let me see
the waltz of your sigh
the rainless rainbows in your smile
show me your darkest secrets
so I can discover
auroras revolving around your soul
take me to the other side of
poetry and beauty
come remove my veil
blind me with your love


220 thoughts on “blindfold

  1. Love this, Drew! I don’t see a “reblog” button but if I did, I’d love to reblog this. Amazing!!!


  2. Hey my…term of endearment.

    I had a bit of a problem commenting on this one for a few reasons, some of which you can probably guess (silly girly crushes and such etc etc and so on and so forth) but also mainly because usually I love to break down your words  and lines and stanzas and delve deep and dive in, in my nerdy affectionate way but actually this one, I literally (the proper use of the word, not the annoying millennial use of it) loved every single word so you tell me how am I supposed to comment on that!

    I think what I loved the most is that the persona is talking to his object of love so directly and so personally that nothing else seems to matter except these words here. So much love and passion. Where do you keep it? Feels like it will overflow if you don’t let it out in beautiful heartbeats every so often (like twice a week-ish)

    It’s a little weakness of mine when you write things like this. I get a bit confused and stuff. Your imagery was perfect. But effortless. And that’s not an easy task. But you do it so effing well it’s addictive, I tell you.

    Still re-reading this so I can pick out the bits I love the most.

    Asking someone for their darkest secrets did stand out for me … I have a few. They are pretty dark. Do you think the aurora of a soul like mine would still be visible…sigh. I wonder.

    I also loved rainless rainbows so much. No storms…only the peace and beauty after them, right.

    Musical sighs that waltz… I’m doing one right now if you can picture it.

    And of course. Your finale. A request or is it a command…I am hearing it as a command to blind you with love which, who could possibly disobey such a sensual instruction?

    The whole thing was all love and tender words of gentle, addictive and irresistible affection. Or something more than that.

    I may have inappropriate feelings for this poem.




    That image…oh my god. Too many things I love about it to mention! Just about holding it together lol


    1. Very touched by your message. For some reason (I imagine the length of your beautiful comment and my lengthy humourous reply). I have tried to reply unsuccessfully three times.
      I know you love these poems where I speak to someone (often my ficticious muse or some future lover). So I am not surprised by your words, but very humble and grateful.

      You inappropriate thoughts for this poem touches me. Thank you for your beautiful words.

      Lonely Author xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm….all I heard was “beautiful”.💋

        But seriously, even WP has something against me that it won’t let you respond to my wonderful thoughts for you???

        Holy smokes…this conspiracy goes deeper than we thought, Batman….

        So my VERY LONG and incomparable comment will forever sit next to your sweet, teeny tiny reply and look all important and special? I’m good with that 💋

        You make me giggle.



  3. Really wonderful play between shielded eyes and the always present hidden secrets. Veils finally being removed by a loving soul. Beautiful and mysterious. Blindfolds are fun but you already know that Andrew 🙂


    1. This is a gorgeous comment. Actually more poetic than my poem. Grateful for your beautiful
      comment here. Flattered you liked this. Thank you.

      Blindfolds……..yes, I have seen and not seen a few. Wink.
      Thank you for your gorgeous words. Have a beautiful weekend.


  4. Oh my goodness…I did so love this poem. So many images that just spoke to me. “The waltz of your sigh…” just a perfect line that says so much in so few words. It reminds me of that beautiful song sung by Josh Groban that I actually did a post on several years ago. It’s called “So She Dances.” Here is the link to that song…

    And this one… “Come remove my veil…blind me with your love” I’m not sure what it means to you, but to me it’s as if would be calling for my future lover to come and take the veil off my eyes so I know who they are. Sigh…
    Yes, this was definitely a sigh-worthy poem. xoxo

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    1. Smiling as I read this beautiful comment. You are generous with your beautiful words.

      We read that finale veil/blind the exact same way. A desire to be blinded by the love of a future lover. Sometimes, we have to hold onto that expectation. It may be all we have and it may appear to be empty, but it will help us carry on until that day finally arrive.

      The waltz of your sigh….I surprised myself withh that line. I find myself writing about sighs so much. Surprised no one has called me out on that.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and support Melissa. I am always touched by the eway you read me. Thank you for your friendship.

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  5. Oh my! Now that is what drew (no pun intended) me to your blog – absolutely mesmerising, enticing poetry with metaphors one can’t help gasping in admiration at!
    I must commend your eye for detail and presentation with the pictures you post too, Drew!


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