never meant to be

never meant to be

we lay on a lonesome beach
tides shift between reality and fantasy
red lips kiss the yesterday we never had
as we dream of eternity
fireflies illuminate the night
forming horoscopes
foretelling no promises of tomorrow

our eyes express
things our mouths will never see
the moonless sky torments
our love is an unborn child
who was never meant to be

278 thoughts on “never meant to be

    1. I am laughing here because I was about to reply any relationship with me better be steamy.

      My real answer is this. That image is the fanatasy in his mind. The beauty, hotness, and love he wishes he had with her. But as it said, it was never meant to be.

      This was a very sad write. Don’t know where it came from because I have never been happier in my life. So that is a paradox.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I am happy to read your words and quite flattered too. Thank you for your wondefrful support.

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      1. I had the exact same impression as Brad in relation to the tone of the poem and hotness of the image. I’m glad you’re in a good place, Andrew. The poem is quite touching and melancholy. Funny where the muse takes us.


  1. Sometimes, I think, those things that are never meant to be are perfectly scattered throughout life to remind us how rich life can be. To keep us moving on to find those things that are meant to be…and hopefully we don’t screw it up ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Funny that I shiould write one of my saddest poems during this period where I am bursting with happiness.
      Should the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred it can be quite evocative and perhaps dangerous.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment.
      I am going through my email notifications. Have you stopped posting?

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  2. Reading this reminds me of a relationship I was in and we split for this same reason. The best way to describe the feeling is like Cupid played a cruel trick on the both of us – shooting someone we could never really have.

    “tides shift between reality and fantasy
    red lips kiss the yesterday we never had
    as we dream of eternity
    fireflies illuminate the night
    forming horoscopes
    foretelling no promises of tomorrow”

    This part hit home for me the most because it’s like feeling pleasure and pain. The pleasure from fantasizing of the future desired… the pain from the harsh reality written by those fireflies giving signs to not get too caught up on the dream. It’s one of the worst feelings ever – our hearts constantly being in the middle of a fight between our wishes and the bitter reality that what we wish to hold cannot be held.

    Really feel your heart in this one, Sir A. Beautifully written, my friend.


    1. Okay, so who let you in my head? ou read this so perfectly. Even the harsh message from the fireflies.
      Really I should share this blog with you.
      Pleasure and pain, reality and fantasy, You grasped my themes so well and made them your own with your comments.
      Sorry, you ever felt this.
      You truly amaze me Lady B.
      Hey, when you are famous, let’s write a love song together,
      Thank you.

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      1. I have no idea how I got in your head, Sir A. I think I wandered off looking at those fireflies you wrote about and got lost. Lol.

        You are handling your blog just fine without me, my friend. I could never, ever handle what you do! I’ll just stay on my couch and observe the master.

        It’s an awful feeling to feel, but it happened, it’s over and it was for the best. At least I learned that my heart was not closed like I thought.

        Aww you would write a love song with me if I was famous?? That’s so sweet. You got yourself a deal. I may need the help, ’cause I suck at love songs and love poems. Lol.

        You’re very welcome, my dear friend. It’s always a pleasure reading your amazing words.


  3. To me, one of the signatures of your writing is that every line is so individually beautiful – yet also an integral part of the striking and breathtaking whole. As well as the sigh-inducing romance, of course!!

    This poem is so mournful, of the love that is so true and so real but an intangible fantasy. Love this.


    1. This is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said about my writing. I am touched and humbled by your words.
      Since I am always unsure ab out my poetry, comments like this give me the courage to take risks and let my heart
      rule my words.

      Your little synposis “This poem is so mournful, of the love that is so true and so real but an intangible fantasy.”
      Grateful you see it that way. I feel you have read this so well; almost as if you were in my head.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am honored by your beautiful comment. Thank you.

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      1. Your head would be a pretty magnificent place to be I imagine, if only I could climb in, perhaps I would get some inspiration! It surprises me you have doubts about your poetic prowess when your poems are clearly so well and widely loved, and they seem to flow from you so well. Please take risks and let your heart rule your words- the results are so beautiful. I wish to take this advice also, but easier said than done. Wishes of everything to you.


        1. Haha . My head is an amusement park of surprises.

          As for your generous praise, I am humbled. Thank you for saying the things you said.
          It has taken me a long time to learn to write from some place deeper inside of me.
          So for you to say such beautiful things to me, well, I am touched and humbled.

          Very grateful for your words. Thank you for making this a special evening for me.

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    1. I loved those lines myself. It was the last piece to the poem. You caslled it “pensive sadness.” I really like that term. And it was what I intended.
      Thank you for your deep, thoughtful words.
      I am flattered by them. Always appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

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  4. The depth of this is far reaching. So many levels of interpretation and feeling. But it all comes back to the ‘never meant to be’, the never was and never will be. This can be read over and over and it will take you to so many different thoughts. Everything we hope our written words will do.

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              1. Good morning my Lonely Author

                You don’t have to approve this comment because I am going to say a lot and I don’t want to drown your comments section in my words lol.ย  I know you always want to respond to everything I say and it takes up your time so feel free to just read this for your own pleasure. I really want you to know what I thought and felt about this.

                If youย  are going to approve it probably get rid of all the above bits. Or keep them in for amusement purposes.

                You know what, it’s your blog, do whatever you want! God I do go on.

                The pain and longing you put into this was unbearable (title of half a poem I have waiting to be finished by the way).

                I have never read anything so painful ever. It stayed with me all day yesterday, and I think you should know that poetry that does that to people is powerful. Look at all the comments before me. It’s undeniable.

                It reads like a dream, full of symbols and signs to be interpreted, and the shifting tides between reality and fantasy perfectly express that. Caught between those two existences can be intoxicating and it can wreck you all at once.

                I told you a few days ago that no one does longing like you . And then you write this and even you you outdid yourself here. I was literally speechless about his poem for a whole day. I cried many many tears when I read this and there isn’t any poetry any where I know that can elicit visceral reactions from me the way you do. I was broken apart after this, which I attribute not only to your deeply touching poetry but to our little connection, too.

                The subtle sensuality of red lips kissing a prelude that may never have a second act in an eternity that awaits was magical. Or just magic. Even the opening of the poem, it places the seed of love making in the minds of your reader. It is the epilogue of perfect connection and perhaps the prelude to painful love.

                The romance of an achingly tender and loving moment in the patterns of fireflies as the portentous stars, speaks to something in any romantic who happens to luckily stumble across your poetry. Searching for meanings in our stars, sometimes they foretell a meant to be…In your vision it was the never meant to me. I hope you realise the power those words hold over any heart in love. No promises of tomorrow…felt as though hopelessness had gripped you and that line poured from the hold it had over you. But there’s always hope, love.

                I adore with a deep passion your constant use of ‘us’ and ‘we’. Again, to me it felt as though you didn’t actually choose to write this in this way, it chose you. And it really did. This poem was as much for you and your soul which constantly questions and searches for answers , as it was for the other person in the poem who perhaps holds all the missing pieces to the puzzle you’re trying to make sense of in poetry and love.

                “Our eyes express things our mouths will never see”. A true kiss, a true love, the answers to something as pure as a meant to be that your mind has placed a “never” before. All of those things, right? It’s the deep pain in your words that is felt as the poem comes to a close. My tears were flowing, unstoppable at this point. Your moonless sky tormenting you both. If only the moon were present, she always has the answers. In my poetry anyway. But not here.

                And then the last two lines. I don’t even know how you wrote them down without being blinded my a mist of tears. I couldn’t do it. Every single word you used is the ONLY word you could have POSSIBLY used. Please say that makes sense to you. They are so perfectly heartbreaking, soul wrecking, hope shattering these lines, the need and aching longing for this person and a glimpse of perfection with her so powerful, you couldn’t have expressed it in any other way. The poem wrote itself for you and spoke to everyone through you.

                It hurts now still just telling you how beautiful it was and how much you touched me with this. I can feel the pain you placed inside your words and pauses.

                You have something different and special. You must believe me. Your poetry is a gift for you. Remember that.

                The most perfect poem of beautiful painful love that is still slicing through me.

                Just because you can’t see the path way right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t be illuminated and right beneath your feet when you are ready to see it.

                I heart your words and your poetry deeply.

                Don’t ever stop.





  5. It took me a while to get over you know who and to let go of the bitterness that was driving my writing. That’s why I’m posting on a new blog with a new name. This poem hits the nail on where I was for a long time and I’m glad that I was finely able to move on.

    Dabir Dalton

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    1. My dear friend. You are always in my thoughs. I thought you had disappeared. Grateful to know you are here. A new blog with new inspirations driving you was a great idea.

      Sometimes life is about letting go. I had to learn the hard way, just like you. She never cared about either of us, she only played her games.

      Hey, that first poem I read on your blog was great. I see a new poet here. Bravo.

      Wish you all the best for your blog, your life, and your heart. Thank you for letting me know about the blog.
      Alrerady followed you my friend.
      Take good care of yourself.

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      1. I had for a while.

        My life is in a state of flux – for the time being all I can do is hang on tight and ride it out – while waiting to see how it’s going to turn out.

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  6. Beautiful Andrew. Your move to Florida has done you good. This poem is without doubt the best of yours that I have read. For me, antway

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  7. Dear Drew, once again you mirror truth in the uniquely deep and mesmerizing way that only a true poet is able to convey. Love how you capture the deep longing and the many shades of emotional realities between two star-crossed lovers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift, really love this poem of yours! Abrazos

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    1. You leave me speechless with your beautiful words. I am so touched anyone would say this about my poetry. Honestly, you have soothed my poetic soul.
      Your words truly inspire me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to me.
      Feeling blessed, Thank you.

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  8. โ€œOur eyes express things our mouths will never seeโ€, what a heartfelt remark in itself my friend as you painted a beautifully sad ode that brings a tear to the eye but you canโ€™t help but smile as it runs because dreams weigh more memories. Making dreams come true allows you to make new memories. The way things are, arenโ€™t always how theyโ€™re meant to be. And then thereโ€™s never meant to be which you painted beautifully. And you ended it so powerfully, love being like an unborn child, never meant to be. That just grabbed the heart and pulled the conscious thought of the thinker into reality as if being forced to accept. I love the double image, first picture of a couple and then the next picture as someone being alone which ties well into the poem itself.
    A man of many directions you are but your writing always stays on the road to the heart. A lovely ode my dear friend.๐ŸŒน

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    1. Roy, I am touched by your synopsis of poem. You read poetry as if you had the power to enter the poet’s mind, for you interpret things so well. And often go above and beyond adding new depth to a poet’s words.

      Geez, don’t even know how I can thank you enough for this brilliant comment. I am happy you liked my poem. And grateful for yur comments. Thank you so much my friend. You are a national treasure.

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      1. Only you seem to have the ability to enter the minds dear Drew for your words resonate and relate with others in turn reaching them. I have to thank you for your kind comments my friend and your amazing work is a wonderful guide to feelings of expression.
        You are the treasure my friend.

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  9. Wonderful Andrew! I sometimes write the opposite of how Iโ€™m feeling at the moment. If you knew the things happening in my life you would be happy!:) Thank you for always a great read!

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    1. I am happy just hearing that. You are meant to be loved and cherished. You deserve to be happy.
      It is funny that you mentioning writing the opposite of what we feel. I am so happy right now and this depressing poem comes out of me. So, I am grateful that you said that.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. It makes me so happy. Hopefully I will learn about your happiness in your poetry. Looking forward to it.

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  10. My dear friend dew!! Eternal truth in your every line.oh my God.the time is teaching you more n more philosophical is my favourite much i appreciate your poem.every words are like shining stars in sky.specially first some lines” we lay on lonesome beach tides shift between reality and fantasy..”some touch of pain and remind me some one special of you,my lonely dew.your loneliness has taught you many things of real life. “Red lips kiss yesterday we never had as we dream of eternity………tomorrow”so much touch of melancholy but true for every life.i like your last lines very much”our eyes express things our mouth will never see the mooless sky torments
    Our precious love is an unborn child who was never meant to be.”like the valuable gift for month words is here to say by me because these lines has treasure of sweet memories ,dear dew!!

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                  1. Hey dew!!yesterday you asked about my liking on your post.yeah that line is fantastic”Red lips tomorrow…fireflies illuminate d night forming horoscope fortelling no promise tomorrow….”near to real Shakespeare told -nobody know about tomorrow.wonder ful masterpiece like your all poems.really you are a unique poet of poem’s world , my dear friend dew!!๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน


                    1. You are there
                      I am here
                      Binding in unknown relation.
                      You are you
                      Me is me
                      But waiting for you don’t know reason.
                      A kiss on your forehead
                      Like an angel guardian
                      Now i can take a sweet night.
                      Bless you,my special friend!!good night,dear!!

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        1. Any reason was behind tears-the attack on Israel with Allie’s memory.hey dew!! My heart want full clarification about Allie.Why had she gone with broken heart.?have you broken d glass of her love,my dear!! I know-it is your personal issue but many time she was with you on blog.if you can tell me all thing after than my misunderstanding for her will remove.if you like plz reply for peace of my heart because i understand myself guilty for that.plz my dear friend!!reply soon.


  11. Month of May has begun.i say you happy marriege anniversay on 27th/28 May.this month my dear friend Allie’s 11th marriege anniversary.i am remembering and missing my cute Allie with heart bitterly.your image of this post reminds me all things,dew!!

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      1. are right,dew,about my memory .this is only for then who are liked by me.sorry dear for late reply.because i am shocking suddenly when before some time,i was seeing news on t.v.a terrorist organization had attacked on Israel suddenly with 700 rockets.i can not imagin that what is them relegion who is God.that terrorists are related from HAMMAS.shit d satins and go to hell.

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                    1. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Šyou are clever n naughty.coz of your this style -i think that your all friends would be able to like you and love you,my dear friend!!


                    2. Yeah.naughty naughty baby!!
                      Don’t remember past has gone.
                      If you can give to all,only peace n love.
                      Coz every heart want wants dreams of flying dove.
                      Oh no,the baby alone,
                      Alone but with Angel’s lullaby.


                    3. I was driving around doing many errands. Things are different now. I used tio take a train, cab,. or bus in New York.
                      Here I have to drive. So, I have to wait until I get home to blog.


  12. Ok. I have been reading you for awhile now. This one takes the cake! (: beautiful work!

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. I am so flattered by your words. This really means a lot to me. I have beemn working s hard n my poetry,
      to read this, well, I am touched.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your words.


  13. I see the paradox in this poem. A fantasy of a beauty one wishes so much but isn’t what the mind thinks. It’s a sad feeling but at the end of the day…we look forward to the one’s we love most and see a bright beautiful future ahead. Hope I interpret this one correctly.

    Love your choice of words. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Your interpretation is just fine. Sliding between reality and fantasy as we often do whe n we think of loved ones can be beautiful and tragic at the same time.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend. I appreciate your kindness.

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  14. The poem is gorgeous! The last 2 lines do it for me, big time. I feel that way about all of the lovers I ever loved…. even if was in the snow, not on a beach. โฆโฆ

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    1. Resa, I am happy you liked this. The last two describes so many failed relationships. Doesn’t matter if it was a beach or snow, the ned of something that could have been is always said.
      Thank you for your precious words. I am grateful for your comment.

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  15. Oh my god I got goosebumps reading this! I just read another poem before this that reminded me of my ex and you know… reminisce. I swipe next and your poem comes in. It was like you wrote based on my thoughts… did you? ๐Ÿ˜’
    Joke. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh my god, please excuse me…the poem is truly wonderful but this is really weird!


    1. That is pretty strange. Hope I didn’t bring any bad memories to you.

      Goosebumps. I am humbled and grateful for your beautiful comment.
      Jessica, you are so sweet and kind to make me feel this happy.
      Thanking you from the bottom of my heart.

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  16. My Dear Drew,

    This is a masterpiece: powerful, suggestive, metaphorical: a shift between reality and fantasy; no promises; and the unbelievable lines at the end
    “our precious love is an unborn child
    who was never meant to be”
    makes one shutter.

    WOW! You did it again. Bravo!

    Have an excellent night. Cast new horoscopes ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Good evening G,

      Sorry for my late response. Unlike New York where I blogged by phone from a cab or bus, here I have to drive; thus the long delay in my response.
      Your words bring so m uch joy. To hear these things from a great poet like you….well, it makes the heart beat faster and my soul is glowing.
      From the bottom of my heart, I think you for your wondefful words. They mean so much.

      Thank you always


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    1. I am happy and grateful that you liked this little poem. Don’t know what possessed me to write
      this unhappy ending. Thank you for taking out the time to read. Your words made me so happy.
      Thank you.


  17. Odd…I didn’t get a notification of this poem and I always get notices of your new posts. This one, Drew…sigh. I think it’s one of my favorites. This line “red lips kiss the yesterday we never had”…wow! Pure genius. And “our eyes express things our mouths will never see” Yes, I know this feeling. It’s one of the saddest situations in life…loving someone knowing that we can never be. I hope this isn’t true for you, I truly hope this just comes from imagination. Drew…how lucky and blessed is the woman who captures your heart. Sending kisses and hugs xoxo


    1. Forget about the notifications. Not worried about it.

      This is one of the few times that I loved one of my own poems. I had to dig deep to write this one, so I guess that is what
      makes me so happy with this piece. Now, having read those posts you shared, I can see you truly know this feeling. And I am
      truly sorry for that.

      Someday, I hope the woman who does finally capture my heart feels what you just described.

      You always find a way to touch me with your words. Grateful for your kindness and support.
      Thank you always. Hugs right back. xoxo

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  18. So very beautiful…your words have a gentle strength about them that comes from a center place. And then they move quietly outwards in a tender searching sort of way. Drew, this has a beautiful haunting essence, not ever to be forgotten. Take care, suzanne


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