Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Recently, I came to the realization my life can easily be compartmentalized by Playlists. I have a few playlists for writing poetry. Playlists for blogging, treadmill, shopping, and for napping. I even created a driving playlist.

Makes me think an autobiography of my life will be a musical. Egads!

When working on my manuscript about eternal love & reincarnation, I turn to inspiring love songs to help me set the mood. Ladies, I know this song was used for the movie Twilight, but in my heart, every time I hear it, I feel it was written for my latest work in progress (manuscript/screenplay).


127 thoughts on “Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

  1. Ok so I will read your post later but I oughta tell you first …… This song has a very special place in my life …. almost magical …….and I stumbled upon it when I needed it the most ……….rest after reading your post😄


    1. Oh, now you left me all curious. Happy you like this song. It has such beautiful lyrics with so much menaing.
      Happy the timing worked out perfectly for you. Life does funny things sometimes.
      From the bottom of my heart, I hope everything is well with you.


  2. I’ve read the first Twilight but did not stick around to watch the movie longer than 3 min. so I never heard the song. I also tried to click on video but it won’t play 😦

    Anyway, who cares if it was for a movie? The most important is that it inspires you.

    I laugh at the part where your autobiography will be musical 😂


      1. Why not? If I’m being sweet is because I know you deserve it. And I know I’ll always support you. You are my first fav poet after returning to blogosphere. 😊 Looking forward to more poem you and maybe a musical autobiography 😂

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  3. I have playlists like these too, I love it how music can intensify or soothe a feeling, and set the stage for life-long memories, triggered by a song. Like melodic photographs. And I LOVE finding new songs that I love, so will look forward to any music you share. Good luck with your writing!


    1. Music does have magical powers. It can inspire, provoke tears, bring back old memories.
      I bet most of us have playlists (for everything). I know I couldn’t be without them.

      Thank you for your kind wishes. I appreciate your kindness.

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  4. Love me as you do,
    without time or space
    always sky, see me in you I want
    In your arms I feel full
    Love me like you do
    my innocence rushes
    in the eloquent ethereal caress
    that intoxicated my soul
    the day you looked at me …

    A few days ago I published an entry in my blog with this wonderful song. A big hug Drew 😊😘

    Ámame como tu lo haces,
    sin tiempo ni espacio
    siempre cielo, verme en ti quiero
    En tus brazos me siento plena
    Ámame como tú lo haces
    mi inocencia se precipita
    en la elocuente caricia etérea
    que embriagó a mi alma
    el día que me miraste…


    Hace unos días publiqué una entrada en mi Blog con esta maravillosa canción. Un abrazo grande Drew 😊😘


  5. “I have died every day waiting for you…” I know a little bit about that. I think all of our lives are musical journeys. I love music and like you, I have playlists for many things. When my heart is breaking, it’s music and solitude that I go to. It helps the healing process. For me, I’d rather listen to music than watch TV or movies (not that I don’t enjoy a good movie and popcorn.) It seems like the language of emotion and I thank the heavens that we have it. I don’t know what I would do without it. x

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    1. There you go Melissa, pointing out the very lines that seep into my soul.
      “I have died everyday waiting for you”

      Music is a big part of my healing process, even if only serves the purpose of bringing out tears.
      Sometimes we need to get them out. Like you, musicv comes before Tv or movies,

      I would be lost without music, too. (However, I think I will add poetry to the list of things
      I cannot live without).

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    1. Happy yo hear that Miriam. You should record yourself one day.

      The lyrics of this song are so deep and beautiful. It is songs like this that make me wish
      I knew how to play an instrument. Then, I would have to borrow someone else’s voice.

      Thank you for sharing yur thoughts.
      Have beautiful week.

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      1. Maybe I will Drew, don’t know if I’d be game enough to put it out there but who knows?
        Just as a side note, are you by any chance on Instagram, cos that’s sometimes where I share my music. 💕🎵

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    1. It is absolutely perfect for your manuscript. It couldn’t be more perfect.

      Moves me to tears whenever I hear it and sing it. It’s magical


        1. Honestly, I can’t stop singing it my head.
          I may buy a ukelele, teach myself how to play, just for THAT song.

          How are you my Lonely Author?



            1. Okay I am laughing because the comment you responded to was not about THIS song lol.
              But you’re so sweet that you couldn’t even bring yourself to say, “why the actual eff would you want to play A Thousand Years on the ukelele, Fiery??? Are you mad, woman????”

              I meant another song we were talking about. You know?

              But you made me laugh

              Xxxxx and one big O


                1. Yes “arse” is what I say lol. And I never go beyond PG13 on your blog, if anyone starts the fire it’s YOU! So…don’t blame me if you can’t resist going all…naughty on me


  6. Dear dew!! I think so that this song is written for you.most lovely and deep feelings in this song. My daughters have seen all sequals of this movie”twilight saga” many times and see still now and me too with them.they all remembered all songs of this movie but i have given my attention first time,just now.most wonderful lyrics of the song”-a thousand years”.symbol of immortal love.❤


  7. Dear dew!!you are working on a manuscript and preparing the screen play.there will be to make or made some movies .if yes,plz tell me the name of the movies.😊


  8. A very pretty song, Lonely. It feels lonely.
    I can see why you would write, with it playing. ❦
    I listen to classic rock when making my Art Gowns. Music is a food.


    1. Music is the best nourishment for the soul.
      Funny, I would have thought you listened to something calming and sweet when making your gowns.
      But that shows you everyine finds inspiration in different ways.


  9. I don’t have a playlist. I must learn how to do one. I DO listen to a lot of music.
    I’m usually listening for new ones for my Sunday Songs but meditative songs help
    me start my day. When I blog classical guitar seems to do the trick. I must admit
    I’m a fan of any type of music. I hadn’t seen the video for this song but have heard the song.
    Enjoyed this post … Isadora 😎

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  10. I like her song, Jar of Hearts! I’ve been meaning to make a playlist for when I’m running. But there’s always the “safety” issue that’s stopping me from popping in my earphones. And you know I’d rather go run/bike outside!


  11. I have not finished with you Island Breeze 😂, Im needing to catch up with you properly. But, I won’t hound you too much for now, I know you’ll have a lot of comments and posts and people to catch up with, not to mention a whole lot to do. So glad you’re home and got to spend time with Catherine. You’re in my thoughts xoxoxo


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