You are the elegance of a whisper
The deep longing in my verse
The passion of a first kiss
The crescendo of a sigh

You are a garden of fantasies
An arrangement of dreams
The bloom of my smile
A bouquet of sunsets

You are the reason I breathe
The exhale of my balladry
You are a sonnet of love
A scent of poetry

290 thoughts on “you

    1. Veery flattered and sefriously so happy. Keeping it fresh can be difficult, but for me, a man not currently in love with anyone, well, that was of a challenge.

      Delighted that you appreciated this poem. Thankful for your words and read.


  1. The crescendo of a sigh – incredible way of using words – I thought. And then the entire poem became an incredible feeling and experience.

    you make poetry
    into a feeling
    and an experience
    a beautiful one.

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      1. The pleasure is absolutely mine. You words are really profound and it is a delight to read your beautiful poetry. I am glad my words made you smile. Keep smiling and stay blessed.

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  2. Very nice very lovely. My day was well spent and although being locked out of my motel while it was still dark outside, I talked to a lot of people today. With the buses and walking around, I can say I sufficiently wore myself out. But to wake up to the poem was a beautiful ending to a lovely day. Thanks for posting it. And I’m so so wore out that I can scarcely keep my eyes open even after a nap!

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  3. Oh my my my I so so so love this Andrew. I was just telling mister brain freeze while i was talking to him over the phone right now to read this poem . I so wish i could write like you . This was absolutely beautiful , no other words ❀️❀️❀️😍


    1. Sona this is one of the most beautiful comments I have ever received. I am so touched.
      You and Roy have been wonderful supporters. And the two of you have often lifted my
      spirits during times when I so needed it. For that I will always be grateful.

      Thankl you for these beautiful words. They mean so much.

      Apologies for my late response. Thank you.


  4. The crescendo of a sigh, The reason that I breathe!! Two breath taking statements indeed that leaves one waiting to exhale my friend. I love the arrangement of dreams also, the words you choose to put together in this garden of graciousness is incredible and to describe someone in such a light can illuminate the heart and soul my friend. Amazing work indeed!🌹🌹


    1. Humbled by your words Roy. I have been working so hard to be very selective over every single word I choose.
      So your words make me so happy. Your comments are always a thrill.

      Apologies for all of my late replies. Tonight, I finally caught up with my messages.
      Be well my friend.

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      1. I can tell you are selective, careful and to the heart with your words because they touch people my dear friend, your art is always a gift to receive.
        No apologies needed for the late replies my friend, your responded and that’s what matters. You may be late but you are worth the wait my friend. Be well.🌹


  5. “The crescendo of a sigh”
    Oh my, my, my!
    Thank God for your poetry – it adds to reasons for living life!
    There are lines in this that are poetry in themselves. Magical, Mesmerising!


  6. I have been away and have missed so much. Your news is so happy and I’m happy for you. It’s so good to read your poetry again. Happy Belated Birthday. Yours isn’t far from mine. Aries are awesome people. Every person in my household is an Aries. We have some interesting and firey conversations sometimes and everyone has an opinion. *smile* This poem is lovely. I know this is a chatty comment but I have only come back to several posts. Feel free to read and delete it. Best always, dear Drew. β™₯.


  7. Lucky you had a passionate first kiss – all I received was too much of just too much! πŸ˜ͺ

    This one has all the pretty pink vibes of a fairytale. I love it.


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