locked behind open doors
the sun sets upon my soul
shadows move along stoic walls

I inhale breathless poetry
encouraging a cage to open
releasing silent misery

wrapped in solitude
the silence echoes
when I whisper your name


258 thoughts on “solitude

    1. Jennifer, it is so wonderful to hear from you. I am doing well. Actually, never better. I recently moved
      to the Orlando, Florida area. Loving the sun and nature around me. Thank you for your kind wishes.

      How are you? You always come to my mind. I hope you are doing well.

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      1. Hi Andrew, I’m doing well thanks and it’s so great to hear from you too! That’s fantastic you’re now living in sunny and beautiful Orlando, Florida! I love it there too. ☀️🏖 Amazing what some sunshine and a change of scenery can do for the soul, I’m very happy for you my friend.

        We can keep visiting each other’s minds 😉 I’m so glad you’re writing again. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  1. Hola dear Drew! Such beautiful lines – I especially love the link between the inhalation of soul-healing poetry and the exhalation/ release of silent misery. The healing power of art can never be underestimated, don´t you think? How are you settling in? Apparently wonderfully? Abrazo grande desde Andalucia


    1. Hola amiga. I hope you are well. Love love love how you interpreted my poem. Poetry can be healing.
      This beautiful comment makes me so happy. It really touched me.

      Poetry and art, admiring and creating, can be so healing. I think traveling can be just as healing.
      With that said, when will you post again? I am ready to go on another journey with you.

      Thank you for your beautiful words. I hope the night sky over Andalucia is filled with brilliant
      stars that inspire you. Cuidate Amiga. Mil abrazos para ti.

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      1. Hola amigo, thank you so much for your message! Glad you liked my comment, como siempre, lo digo de corazon y con honestidad:) I have been moving house the last days, but I will post again shortly! Your kind words and interest in my writing means the world to me, thanks so much! I love your beautiful and inspired wishes – I feel we are much more connected to the stars than we realize:) Cuidate tambien y muchos abrazos a Florida!!

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          1. Haha, yes I think we are! One ocean apart, but only a thought away:) Thanks for your wishes! Hope you´re already feeling a little at home in Florida? You´re definitely way closer to Cuba now 🙂 On the topic of being close, our birthdays are pretty close to each other, yours is on the 8th of April, right? Mine is on March 31:) You can tell, I love the stars and what they might tell us about people´s personalities. Abrazos y melodias de mar. xo

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            1. Amiga, listen to this –

              oceans apart
              only a thought away.

              That is so beautiful. Are you a poet, too?
              With your permission, I would like to use it in a poem. Would that be okay with you? Unless you want to use those lines in a poem or lne of your posts.

              Funny, you should mention Cuba. I have no vacation plans right now, but I think my parents homeland will be my next journey.

              You love the stars, too. Mucho similarities. Aries tambien. Haha . That is why we get along so well.

              May the day rain blessing and love on you. Abrazos. xo

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              1. Hola hola, yes my fellow Aries starlover-amigo, feel free to use those lines! I might use them again, too, but I don´t mind you embedding them into your beautiful art 🙂

                I don´t know if I could call myself a poet, but I used to write poetry (in German and a few times in English), and I also wrote a novel (in German). I think I might need to get back into it, it filled my heart with so much joy!! I found the Marketing-side of things tricky for me. But just writing in itself is certainly part of me, all I wanted to be since I was five was being a writer! What about you? When did the dream of writing take over your being?

                Ah such beautiful finishing lines, may the day shower you with sunrays of love and affection, also 🙂 Abrazotes!

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                1. To come up with the words you did, you have some poet in you.

                  I saved this message, because I wanted to have the poem I wrote almost ready.
                  It should be posting soon. I will let you know when it is ready.
                  Thank you so much for the inspiration . You are a treasure.

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                  1. Muchas gracias for your wonderful and ever so lovely words, dear Drew. They mean a lot! I am in awe as to how much kindness you are spreading and how many people´s days you brighten with your loving words. Looking very much forward to your poem! Muchos abrazos desde Andalucia


  2. I read this several times, Andrew. The images you painted with your words are absolutely brilliant. Wow!! And deep within my Soul I felt the emotions you portrayed in each and every word. Excellent! Bravo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  3. This makes me feel of when you want to let the misery out, to feel when you’re numb, to reach out when you feel there’s emptiness. The personification, like with the stoic walls and breathless poetry, is beautiful.xx

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    1. Flattered and grateful for your wonderful words and praise. Quite touched by your lovely description of the emotions, Caz. This beautiful comment leads me to ask you a question. Do you write poetry?

      Thank you for your gorgeous comment. I appreciate your gentle interpretation which matches mine. Thank you so much.

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      1. Aww, well, you are very welcome, I’m only being honest  ♥ Re: whether I write poetry, I feel like the creative part of me died a little while ago, it just got too exhausted and gave up. Underneath, I feel like I desperately want to do something, even pick up some crayons and start a few sketches (I’m awful at drawing, but it’s releases a little of the want to do something creative). I used to write poetry (and the odd song lyrics) when I was in my late teens, a little in my early 20s. Nothing since, so it’s been many years…

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    1. Thank you for your sharing your beautiful words and kind appreciation of my poem.
      Always appreciae your visits and thoughtfulness.

      Apologies for my very late response. My blurred vision was getting in the way of me
      answering my backlog of comments. Very sorry for that. I would never ignore you or
      anyone else.

      Again, thank you for your lovely message and sorry for the late response.

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      1. No worries Andrew and sorry to hear about your blurred vision. I have not been on wordpress for a while except episodically. I do hope your health improves, especially your spine.


  4. I can feel the bars and walls and all that holds one in. There’s a chill in the air and something fragile. But I imagine the poetry and the whispers filling the space with warmth and hope. Beautiful imagery!

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    1. Flattered and sadden that you could relate to this. I wouldn’t want anyone to relate to this.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. Appreciaste the kindness and support.
      I will continue to follow you, so expect to see more likes.

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