she knits her verses
into my heart
with melancholy thread
forever words
entwined in every chamber
which no palpitation can unstring

inhaling her poems
I exhale the metaphors she weaves
she is the falsetto of my sigh
the muse who resuscitates
for she writes the poetry
that I breathe

251 thoughts on “breathe

  1. My dear friend !! All lines are so much lovely .specially”i exhale metaphor she weaves she is the falsetto of my sigh.the muse resuscitate for she write poetry that i breath”amazing lines and a touch of your Orlando😊” her versisnito with melancholy thread forever words entwined in every chamber……”wonderful using the metaphor like shining much lucky your muse.marvellous,dear!!

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    1. You are very kind Aruna. I am so happy you liked my poem. You mentoned some of the lines that were my favorite too.
      To find and breathe beautiful poetry…..sigh.
      Such a wonderful feeling.

      How are you?


      1. Fine,my dear dew!!hope-your days are passing in wonderful experiences.reeally your poem is gorgeous and a masterpiece.your way of long …..sigh is most beautiful in all poem like to be alive the heart,dear!! Have a sunshine day and warmth feelings in your heart💕💕💕💕bless you and your unseen muse…….uff….sigh.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


      2. Hey dear dew!!why you not see my post and not too comment?are my all posts worst type.i am aruna,dear!!not like the lonely are special and amazing poet but i am are a star and i am only asteroid.bad luck i have.nobody asks me.


    1. Laughing because my things from New York arrived yesterday, so my work is not done. I will have to try to blog through it.
      Thank you for your warm welcome and kind words. It made me happy, Almost made me forget the clutter around me.
      Thank you so much

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    1. What a wonderful comment. I will remember this for a long time to come. Thank you for always leaving your amazing imprints on blog.
      You are truly a great blogger. Thank you. You make me feel so lucky.


  2. Morning my Lonely Author,

    Breathe is one of my favourite words to use in poems. (And one of my favourite things to do I should add, although breathing becomes an issue when reading you so…some kind of beautiful irony there somewhere) I love that it is your title.

    I love when you get all flowing and metaphor-y. It’s so heart stopping. You speak of her so gently and tenderly as she delicately knits her melancholy thread into your heart…a melancholy thread is an  unbelievably inspired phrase, what a stunning image you selected or maybe it selected you. I love to think of things that way. That the poetry we write finds US rather than WE find the right words. It’s more magical that way. Don’t you feel that sometimes?  You’re being guided to write by some kind of inspiration separate from yourself but somehow completely a part of you and your poetic soul? I feel that way all the time.  And lately I read you and I get the same feeling.

    So. “Forever words”. I mean…damn baby as my American friends say, lol.

    It’s a tiny little phrase but with oceans and waves of depth and meaning.  I love forever words. I could probably live on them if they had calories. And that no palpitations could unstring …I don’t even…how did you softly pull that out your heart, I don’t know.  I am crushing a little (yeah, big shock there)

    Literally took a huge sigh before I began this sentence. ..The last stanza; what I loved the most I think was that it embodied your title and then…THEN you slipped in the word weave which called back to the melancholy thread that is entwined in your heart in the beginning. It is 6 lines of pure love and the cycle of perpetual inspiration you’ve written about before…you inhale her poetry and exhale your own metaphors. ..It’s the perfect way to depict the way special words and poetry touch us so so deeply and we are powerless against it as it makes us write and write our own poems.

    Poetry such as yours , I hope you know.

    The “falsetto of your sigh” made me feel as though the breath and sighs of both are inextricably woven together, making one breath. It also reminded me of singing which…you know how I get about that

    And then the last two lines…sigh, (hey look I held it together and managed to get to the end of my comment still in one piece) a whisper of the power of your muse over you and then ending it the way you did with the word breathe that is the essence of our life force…god sakes. Hearting this so deeply

    So. Effing. Romantic.

    You’ve been given the gift of poetry and it is loved and adored.



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    1. Good morning Fiery,
      Thank you for your alwayus incredible comments. First the original title was “her words,” but it didn’t feel right. I read and rerread the poem, then it became obvious to this mental midget that breathe was the only fitting title. I agree wit you about the poems finding us, that goes for titles too, especially in this case.

      I like that idea of poems finding us. It is a sensation I began to experience several months ago. And in this year, I have come to let words and idea flow inside of me like I never have before. A very enlightening experience. Trusting one’s heart and soul.

      Melancholy threads, forver words, falsetto of my sigh, and palpitations can unstring. They all came to me as you described. Effortlessly. They flowed in me, as if I was not writing it.

      Love how you described the cycle of respiration between muse and poet. Her words inspire. I thought the inhlae/exhale was perfect.

      Yes the second stanza was my favorite. Of course you know by now, the ladt two lines were written first, followed by the rest of the second stanza.
      I am touched by your words. I never thought I could touch anyone with my poetry. The things you say about being powerless…..Honored, flattered, and flabergasted. (Hope I spelled that right). You have read all of my poetry, and you know I have come a long way.

      The essence of my life force….her words.

      Beautiful comments, breakdown, and reactions. Thank you for your amazing praise. Your warms connections to what I write.

      You make me feel special and lucky.

      Thank you always

      Lonely Author . xo

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      1. You’re so sweet. How you always end up complimenting my comments is so cute and very funny . I only say what I feel. Not ALL of what I feel. But most of it lol.

        You were right to go with this title. The other one would have taken away from this something fundamental .
        Mental midget. If you were, I wouldn’t be able to connect with you the way we do. You’re far from it. Your mind is one of your best qualities.
        ONE of.
        Calm your bum down.
        Love that your poetry flows through you.
        It was always meant to be that way, you should know that.
        You touch so SO many people with your poetry. It’s a given now. You can’t doubt it anymore, you are showered with genuine heartfelt praise for everything you write here and deservedly so. It’s something about relatable and genuine, genuine emotions you convey that touches people and me included. You have come along way. Of course. I have witnessed it up close and it’s amazing. It’s clear that you are newly inspired and filled with something warm and beautiful and it is guiding towards something important, for sure. You’ll know what this when it reaches you and you’ll remember my words here today.
        Bit emotional now actually. The essence of your life force…her words. Spouting more poetry spontaneously in your reply to me are we? Love it and I would give that sentence a kiss if I could.

        Okay you did spell flabbergasted with one b but I forgive you because you are terribly charming and disarming lol

        Look. I write a lot about your poems. An eff load. No secret around here.
        It’s all true, I mean every word. I wrote exactly what I think and feel when I read you. You deserve it and much much more. Powerlessness is a welcome sensation in the face of such gorgeous inspiration
        You are special.
        Love always


        1. Yes, this title was more fitting.

          I know you have read all my posts and witnessed the evolution. I am grateful for your amazing support.
          Surprised you made it past my older poems. I think I hasve discussed this with you before, there are
          three eras of poetry on my blog. My original poetry that maybe was sweet, but it was two dimensional.
          Then came the N period. Which was better, but lacking real heart and soul. hen, there is the now
          period which started sometime in the fall when I started to be influenced and inspired by my fictional muse.
          Now, I write with no inhibitions.

          You make me feel special.

          Thank you or your warm words, suppoort, and encouragement. Your are a true friend, a wonderful blogger, and
          a treasure.


          Lonely Author . xoxo

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          1. Trying to lessen your comment load by keeping things short and sweet.
            I know you’re swamped. X

            You will always have all of those sweet warm things from me

            Ah. You’re fictional muse.
            Never ever let go of her

            Love always,

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    1. Your beautiful comment made me smile. Your choosing that particular line….gives me the impression
      you know more about poetry than you think. A little secret – it was my favorite line of the poem.
      It was poetic and so full of meaning.

      I am so grateful that you shared lovely thoughts. Thank you for your kind read and words.

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    1. Grateful for your kind words. Happy you liked my little poem.
      Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts.
      I appreciate your kindness.

      Just read a poem you recently wrote. Wow. It was beautiful.
      Be well. Stay inspired.

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  3. Every line is so exquisite, I’m having a hard time picking the one that stands out for me, but maybe this is my favorite:I inhale the metaphors she weaves. Or maybe this one: She knits her verses into my heart with melancholy thread. Maybe just the entire poem. Yeah, the entire poem – exquisite.

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    1. Giggling like a fool here. Thank you for this beautiful comment.
      Your appreciation and your words fill me with so much joy.
      Thank you for your amazing support. You make me feel blessed.
      Thank you


  4. Good to see you breathing again, my friend. Let the verse flow.

    Good to see your muse back in your life again ( “the muse who resuscitates
    for she writes the poetry
    that I breathe).

    But seriously, how can one breathe with that dress on😊

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    1. Linda, how are you? I am buried in boxes and disorder. My stuff just arrived Thursday. I will be getting to your beautiful posts soon. wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and support. Like a treasure, you are always appreciated.

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    1. Melissa, I am touched by your words. Thank you so much. I am thrilled that youi liked it.

      How are you?
      I am sorting my life out. Digging my way out of boxes. (My stuff finally arrived Thursday). I will get to your blog and other comments you posted here,
      Don’t know why,. but I feel like I have known you a long time. Be well my friend.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. xoxo

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      1. Moving is always hard.. I would know, I’ve done it more times than I want to count. I will be moving back to the States in less than two weeks. Back to the Logan, Utah area. That’s where my sister and Dad are. As to feeling like you have known me a long time…maybe you have. Maybe we knew each other before we came to earth. Some friendships are meant to be. Xxx

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          1. I have mixed feelings about going home. I love England with all it’s beauties, but I miss my family. And whether I like it or not, I must return as my 6 month tourist visa is up. My work is online, so I can travel with it…like you. 🙂 It won’t be complicated. Two big suitcases and a carry-on and my two pillows. Yes, I’m taking my pillows with me because they are the best pillows I’ve ever owned and they will have to bury me with them. I may even write a poem about them someday. LOL! 😀 Sending kisses and hugs and I hope you get a chance to go in and read my most recent posts. xxx


            1. I thought I already answered this message. My blog has been responding so strangely.

              Great thing when we can take our work with us. It adds a sweet touch of indepence to one’s life.
              So your move will be easy. Now, it is up to your heart and soul to accept the transition.
              Well, at least your going home.

              I will be getting to your posts soon.

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  5. Ah, Drew, what an exceptional poem. Breathing poetry… splendid metaphor. Lyrical, not in form but in substance. There is shining part here, and a hidden one which haunts me. Perhaps because our human souls, like the moon, have always a shining part and a hidden one.
    Poetry which resuscitates; another gorgeous metaphor. …and the splendid castle of melancholy.

    Exquisite work Drew; masterpiece; impossible to touch, for nobody can touch a sigh. You are the creator of that which cannot be touched. You are a magician.

    May you have a gorgeous night. Sending you a lily and a rose (the symbols of the Magician) 🙂

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    1. Smiling over here. Lily and a rose. Adding them to my symbolism list.

      You words thrill me and soothe my poetic soul.
      There are poems which simply need to be inhaled like a fragrance.

      Honestly, your comments always motivate and inspire. The thought of our souls having a hidden side like the moon is beautiful. My mind is playing with this fascinating thought.

      Nobody can touch a sigh…..
      You are so sweet and kind.

      Thank you for your wonderful comments and support. They are rays of sunshine.

      Now, I must conjure up something for Monday, while I sort through boxes.
      Thank you.

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      1. My pleasure, Drew. You can have the two sides of the moon. I am keeping the lily and the rose for my next post 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words on my comments.

        I hate sorting through boxes. My cat loves boxes 🙂
        Have a wonderful afternoon.

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    1. I will get to his comment soon. My relocation has kept me so busy, messages have been piling up in my dashboard.
      Thank you for your message. All comments will be respected and replied to shortly.

      Hope you are doing well.

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      1. Hi, yes, I’m sure. Moving cities is so full of… well, many things. I am envious of the sunshine and warmth. I hope that you have had the time to swim and soak in the delicious vitamin D.

        I am moving soon too, for a few months while my house is renovated. I don’t know if I’m more excited or anxious about it. There are many things that can go wrong in a 100 year old villa!

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  6. A muse who can resuscitate with her poetry has to be extra special! This is beautiful, Andrew.
    I think your spam folder considers my comments food for its voracious appetite ! It gobbles them up before you have a chance to glance at them! 🙂


  7. As always Drew this is yet another of your really romantic poem..i love your poems and i must also commend your followers…i am enjoying their comments here as well..

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    1. Well, first, I thank you for my followers. I am a lucky man to have the great friends that I have.
      I don’t take it for granted not even for a moment.

      Delighted you liked my poem. And grateful for your words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      I appreciate your kindness.

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    1. Every so often I get all romantic and very lucky with my words. This must be one of those cases.
      Seriously, I was very inspired to write this. Thus, your beautiful comment made me so happy.
      Thank you for your amazing support. You are a treasure.

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