kiss my melancholy
kiss my regrets
silence them forever
like a never told vignette
kiss my yesterdays
bid them all adieu
the illusions I cherished
the dreams that never came true
kiss my pain
caress my history
come unfold my heart
like a tender origami

211 thoughts on “origami

  1. That is a very sweet poem! It’s a like a swan, a swan I make out of paper. It’s the only origami I know, but like your words it’s wonderful when it’s finished for all to see.
    When you pull the tail, the wings flap, and it flies! That’s the truth.

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  2. I have been reading this on a loop since yesterday and it leaves me mesmerized and bereft of words every time I read it . You poured out your tender heart so beautifully . This was so relatable.
    Loads of love


    1. Your comment leaves me speechless. I am touched that you like this so much.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my poem. It wasn’t easy to leave myself
      so exposed, so I truly apprciate your kind and gerneous words.
      Humbled and grateful.
      Thank you.


  3. So evocative, and beautiful cadence of the lines and rhymes, almost as though the poem itself is being folded (when you read it back having read the last line). You’re very talented! x


    1. Honestly, while I was writing it I found myself exposing (unfolding) myself to the world, so the ending
      came naturally.
      Appreciate your beautiful words. You always make me smile with your lovely comments. Very grateful.


    1. What a gorgeous and inspiring comment. Thank you so much for sharing your kind thoughts.
      Very happy and gratefulmyou liked this little poem. Thank you for your wonderful words
      and support. It is appreciated.

      Apologies for my late response. My blurred vision has been a challenge. It is now, that
      I am finally respoinding to these messages. Thank you.

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