yesterday it rained

yesterday it rained

yesterday it rained
tears of fallen angels
over lands of cruelty

last night she slept unloved
her days are brief
my nights an eternity

I scribbled her name
on the windows of my soul
as drops moistened every pane

today I bear a soaked cross
oh, did I mention
yesterday it rained


237 thoughts on “yesterday it rained

    1. Yes, rain can affect our mood. It was definitely pouring as I wrote this poem.
      Perhaps that set the mood inside of me creativity.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I am flattered and grateful for your words.
      Thank you so much.

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  1. No wonder I’ve been overly mellow this year. Since January, and before, the rain and grey sit at my door.
    You have set the mood perfectly with this poem, Lonely. ❦


    1. Sorry to hear the rain and grey sit at your door. Won’t mention all of the sunshine we have over here.
      Thrilled you mentioned mood. It is something I don’t often worry about, but on this poem I really worked
      on setting the right mood, so it does mean a lot to me.
      Thank you always. xo


  2. Wonderfully poignant. I loved it. I won’t mention a line that I loved because the poem was in a continuity which in turn made the whole poem splendid.


    1. The new place is inspiring me very much. It is such a different life from New York and since all my surroundings are so new to me,
      my senses appear to be more awake and in tune.

      Thank you for this gorgeous message. I appreciate it. xoxo

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  3. Yes, but I didn’t have anyone to snuggle with… abusive husband, or pregnant/engaged to someone else’s spouse. the latter person I married also, but …..anyway, I’ve never had much of a love life…….I guess I may go up there again, and feel that pain of lonliness again….now that I’m not so youthful and cute…..admire the beauty of the place and just miss someone there.

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  4. Yesterday it rained – blood
    on this cruel world we live in!
    today it rained – tears
    washing away yesterday’s blood

    (I’m working on a short story – a death has just happened – prompting my lines… )

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    1. You made this comment so long ago. have you completed this short story. I woulld like to read it. If it is done, please send me the link.
      Thank you for your poetic words.
      Apologies for my late response. My blurred vision has limited my blogging time.
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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