Mediterranean nights

In a conversation with my good friend G at Short Prose I told her I always wanted to write a poem using “mandolin.” She encouraged me to give it a try. Please make sure you stop by her blog to admire her wonderful poetry.


Mediterranean nights

should I blame it on the stars
when Venus winked at me
signorina had amore in her eyes
as blind virgins prayed
in Saint Peter’s basilica
my imagination took them
to places they have never been
Mediterranean nights
tugged at my heartstrings
as if I were a lonely mandolin

142 thoughts on “Mediterranean nights

  1. You have a thing for Mediterranean girls? What thing I wonder…

    There’s a little street just like that where I grew up. (Minus the scantily clad lady. Although this one time…)

    Beautiful little exhalation of poetry.
    I love the cosmic reference of stars and Venus…did you know that Cyprus is the birth place of Venus? She rose from the sea foam onto a rock which you can actually go and visit. And there is even a place they call the Baths of Aphrodite (Venus) where you can go and legend has it that if you place the waters on your body, you will be healed of all troubles. Or be beautiful forever. One or the other. Possibly both.
    Beautiful right?

    Anyway, this was gorgeous. It had this feeling of inevitability about it or fate, as though it was all written in everything he (the poet) sees and senses. And the blind virgins praying is a powerful image, even though it was hidden and woven in to the rest of this little slice of romance.
    Nothing could stop those heartstrings or the allure of a sultry Mediterranean night, serenaded by a lonely (or maybe not so lonely) mandolin.

    Kind of dreamy too. I loved it. Are you surprised? Nope!


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    1. Yeah, always had a thing for the Mediterranean and the ladies from there. One of my little quirks.

      A little Fiery running around a street liked that. Must have been cute.

      Thank you for your kind appreciation. I had no idea Cyprus was the home of Venus.
      Be beautiful forever. what a wonderful thought.

      Not surprised by beautiful friend.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      And your beautiful thoughts.

      Lonely Author

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  2. Wonderful Mediterranean night with special dishes,and there your lonely heart feel like a Mendolin which strings are tugged by unknown attraction.”blind virgins are prayed in Saint Peter becilica….”your Signorina had amour in her eyes”fantastic.but plz don’t blame on my stars.they never winked you.😁really.hey dear dew!! Are Mediterranean nights so much amazing that those tugged your heart strings like you -a lonely mendolin?perhaps voice of mandolin is most are advised in better way.I have heard a song with LA VIDA just now.Most attractive not it?hey dew!!”mandolin wind….”is so much sweet.i am feeling- that voice is of you.plz reply soon.

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      1. your voice is like a Mandolin which had attracted many girls and attracting still now🌹 my lovely and kind hearted dear dew!!yeah .in my sky!!a most shining lonely star is telling in your voice and i am hearing.what a wonderful thing.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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          1. should learn to play madolin🌹🌹🌹after then-your loneliness converts in concerto,my dear!!🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼


              1. Yeah
                Here is tii

                Learning to play with Mandolin is not hard.may be there weather are hot or cool.but you have a strong will friend dew!!🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼


  3. Drew, your words are like a time machine my friend because you just take people places while they read your work. I just seen Old Italy thanks to you dear friend😁. Such an artist you are!🌹

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  4. Well done TLAB. I love how ‘your’ imagination took them to places they had never been which leads me to wondering thoughts. Did ‘you’ actually interact with them and was that exquisite? Or did the ‘you’ here, go traveling in his own imagination and they still have never been to those places? It could be either.

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  5. Aw… Drew, thank you very much for your kindness. I am reading your poem in this beautiful Mediterranean night in which I cannot sleep (I expected that). I can hear the waves crushing on the shore.

    What can I say? Gorgeous poem! It touches me deeply. I am looking to see if Venus winks at me too πŸ™‚

    “Mediterranean nights
    tugged at my heartstrings
    as if I were a lonely mandolin”

    The imagery here is superb, filled with melancholy and longing and signorina is beautiful. I think I manage to add as many “and”s Hemingway used to add in his writings πŸ™‚

    I am wrapped in your unbelievable mandolin song! Breathtaking play.

    Sending you lots of good wishes from this beautiful Mediterranean shore ( ah, my VPN says I am in England lol )

    Have a great magical evening, Drew!
    Can I ask what kind of pizza is the signorina having? πŸ™‚

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    1. Sorry, you couldn’t sleep. If I ever get over there, I imagine sleep would fail to come to me as well.
      You mentioned Hemingway…one of my favorites.

      Oh, you had to menton the pizza. Trying to stay away from the carbs.

      Thank you for your beautiful praise, encouragement, and friendship. It means so much to me.
      Thank you so much.

      Please send me a Mediterranean sunset.
      Stay inspired. Enjoy yourself.


    1. No, not at all. Photography definitely is not one of my strengths. Most of the images I have are taken or collected by good friends who are supportive of my blog.
      Thank you for stopping by to read and leave your beautful comment. I appreciate your kindness and support.

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  6. Coming Home

    From waterfalls to stepping stones, meandering
    across history’s bones, I am halted by a sound,
    the sound of mandolins.
    Sinewy and tempered, the strings play their song,
    accompanied by a chorus made up of flocking doves.
    I stroll and become enamoured before succumbing
    to temptation and falling in love with fate. Tumbling heather
    bows and lends to gentle footsteps, crooning whilst retracing
    a long forgotten voice.

    I rest a while in contemplation and let myself be trampled
    by hordes of folk returning, who hear the strumming
    soothes of a sound, a sound from deep within.

    I had the same thought. Enjoyed
    your write.

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    1. Oh my, I loved and enjoyed your comment. This was beautiful, quite musical like a soft melody of love.
      Thank you for this amazing comment. You have left a beautiful imprint on my blog.
      And I am grateful for that. Thank you so much.

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      1. I love the word ‘mandolin/subject’ and a lot can be evoked from using it, as you too proved. Thank you for your generous words here.


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