my love
we envy the beach
as we listen to an aria
of the sea against the shore
an ensemble of French kisses
are the gentle prelude
to the acoustics of our love
behind closed doors
we perform a delicate concerto
the world will never know
a moonlight sonata
we are violin and bow

292 thoughts on “concerto

  1. Wonderfully written poem and it flows like a timeless concerto. The best kind of love is the simple moments, the quiet moments where the world doesn’t see. As Manessah said, you build the poem very nicely – and I like how this mimics the course of a love that is grows for each other. I also like how you use the imagery of the beach and sea. Beaches and seas are so beautiful, so every part of nature. That is exactly how each of us are and our love for each other is: we’re all part of this world, we all have feelings for each other, we are all one ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I like to think that love is two people needing and loving ne another, and together they make sweet music.
      Alone, the violin and bow are useless. But together….ah, sweet music.
      Thank you for taking out the time to read and comment. Your words made me happy.
      Thank you for your kindness.

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      1. Most welcome,my dear friend!!hey dew!!have you seen my some post-“moon light sonata of my dear”and”the colour of love is transperent”written before almost 10 days.if you have time ,plz read them and reply.


      2. 21stcentugrygrio-a new blog on my site.blogger write by name of kosmos & infinity poem(s).dear dew !!plz see him and tell me -how is his blog.i think that he is a young man.

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    1. Haha
      Beautiful words. Thank you. Yeah, those two poems were the highs and the lows of love. Very perceptive.
      Thank you for reading. And for your beautiful words. I so appeciate your visit and thoughtful words.


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