and that’s how it should be with poetry; the deeper it is the more easily it can be interpreted on a personal level- it is the mark of a great poem. And I think it would be easy for someone to read this poem and break it down to this being all parts of your inner world; so the bird and the woman she sings to you about and the beautiful “you” in the last stanza could all be parts of your own psyche and creativity and capacity to love and be loved. No doubt it could be interpreted in that way.
    Except it ISN’T that, I don’t think. I read this as one of your most personal poems ever, a true glimpse into the goings on of your heart where you speak of love and longing and romance. In my humble opinion, a sprinkling of vulnerability which adds so so much to your words. You must feel that in the reactions to your writing; they change dramatically when you write this way. It’s so lovely to read.

    Hope you’re sitting comfortably because I am nowhere near done.

    I’m delaying actually. How’s the weather there? Read any interesting articles lately?

    Okay, so…. perfect, soft and beautiful opening. Absolutely set the mood and your choice of words put everyone’s mind in the mood for music and beautiful love songs.

    Your second stanza, for someone like me who is entirely TOO emotional and sensitive just set off the tears. It doesn’t happen to me very often, but this whole stanza was so perfectly placed and I could feel the love the poet has for this ‘her’. It’s almost as though you know full well that talking of a woman’s eyes as stars and galaxies and adding a longing to explore her soul is exactly what a woman falling in love needs and wants to hear. Those are the deepest parts of her that hold so much truth and beauty, and that you listen to a songbird telling you to see those infinite parts of her make it all the more profound and true and so so effing romantic. I know, what a way with words I have lol. Even the word gondola..no one can read that word and not immediately have waves of soft images of romance floating through their thoughts. Perfect choice.

    So, I loved that you carried the imagery of the bird all the way through to the end; all I could see were skies of blue and orange and two people interlocking hands as they watch the skies go by. And then you just.. I don’t know..broke all the hearts that had been swelling with warmth and love and romance throughout the whole poem with those final words… As though lost in the love song the bird had been singing to you, you suddenly realise everything can be perfect around you but if you don’t have the one who holds your heart, there’ll always be a piece missing.
    It was incredibly moving. And the whole piece was beautifully balanced. There was a rhythmic feel to your words and each stanza flowed so well with such ease into the next, all leading up to the finale perfectly.

    Ending on the word “you”…


    That just.. finished me off.

    I am done now.

    I read this back to myself and realised I could have probably condensed this whole comment into a couple of lines of how it’s one of the most beautiful poems I’ve never read of yours, it took me through so many emotions, most of which had a good, hard grip on my heart and seeing this side of you in your poetry is a beautiful thing, a rare treat. A glimpse into something special and personal to you that you can only share in small, delicious sips.

    But you know me too well and I can’t just comment like that because I think I probably talk too much.




    I just remembered that I said I was in love with this poem.
    I could have left it at that!! That’s basically what I was saying ❀️


    1. A top list of my poems….I had no idea anyone would have a listof my poems in consideration. Thank you for this warm, gentle thought.
      It truly touches me.
      Flattered you felt my heart felt writing here. Very touched again.
      You blew my mind with your interpretation especially about my inner pyshce. Don’t go their girl, it could be frightening.
      It is funny how you break this and my feelings down. And while I purposely try to inject images with my metaphors.
      I try to pull heart strings with love and longing.

      The one thing I NEVER purpose try to write is vulnerability, and you always find it and point out when it shows up.
      Humbled that you read me so well. It is a humbling thing, You know.

      Weather? Showing signs of spring. Don’t care. Running to warmer shores.

      Gondolas and floating through thoughts of love. How perfect and inspiring right? That was my sentiment exactly.
      And why be with a woman if you don’t want to get lost in her eyes. Or reach the frontiers of her soul. What can
      be more exciting than that? I have no idea.

      Yes the missing piece that makes everything whole and beautiful. That was all the bird was singing about.
      Convincing me, everything without “you” is nothing.

      Don’t know if you have noticed so much of my poetry ends with you. Also love to end poems with the words
      poetry (and rhymes of poetry like infinity). But “you” without a doubt is my favorite word of all.

      Grateful and humbled that you think this was one of the most beautiful have ever written. Seriously, I am so touched.
      Replying to you with moist eyes. Buckle up Drew.

      This poem and that little white singing bird appreciate your love.
      This poet is grateful, too. Always

      Lonely Author . xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Such a sweet reply.
        Thank you for always taking time to respond to me.
        I probably shouldn’t have said anything about my list of favourite poems of yours, maybe delete those bits??

        It was one of your most beautiful poems.

        Thank you for paying such lovely attention to me in a sea of thousands of faces.



  7. The imagery in this poem had me spellbound. I was captivated and waiting to read how it would end, and as always you didn’t disappoint. In fact the ending words made it all the more beautiful. πŸ™‚


    1. Merci beaucoup d’avoir pris le temps de lire et de commenter. Vos mots m’ont rendu si heureux. Je suis flattΓ©e par vos belles paroles de soutien. Je vous remercie.
      Toutes mes excuses pour ma grammaire, j’ai utilisΓ© Google pour traduire pour moi. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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