i shall never write of love again

Well folks, it has been brought to my attention, by so many people that I am always writing about love, well, it is time I prove everyone wrong.

I shall never write of love again

I shall never write of love again
my heart must learn new beats
I shall leave the romancing ballads
to Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats

I shall never write of love again
who cares of a poet’s lonely plea
or the sentiments he professes
while reciting on bended knee

I shall never write of love again
renounce love ’til my bitter end
I shall never write of….but wait
Alas, this poet did it once again

Lonely Author giggles……..


Hope I made you smile. Have a great week.

343 thoughts on “i shall never write of love again

  1. Now, now Lonely Author stay calm.
    As you will see Tubularsock is no poet
    but this may just help you calm your
    center ……..

    The way to go is hate
    But you sure don’t get many dates

    You’re pretty much alone
    But you save a lot on your expensive iPhone

    Where love is confusing from the start
    Hate is clear but don’t get caught

    So no more love poems is a boon
    Now what to do with that big ol’ moon?

    Cheers, now get back to work!

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  2. Smiling on your renounce and giggles.het my dear dew!! Once one falls in love,after deceiving in love,the heart can never forger the feelings of love.it find the lost love here and there.accoring of Mirza Ghalib”-it is that fire which can the nighter lighted nor put out,Love,o Ghalib’s no accepts prompting from without……”oh my dear friend,let your heart tries for it but at last it will be unsuccessful.wonderful written like The famous poet mirza Ghalib.you know it very well.i bet that you would write or remember of your beloved.it is not your fault but your heart is accused and you are helpless from your heart.it lives in your heart and you can not separate your heart from your body to throw it away.can you do😊😊😊😊 dear dew!!plz reply.i am sending on my blog the Shayri of Mirza Ghalib.plz read it and tell me -how is it?

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  3. Hey dew!!my theory of life is it that friendship and love are the fragrance of life .without both life in not life but only forcing to be feel alive .are you agree?i know your post is only a funny post but amazing for everybody,dear dew!!

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      1. Yeah.sure.thanks for kind reply,dear dew!!but you have not reply of my first comment.why?is that not nice?but i know your today’s post is funny and a surprising gift for your followers.you know about a Beatle song-all need love.wonderful teasing post for everyone,my humorous lonely friend dew!!

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                  1. I am going to write a poem for unfolding your heart like a tender origami.now you should take a sleep and feel whatever i am saying.sweet dreams,dear dew!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷

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                    1. There will be time to say good morning.my dear friend!!as i told you that i was going to write a poem.now you wake up.accept my sweet good morning and have a wonderful day.after taking your breakfast please read my poem and send your valuable comment .


  4. LOL – I’m not just giggling, I’m laughing out loud – I took the bait by the title, but, Drew, you knew this post was going to be spilling over-the-top full of love! So you’re a comedian and an author – who knew?! Enjoy your week!

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  5. Hello, I am not a regular here, and I don’t whether you are joking, but if you are serious, then I have to advice that you continue writing about the things that made you start your blog, before people got attracted to it and started reading: love… adjusting your writing and life because of people, is not advisable …


    1. This was totally written as a joke, To poke fun at some friends,
      we should always write about the things that inspire us and make us happy.

      Thank you for your kind words and advice.
      Apologies for my late response. My blurred vision has been a challenge. It is now, that
      I am finally responding to these messages. Thank you.


  6. Right! You really mean the opposite. Niaga evol fo etirw reven llahs I. Yes I’m smiling… chuckling in a feminine way. You are love.


      1. 😂!! You got them good with this piece my friend Drew.
        I loved this and all the silliness you brought with it.🌹
        Thank you warmly for your wishes, we had a magical weekend together. Lots of love from us both my friend.


  7. 😂 I love how lighthearted this poem feels. I’m in love with the way you’re trying to walk away from love and ends up right in the center of it. No one can write love in a way you do Drew. That’s why I, who is in love with love can’t break free from reading them.

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  8. This really was another beautiful poem with so much emotions. I do hope you will continue writing about love because you do an amazing job with it. You are a romantic at heart and all your followers, including myself, enjoy reading every poem you write.

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  9. OMG 😅 at first I was so sad and shocked to see those first few words – as I love your syllables of love – then I smiled and laughed out loud😅
    Very creative and sweet – love this 💕


  10. OMG 😅
    At first I was sad and shocked
    As I love your words of love –
    Such a romantic you are-
    Then I giggled – laughing out loud😂
    Well played – love this 💕


  11. You are one clever poet, smart writer and tricky fellow. Please do keep writing about love, your craft is something I look forward to read after my long spells of being gone. Have a great day and even more a fabulous evening.

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    1. Writing about love is all I know. This is all I will continue to write about.
      Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words. They mean so much.
      Thgank you. I appreciate it.
      Hope you find the time to stick around and continue to post your inspiring words.

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  12. I never believed it for a minute, no matter how eloquently it was written. The world would be a drearier place without your tales of being smitten. (Okay that was a quick one and my poetry was dreadful! But you get the idea.) ^_~ ♥.

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      1. Job done then! (You smiling.) Our world (those who follow and love your poetry) would be drearier were you to stop? How’s that? The world as I know it and can see from my computer screen. ^_^ ♥.


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