yesterday it rained

yesterday it rained

yesterday it rained
tears of fallen angels
over lands of cruelty

last night she slept unloved
her days are brief
my nights an eternity

I scribbled her name
on the windows of my soul
as drops moistened every pane

today I bear a soaked cross
oh, did I mention
yesterday it rained

237 thoughts on “yesterday it rained

  1. Excellent, Drew, excellent! Melancholy, pain.. it has a Jacques Prévert feel to it (roles reversed). I am not exaggerating. It’s a WOW!
    Il a allumé
    Une cigarette
    Il a fait des ronds
    Avec la fumée
    Il a mis les cendres
    Dans le cendrier
    Sans me parler
    Sans me regarder

    Il a mis
    Son manteau de pluie
    Parce qu’il pleuvait
    Et il est parti
    Sous la pluie
    Sans une parole
    Sans me regarder
    Et moi j’ai pris
    Ma tête dans ma main
    Et j’ai pleuré.

    Wow, again. What a pleasure to read it.

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    1. Smiling. Grateful and flattered by your words G. You are much too kind.

      Had to use Google translate, so I am certain something was lost in the translation,
      but I understand your connecting the feel. And I am very touched.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment.
      It made a lonely poet so happy.

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      1. My pleasure,Drew. I reread your poem. It’s a gem. You are right. The English translation, although very good, does not convey the same feeling. The feeling in his poem is very much like yours. Beautiful write!
        Have a fabulous evening.

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  2. Yesterday… that day the Angel’s sadness was so immense it drenched your soul. I feel like you sought to help carry and understand her sorrow, through the deepest windows blurred with the tears from you both. I think the empathy and desperation to comfort the angel floods the reader (at least this reader) too…

    Heart-wrenching and beautiful lonelyauthor.

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    1. Heart-wrenching, touching comment. The depth of your words resonated in my soul like a clap of thunder on a lonely evening.

      Your thoughts were so beautifully expressed.
      They were decor on this little poem.

      Grateful for your insightful words. Thank you so much. I anm flattered and moved by your message.

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  3. What symbolism Drew, loved every word of this as rain oft is referred to as the tears of Angels at times. The mirror image of lovers feeling the “pain” in the window as you vividly express their feelings painting that perfect picture while playing on words. I am never surprised by your literary prose my friend, your artistic poetry is superb. And you ended it perfectly by going back to where it all started….the rain.🌹


    1. Roy I am always humbled by the way you interpret me and the beautiful words you choose to praise my work.
      I am very grateful for your amazing words. I did purposely use angel tears and raindrops as you so wisely
      pointed out. ovde your words of the mirror image of the lovers feeling pain.

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. I am touched.

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      1. It’s my pleasure to read art like yours my friend Drew, it’s a treat. Your words, feelings and passion you put into your craft speaks dedication and it talks to the reader. I thank you for the work you do.🌹


  4. This is a bit melancholy, but in a very beautiful way. I can’t help but feel as if the rain has a double meaning in this poem: the literal raining going on outside and the rain, or storm, that is internal and cannot be quelled. When you spoke of the crying fallen angels, I wondered if they represented you and the unloved woman and how life can sometimes be cruel to some of the sweetest people. It seems as if you’re reflecting on that unfairness.

    I think what made this a bit sad, for me, was the fact that the woman sleeps unloved and her days are brief, while your nights are an eternity. It’s as if she goes through her days with nothing to look forward to except distractions and you go through your nights wishing the sun would hurry up and rise, because the loneliness hurts the most at night. 

“I scribbled her name on the windows of my soul” – this is such a beautiful picture you painted. For me, it shows a deep, emotional connection to this person and the bearing of the soaked cross makes me think that there is a feeling that weighs deeply on your heart.

    How you ended this poem was brilliant and perfect “Oh, did I mention yesterday it rained”. Great way to show that you were zoned out in your thoughts and feelings and totally forgetful of the fact that you told the reader already that it rained yesterday. 

This was truly a profound and heartfelt poem, Sir A. Really loved it.


    1. Smiling so hard Lady B. Rain has a double meaning here. Fallen angels does represent the sweet people
      who suffer unfairness. (Getting a theme here? LOL)

      Your second paragraph and the way you so captured what I was saying (and somewhat feeling) really touched me.
      The scribbling of her name was my favorite line in the entire piece, so I am thrilled. Thank you for mentioning
      it. Soaked cross and your assessment, damn you nailed this again.

      Seriously, there is a lonely person. a good friend, who I worry about. To see you decipher me so perfectly,
      it amazes me.

      The zoning out showing the poet was deep in his thoughts he forgot he mentioned the previous day rain.

      Lady B, I don’t know what to say. You are truly amazing.

      Humbled and grateful.


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      1. I’m glad I could bring a smile on your face, Sir A. Haha… Yes, I definitely see a theme. Lol.

        You write with heart and that can be felt. The lonely and good friend you speak of in this poem is a blessed person to have you. Not too many people can say they have someone out there that worries about them and cares that much for their wellbeing. And it shows in this beautiful poem, Drew.

        You’re so very welcome. It’s always my pleasure to read you. Hope you’re having a beautiful night, my friend.


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  5. “I scribbled her name
    on the windows of my soul
    as drops moistened every pane

    Oh.. I donno why these lines makes me think, a wave of loneliness passing through my mind

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      1. Your most welcome! 🙂 For me watching Spock die was very emotional just watching Kirk due in Generations was like the death of my father all over again. 😥

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          1. The shot missed Kirk but hit the bridge he was clinging too causing it to fall taking him with it. Later William Shatner partnered with a star trek husband wife writing team to bring Kirk back to life in a serious of star trek novels.


  6. This is beautiful Drew. There is something about rain that makes one melancholy and reminiscent, but I love it so. You’re going to have a front row seat to some of Florida’s wicked rainstorms. Fodder for your writing!

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  7. It’s remarkable Drew – a rarity rather – how you tap into those quiet moments every human experiences sometime in their life, and weave it into poems that are so relatable in their rawness. Yesterday it rained is one such masterpiece.

    Inspiring as ever, you’re such a gifted artist.

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  8. Hey dear dew!! Yesterday it much it is a beautiful thing.all night,here it rained and all day you lost in that rain.the rain was with much lovely poem having a deepest meaning.were those tears of fallen Angels in shape of the rainy droplets .beautiful imagination about your muse” last night she slept unloved her days are brief my nights an eternity ; i scribbled her name on windows of my soul as drops moistened in every pane…..” a touch of melancholy having the ray of wonderful hope of know that after raining all surroundings of durst remove.🌹yeah ,my dear!!you should be sure that yesterday it rained like
    tears of fallen angels on cruel land and your soaked but blessed cross
    was praying for them like Keats for Fanny.every lines have the metaphorical gems,my dear dew!! I am reading your this poem many times today and find more amazing than before.🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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    1. Oh, Aruna. You are gracious and supportive.
      Happy you liked these lines. It was raining the other day and I found a little inspiration.

      Rain can be very inspiring. Especially for a lonely person who watches it fall.


      1. Yeah,dear dew!!you are right.Rain can be very inspiring specially for a lonely person but for all depressed heart.i love very much rainy nights and i like the title of your poem.”yesterday it rained,
        oh dew!! like your humbled love gained”.i think i right here,dew!! Plz reply.

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  9. What an outstanding piece of art 🙂 Beautifully heartbreaking.
    I’m amazed you packed so much intensity into a short poem. Greater outward themes of living in a cruel world, to the deepest secret loneliness. The sadness felt comes from how relatable this is. Although upon a second read, there is a strong sense of hope.
    The tears eventually get washed away by the rain…

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    1. What a gorgeous comment. Sincerely flattered by your words. Loved how you captured it so perfectly. It always feels so good to be understood.

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Yes, there is always hope. Yesterday it rained, but today and tomorrow…….

      Thank you.

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  10. My Lonely Author,

    You are beautiful when you write this way.
    Touched me so deeply; more than I can express here.
    It was all truth, heart and pain and love. And much more.

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      1. I meant this:
        you always write in a way that is deeply touching and resonant with truth and true emotions. This was a level beyond that. I felt as though the wall we sometimes hit when writing which stops us from expressing that last final truth that we carry and baring the pain we truly feel when in love was so loudly whispered here. No veils of meaning to be gleaned, just you and the poetry. The line that everyone has loved before me, or rather the 3rd stanza in its entirety is a deeply painful and beautiful image. One of your most beautiful.
        The repetition of the title at the opening and closing of this is like a little box of true love and pain hand in hand that you opened and closed tenderly for us and it was felt, believe me.
        You married her pain with yours in the first two stanzas and the painful balance those two agonies create within you and on paper is achingly perfect and fits like a glove on entwined hands.
        The cross you bear and the fallen angel are images I know come from a deep faith within you and it all just pieced itself together in purest love poetry.

        I missed you.



        1. A level beyond deeply touching and resonant. That is extremely high praise Maria. Thank you for your super kind words.

          Happy you and so many others liked that repition in the end, I thought it added an extra touch to the piece. Yes, and
          as you pointed out, there was the union of his pain with hers, I thought that was the way this poem was meant to flow.
          Thank you for pointing it out.

          Yes, I am a man of deep faith, so I appreciate your saying that.
          These last two poems came from places deep inside.
          Humbled and grateful that you liked it.
          Thank you for all of your beautiful and touching words.

          You always say the things that warm my heart.
          Thanks you always

          Lonely Author

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          1. Wherever this poetry is coming from, stay in that place and let it sweep you away.

            All of these 💋💋💋💋💋
            And one of these ❤️



    1. Raining in the heart. You so captured my intent. You understood me so well.
      Thank you for taking the time out to reading this so perfectly. While, rain is usually
      cleansing as you stated, it can be so many things in poetry.

      Thank you for your beautiful words. You made me so happy when you shared your thoughts.
      Thank you.

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  11. very lovely…..makes it almost sound like me…..I’m somewhere….just somewhere trying to finish up my work (missionary to a Spanish speaking area) . Oh! Why did I have to tell God I’d finish Montana street? One guy said it happened to be 50 miles long! But I met a nice young man who offered me a ride to anywhere close by who was living out of his car. I made a new friend….he was young, but older than my other friend and he had roses tatood and Mom tatood on his arm. I liked him….he was Indian (or Mexican) but he was in sad shape…..using so many drugs, killing his health…..he needs to be in the kind of place my babe is.

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  12. Oh and I hurt my ankle…..cant walk. I met him in the mall. My ankles have problems . I have to stay off them for a few days….off my feet, but of course I sleep alone. He was handsome too…..but I wouldn’t be mom and I’d loose who I have if I get attached.

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  13. Love and pain ..two sides of the same coin ….can one ever exist without the other …. I wonder🤔
    When you truly love you can feel the pain of the loved one ……..“last night she slept unloved” …..this expresses both these emotions so well

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    1. You read me so perfectly. Can love and pain exist without the other? Curious thought.
      i am smiling so hard over here. Amazed how you interpreted me.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment. You words are always treasures here.

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      1. I am glad that you embraced my interpretation…was not really sure …but we take what we take and that is the beauty of poetry………..Thank you Lonely Author for treasuring my words 😀

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    1. Smiling so hard. I am a lucky guy with wonderful loyal friends. I am truly lucky.
      Thank you for your kind words, the read, ands this beautiful comment.
      I appreciate yourt kindness. And the big smile you gave me too


  14. Here I am wide awake and commenting on your poem at 3:45 am. Sigh…jet lag is real.
    Your poem…so sad and beautiful at the same time. I have written someone’s name in the teardrops on my window pane yearning for that love to be returned. It’s an ache that many understand, but few speak of. Rain washes, cleanses and refreshes, but oftentimes it causes us to pause and remember…bringing out the memories we sometimes wish we could forget.
    What I also love about this poem is that it seems almost like a dialogue with someone else. I can see you…standing at a window, your back turned to someone else in the room and speaking softly “yesterday it rained” and then the painful memories come as your mind wanders from one subject to another “last night she slept unloved…her days are brief…my nights an eternity,” Then, just at the end, almost as if you have to force your mind to pull away from the pain, you come full circle with “Oh, did I mention yesterday it rained.” Brilliant Drew. Sending my love, hugs and kisses to you, my friend. xoxo


    1. I would be flattered by your great effort to read me at 3:45, but I imagine the jetlag was the reason for this and not my poetry. LOL
      Yes, rain does all of these things you mention, cleanse, wash away, etc. But rain can change a mood. Make one melancholy. As you so cleverly figured out. You have read this perfectly.

      That second paragraph so perfectly depicited my thought process with this poem. The rain did cause the mind to wander between painful memories.
      Thank you for this perfect breakdown. Appreciate your generous praise. I am humbled by your beautiful words. They truly made me so happy.

      Thank you for all of your kindness.

      Oh, Melissa, did I tell you. Yesterday it rained.

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      1. Someday I hope to make it to Florida where I can have lunch with my fellow romantic lonely poet. We can commiserate on the melancholy of the rain and smile at the waves kissing the shore and speak of things only lonely poets understand. Yes…one day. xoxo

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