never meant to be

never meant to be

we lay on a lonesome beach
tides shift between reality and fantasy
red lips kiss the yesterday we never had
as we dream of eternity
fireflies illuminate the night
forming horoscopes
foretelling no promises of tomorrow

our eyes express
things our mouths will never see
the moonless sky torments
our love is an unborn child
who was never meant to be

278 thoughts on “never meant to be

  1. I found your poem interesting. I really don’t want to deconstruct it – I’m also just glad to see you back here, doing what you do so well, and with so much enjoyment. Playing with your muse and sometimes whatever comes, comes. And sometimes. It doesn’t, but it’s always a fun fascination, an experience to remember. I like not knowing what a poem means to the author.


    1. Fascinating comment. Most times, I like to relish in my own interpretation of a poet’s work.
      A poem can have its own personal beauty for every person who read it. It all depends on how we
      relate to the words.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate your kind words.
      Be well.

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    1. Smiling. A person needs to have the money saved to facilitate the move.
      Then, I did about 4 months of research to know what area I wanted to live in.
      It was a lot of work by computer to be honest.


  2. Now this is my favourite! LOVE! You had me at this line… (though the whole poem is wondeerful)
    fireflies illuminate the night
    forming horoscopes
    foretelling no promises of tomorrow

    So powerful and true. I’ve experienced this feeling before. Almost as though it’s meant to be but in reality it won’t happen.


    1. LauraJ, I am humbled by your beautiful words. And thrilled that you loved this poem.
      I had to draw upon past experience of pasts loves that just weren’t meant to be to write this one.

      Most readers fell in love with the sad ending, but those firefly lines were my favorite as well.
      Thank you for this gorgeous comment. It is a treasure.

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  3. This is so sad! Why are you writing this?! It hurts bec I can relate! And they (the two in the photo) look like they’re having a really steamy relationship there tho.


    1. Yeah, I chose that image because he was fading between reality and fantasy. The image was his fantasy.
      Of course, as you say this was so sad, becuase he realizes it was never meant to be.

      Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts. So happy you enjoyed the poem.
      Thank you.

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    1. No, I didn’t make the move for a relationship.
      New York was too much partying and interruptions. I had to run away to find peace to write. And honestly, I am embracing my loneliness now, because it gives me time to work on my novels.

      Thank you for reading. I appreciate your words.

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        1. Give me a hint. I have three completed that I will market. One in progress which I believe may be my break through.
          And two screenplays that I am marketing to Hollywood. I needed to find peace to get serious about my goals.

          Please tell me your hint. I am open to suggestions.

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  4. very touching, very beautiful…..too bad I can’t look like her….Oh wait, I’m getting a new body someday! Yea! Have you written this for someone specail….or is it just out of your head….a fictational woman in mind?…..Sorry about your wife. I like your poetry so I’m back (but using my other name. I don’t want to be Quiet any longer)…..that wallflower persona.


    1. You should never remain silent. Always feel free to express yourself.
      Fictional woman, Yes. I let music inspire me. Not sure how I was able to
      write something so sad when I am feeling so happy.
      But I am learning not to question my creativity.

      Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate the kindness.


    1. That is very much the feeling of this poem. You words made me smile.
      Happy and flattered that you enjoyed my little poem.
      Grateful you shared your thoughte with me.
      Thank you for your kindness and support.


        1. You should do it. I find it is a simple and creative way to try to keep things fresh for me,
          Just posting poetry can be a little dull after a while.
          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Best of luck with sharing your thoughts,


  5. When you’ve been there in the darkness of hurt, done that and finally able to bask in the sunshine, the hidden facets still come to light like shining prisms of sharp reminders, in the clear light of day. The forecast is not in favor.

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  6. I know you are an incredibly busy man, but i have missed your comments. I hope all is well on your end. Oddly enough, this poem just turned up in my notifications, though i know it was published a while ago. Strange. Maybe my own blog is acting weird.
    Loving someone from afar, someone we can never have…one of the most difficult and lonely feelings in the world. And unfortunately, for romantics, more common than we want to admit. Sending a hug my lonely author friend xoxo

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    1. All is very well. Thank you so much for your beautiful concern.

      Melissa, i am so touched by the way you read me. This posted last week, so honestly, I don’t remember all of the comments, but you truly captured my thoughts while writing this. Love from a far can be excrutiating. It is a very lonely feeling as you said. Then, when you add the possibility that they may never met……well
      it is hurtful. And as you stated us romantics, probably suffer from this more than most.

      Thank you for your gorgeous comments. They are always appreciated. Any other comments you have left on my blog should be answered sometime today.

      You were several hours ahead of me, now you are a few behind me?

      Hoping you are doing well. Thanks for reading me so faithfully. I so appreciate you. Thank you for your kind words.
      Big hugs. xoxoxo

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      1. Yes, I’m 2 hours behind Florida. And you’re welcome. Reading your work is always a pleasure for me…and I truly mean that. Thank you for faithfully reading my posts, too. It really means a lot to me. Hugs and kisses xoxo

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    1. You have touched me so deeply with your beautiful words. I am humbled by this message. Never have been confident about my poetry, so this make me feel very good.

      Thank you for this gorgeous comment. From the bottom of my heartr I thank you so so much.

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