déjà vu

déjà vu

it’s happening again
I awakened to the overture
of a familiar verse
as vivid as a reocurring dream
radiant rays of words
came in waves
blessing every pulse
of my dawnless heart
with resuscitating poetry

basking in the beautiful warmth
of a never ending déjà vu
today I fell in love
again and again
when a poem
reminded me of you

208 thoughts on “déjà vu

  1. Resuscitating poetry, dawnless heart, vivid recurring dreams, radiant waves, falling in love…. All such beautifully stunning images. I think I may have stopped breathing for a second, but luckily these words knew CPR.

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                  1. Okay… Just making sure.

                    I am trying to be good and not gush too much and make a fool of myself with all my silly words and innuendoes and make you respond to all my ridiculous blabbing.
                    I know you’re a busy Lonely Author.

                    So your beautiful poem…
                    The way you chose your words so carefully and placed them just right in the first stanza, I was so impressed with you. That feeling of wonderful repetition of a beautiful sensation, the overture and a recurring dream. You set the mood and then I was smiling and smiling when I read, “…came in waves, blessing every pulse of my dawnless heart”.
                    I mean, it’s so sweetly accurate in its description; anyone who is in love knows exactly what you mean here. Waves and pulse…perfect. So poetic. And resuscitating poetry…I know that feeling.

                    But for me your final stanza was so touching and kissable.
                    If you’re lucky enough to find the person who can make you fall in love with them again again just from the slightest hint of a memory or a love poem, then what more could you want.

                    This was deep and rich with emotions, more so than ever I think.

                    I loved it so much.



                    1. Funny you mention the word selection and placement in the first stanza. It feels as if you are a mind readeror a fortune teller.
                      The entire came quickly to me. But the first stanza took plenty of editing. I wanted this to be a poem about a man reading a poem
                      and finding images of “her” in every line, word, and metaphor. He finds so much beauty in the poem it can only remind him of one
                      thing – her. And he feels as if he is experiencing dèjá vu.

                      Our commentsw about the wondefful repitiion od the beautiful sensation so accurately express the feeling I was shooting for.

                      Your final paragraph discussing my final stanza. Very touching. I am humbled aand grateful.

                      Very hapopy you loved this. I feel as if I am on a little poetic roll. Never felt this way in my life, I hope I can mantain
                      this wonderful feeling of creativity and love.

                      Thank you for all of your beautiful words. They are treasures here.

                      Lonely Author . xoxoxo

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                    2. Your poem read exactly that way to me.
                      I know exactly what you wanted to convey and it came through, trust me xxx

                      I saw the care and precision and the perfectionist in you in your word choice.
                      I’m not a mind reader (I don’t think) but you know I have little moments of sensing things. Won’t get into the details lol but you know.

                      Ok, sprinkled some some sweet firey fire on you, and now exiting the room

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          1. To write a wonderful poem,some wounds in heart are necessary for writing the wonderful poem.i love the pain in my heart, dear dew!! Do you agree with my statement?plz reply.


      1. I Am Sooooo Happy for you, Drew! You deserve every bit of this happiness. Can’t wait to hear what comes next. Even if its just plain ol status quo living in the sun. Kiss the ocean and hug a palm tree for me…often!! 🌊 🏝❤️


    1. Oh, I am feeling so inspired with all this sunshine and these palm trees. I feel like I am in heaven.
      And you know what, the traffic is nothing like New York or Miami. I am in love with this place.
      Thank you for your lovely words. I hope you are well.

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  2. Lovely and happy to see again on the blog.you know that memory is stubborn.wherever you go it will go with you like your shadow.hope that hemisphere of Florida will be best for you. Buy your poetic heart is in that situation as in NYC.wonderful lines”basking in wonderful warmth of a never ending dèjà vu…….”Florida is too inspiring you.Weldon.with all blessings.

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    1. Aruna, how are you my dear friend. Happy you liked this poem. The beautiful thing about poetry is a poem can have different interpretations for different people.
      For me, this was all about a poem reminding a person of a special person. Someone we love over and over again.
      Yes, Florida is inspiring me. I feel poems coming to me. Hopefully, I will be able to write beautiful things for my readers to enjoy.

      Thank you for all of your kind wishes and words. They are greatly appreciated.


      1. Wow.a spcial person is given you by Florida.happy to hear this.your feeling is right.sometimes,poems reach to poet automatically.beautiful experience.bless you you,my friend dear dew and always welcome.


                  1. Yeah.dèjà vu is wonderful and beautiful words.for that you are always welcome,my dear,friend dew of dèjà vu!!🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

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          1. But ,my special dear friend!! I want some special one beloved and mosr devoted women in your life for disturbing your loneliness.if it happens then she will be my close friend and i will love her more than you.😘😘😘😘😘


    1. That is exactly how love should be. Falling for the same person over and over again.
      It feels great to finally be back. Still no0t settled in here (waiting for my things to arrive from New York), but I am so happy.

      Thrilled by your reaction to my little poem. Very happy you liked it. Thank you for your kind words. Great to hear from you.

      I will be catching up with you very soon.

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      1. You’re welcome. Hopefully you get settled in soon. I myself will be moving (just across town) in June and am already sure I won’t have everything packed and ready in time.


  3. Drew, this is as exquisite as a poem can get. The metaphors are splendid and they pour out of it slowly like a murmured fairy-tale. You make poetry the language of love.
    “basking in the beautiful warmth
    of a never ending déjà vu
    today I fell in love
    again and again”
    There are no regrets and no pain here. Only a gorgeous, vivid reoccurring dream: the touch of a verse, the realm of the forever dream, the blessing.
    What a beautiful come back, after 3 weeks or so!
    First I did not want to say this but I guess I am going to say it. It reminded me when I first read it yesterday of
    “Today I started lovin’ you again
    And I’m right back where I’ve really always been
    I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend
    Then today I started loving you again”
    It made me listen to the song. Of course, the song is very painful. On the other hand your poem feels to me like a soft magnificent re-linking to eternal of love.

    It’s a masterpiece. It’s remarkable.

    Have a beautiful evening in Orlando, Drew. Make your evening as gorgeous as your poem.

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    1. Oh, G, you always make me feel so good about my poetry. You are always so sweet, kind, and encouraging. You words reassure me rust didn’t set in during my three week absence.

      That song, oh that song is painful and terribly sad. Happy you pointed out my poem was different. Wouldn’t want to depress you or anbyone else. lol

      No there are no regrets or pain. For me this was about a man falling in love with a poem that reminded him of “her.” The beautiful words of the verse, the feelings it gave him, it all reminded him of that special someone.

      “Masterpiece.” Much too generous my dear.
      Trust me, I am “trying hard” to be a better poet. Once I learn to write every line with my heart (like you do), well, then I will be happy poet.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, wishes, and interpretation. It means so much to me Gabriela.

      Thank you.

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      1. “Happy you pointed out my poem was different”
        Yes, it is different. Yet both are classic. Your poem is a masterpiece. Your writing is so elegant and mesmerizing, Drew.
        ” For me this was about a man falling in love with a poem that reminded him of “her.” The beautiful words of the verse, the feelings it gave him, it all reminded him of that special someone.” That fascinates me. It really does.

        Say hello for me to the Florida palm trees 🙂
        Looking forward to your Thursday post 🙂

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    1. Smiling over here. Sona, you grasped the true meaning that I intended when I wrote this poem.
      The beauty of the verses, the meaning, the things this poem made him feel….it all reminded him
      of her.
      Thank you for reading me so well. I am flattered and grateful.
      Thank you so much

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  4. By the way, I was just teasing about being your neighbor. If I ever move anywhere tropical again, I would love to return to my beloved island of Hawaii. Blessings on you and I hope your new life is all that you hoped it would be and more. x


    1. You are more than welcome to be my neighbor. The sunshine and palm trees will inspire you and fill your lovely heart
      with smiles. It has been doing exactly that to me.Thank you for your super kind words and beautiful wishes.
      They mean a lot.

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    1. Words fail to express my happiness. This was the best decision have ever made.

      And your compliments,…..made me sigh. Thank you. Happy you liked my little poem.
      You come to my blog and leave these treasure here. I am so touched.
      Thank you Miriam

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    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      Honestly, if you are new to blogging let me give you a little advice. This is no way to grow your blog.
      Don’t know if you have noticed, but I have over 7,500 followers. I never put a message like this on any blog.
      I don’t plead with anyone to follow me. You shouldn’t do it either.

      Now you just lost the opportunity to get more followers. When a person leaves a good comment on a big blog,
      others will read it. And some of those people will follow you without you asking.

      Blogging is about making connecvtions with people. If your not interested in makming friends, then you
      shouldn’t be blogging.

      Best of luck with your blog.


      1. Thanks for the advice. Yes I’m new to blogging. I’ll keep it in mind and it’s ok if people like what I write they’ll follow me otherwise I would have a blog without any friends. Seriously thanks 😊


      1. Wow I agree!
        What a blessing to live near any body of water 😀
        I am a sun and water girl – it’s in my soul 😉
        And I agree – it’s so nice to know you 😊
        We’d be great friends in the same space..

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