i shall never write of love again

Well folks, it has been brought to my attention, by so many people that I am always writing about love, well, it is time I prove everyone wrong.

I shall never write of love again

I shall never write of love again
my heart must learn new beats
I shall leave the romancing ballads
to Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats

I shall never write of love again
who cares of a poet’s lonely plea
or the sentiments he professes
while reciting on bended knee

I shall never write of love again
renounce love ’til my bitter end
I shall never write of….but wait
Alas, this poet did it once again

Lonely Author giggles……..


Hope I made you smile. Have a great week.

343 thoughts on “i shall never write of love again

      1. Oh, come on, if anyone can pull off a manly giggle (and make it sound amazing, coz, that’s what you do with everything), it’s you.
        I am very happy you are having a day full of loving praise, it’s only fair really.
        – R.

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  1. Lol! He’ll never write of love, he says… Pfft! Even the picture has hearts in it!
    Enjoyed this one, Sir A! Have an awesome Memorial Day, my friend!

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  2. Lighthearted and funny and so well written! I hope you never give up writing about love. For people like me, it lifts my spirits and gives me hope that one day I will meet a man who has even a touch of the romance you have in you…and he will share it with me. Keep writing about what inspires you. It’s so wonderful to not read about the darkness in this world, but instead, read about romance and love. Never stop. xoxo

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    1. Ah, Melissa, your words touch me. I was only being playful with this little poem, but your compliment
      inspires me. You are generous with yur praise and I am gratyeful for your kindness.
      Thank you for your beautiful words.
      They mean so much.

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  3. Haha!

    Told you.😉💋

    Also, VERY clever and very cheeky and you threw in some very beautiful, sweet lines disguised by your humour (humoUr, yes? HumoUr!)

    Ticking all my boxes.

    And super manly giggle by the way

    Miss me? Lol


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    1. Fiery

      You have often told me the same thing – all I write about is love.
      Just wanted to have fun to start the week. I will get to more serious love poetry later this week.

      Yes, you are miseed. Hope you will be returning to write soon.
      The world needs your gorgeous poetry.

      Figured you liked manly giggles. Trust me, I know how to pull it off.

      Lonely Author . xoxo

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  4. Reminds me of the song—I’ll Never Love This Way Again. Perhaps, it should have been titled I’ll Never Love Again.Similar to how you were given feedback regarding writing about love or not.I believe that differences can be perceived by how our writings present to the readers depending on our writing style.

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  5. You should always write about things close to your heart
    Pay no heed to those comments that are bitter or tart
    Write about love as much as you want
    Lonely Author, I think, not write of love, you can’t!
    Your words sure did make me smile, Andrew. Bless you.

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    1. I struggle to write about anything that is not love related. Love just comes so easily to me.

      Regarding my friends, they were being playful and I was just playing back with them by posting
      this poem. It was all harmless fun and teasing, not critical or serious.

      Thanks for coming to my defense. Appreciate your kindness.
      Have a lovely week.

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    1. Smiling. I wrote this poem just to tease a few friends who were teasing me. It was all playful fun and nothing serious.
      I have no intention of stopping. Our Lord wants us to spread love. And that is what I intend to do.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and support. May your week be filled with sunshine, smiles, and love.

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    1. LOL I see a few people have taken this silly poem a bit too seriously.
      It was all meant to be playful fun. The friends who made that statement
      expect me and encourage me to write of love.

      Have a wonderful holiday and a beautiful week.

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    1. Happy you enjoyed it. Mixed in with along with your other charms, I knew your sense of humor would appreciate this,
      Funny thing, there are times I start writing a poem with no intention of making it about love, but I end up there anyway.

      Thank you for calling me an eternal romantic.
      I feel old and eternal after this morning’s run.
      Now, I am going to eat a grapefruit, while I imagine you eating some rich enticing pastry.

      Have a beautiful week. I hope it is filled with a thousand smiles.

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      1. I really enjoyed the poem. Drew. It enchanted me.
        “I feel old and eternal after this morning’s run.” Ouch, I am not going for a run this morning. I do not want to feel old 🙂
        Old? What are you talking about? Eternal romantics are never old.

        I hope you enjoyed your grapefruit. I am attacking a tangerine. She fights back 🙂

        I am looking forward to reading more love poems written by you. Thousands of beautiful love poems.

        May love inspire you forever. Have a splendid day, Drew.


  6. This was brilliant.
    Keep writing about love. Your words paint a lovely picture about it.
    I don’t understand why others would need to voice their opinion against it.
    If they don’t want to see it, then don’t read it.
    Sometimes, I think people get carry away with their comments. How can we tell a poet to write what we want to read. It wouldn’t be creativity. This poem was the best way to respond to critics. 🙂

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    1. Oh, it was nothng like that. Friends teased me about my tendency to write love poetry.
      They always encourage me to do so. In fact they arer extermely supportive oif me.
      It was just a playful game between very good friends.

      Thanks for defending me. Appreciate your kindness and support.
      Have a beautiful week.

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