erased by the sea

erased by the sea

a fragile beach of sand
where the radiant foam of the shoreline
illuminates here and beyond
souls of light swim in pomegranates
currents transport their innocent flames
where they will be doused in the marsh of Styx
somewhere in the distance waves roll in
they are only felt by me
unseeing eyes will fail to witness
my footprints erased by the sea


205 thoughts on “erased by the sea

    1. Thank you for your kind read and words. Happy you enjoyed it.
      The images, I have supportive friends who contribute these images to my blog.
      I am a lucky man to have great friends.
      Thank you for your lovely words.


  1. This is beautiful and I like the layers and the reference to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Souls of light are condemned despite their innocence but I feel like it is the sea that sees the truth in this poem, but only momentarily before it is erased by the tide. A melancholic and fragile beauty to this poem.


    1. Very touched by your beautiful and thoughtful comments. The depth of the toughts you share along with yur poetic insight
      always make me smile. Happy you found so much in my poem. Thank you for your kind words and support.
      Always appreciated.

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  2. “souls of light swim in pomegranates” – I am still scratching my head Drew. It’s too deep. You will be held responsible for the loss of few strands that still tries to cover my top.
    Why the melancholy tune?


    1. You are going to laugh when I tell you. In the ancient world, pomegranates represented women/vaginas.
      Please hold onto your hair.
      This was all about thoughts on life and death and contemplating what I leave behind (footprints) and
      whether they will be erased.
      Thank you for your comment and thoughts. It is always appreciated.


  3. So so good! Truly beautiful, with hidden depths. Drew, you should really get your poetry into a book. The many fans you have here are already evidence of eager readers who devour your every word! πŸ™‚


    1. Humbled by this beautiful comment. You are alwasys so kind and inspiring with your words and posts Joy.
      I am touched and encouraged by your amazing words. Thgank you for your wonderful support.
      You make me feel blessed.


  4. This poem speaks to me of time, time that moves as constantly as the sea, equally creating and destroying. A bit different from your usual themes, but very thoughtful and as always, beautiful.


  5. Wonderfully written”soul of lights swim in pomegranate current transport with their innocent flames there they will be doused in the marsh of Sytx……”what a beautifully Greek mythology as shining metaphor as diamond in your poem.but touch a melancholic.all waves’s work is only erased everything.but in your heart and your your lovely associates can never forget everything related to are saying there are no any witness but the nature and waves of ocean are permanent witness because they take away your all foot prints to purify and and to try it drowning in its deepest to convert into a dear friend dew.!!now you in Orlando but why did you not erased the footprints on seashore of NYC.My dear dew!!i know it is only a poem,an amazing poem but it reminds me all thing.your pomegranate’s image is wonderful for sunset. Am i saying right? Plz reply ,dew!!


    1. Aruna, I finally arrived at this lovely comment. Your words make me so happy. I love the eway you adore my poetry and how you breakdown
      its nuances and meanings. It truly means so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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      1. Your name,
        Erased by sea;
        But echoed
        by memory,
        My lonely star tells
        About you more,
        You are no worthless for amour,
        But in process of converting in the pearl from my lovely dew!!
        Miss you,dear dew!!πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

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      1. Hello dear dew!! Where were you still now?really you are most careless. I have sent a comment on your this poem but you did not reply.i thought that i have lost my favourite poet the lonely author-my dear friend are really naught.😢

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            1. LOL . Aruna I am having problems with my vision. When I read blogs and answer my comments my vision is bad.
              IN New York it was okay because I was taking a taxi everywhere. Here I have to drive, so I am having difficulties.


                    1. It is good,dear!! Here very hot days from one month and feeling the blowing water in my your doctor suggested to live away from sunlight specially noon’s time?


                    2. Oh.i know.plz drive less than before.and save your eyes from direct sunlight by sunglass,dear!!do you use any eyedrop?dear!!plz take your best care of your eyes.

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  6. First, the picture…magical. Innocence, beauty and magic all in one.
    Gorgeous poem, but I fear my ability to interpret lines is somewhat dimmed today. I loved these lines
    “unseeing eyes will fail to witness
    my footprints erased by the sea”
    It’s how I feel right now…invisible. Though I am seen, I am not seen. Hmm…might have to put that line in a poem. x


    1. Laughing over here, because I read the poem that evolved from your comment. Grateful if I inspired you in anyway.
      For me, this pieces was about life and death, and the worry of the sea (life) erasing all traces of me (footprints).

      Sorry, you feel invisible. No one should ever feel that way. Unless, they want to during a time of mourning or
      introspection. There are times in my life where I wanted to be invisible just to get my head straight.

      You are in no way invisible Melissa. And the beauty of your poetry ensures that.
      Sorry, I am late in responding to my comments and blog reading. It has been a week of introspection for me.
      Really have tried to get in touch with myself and my place in my new life.

      I hope you are well. Missed readign you so I am happy I caught up.
      Be well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. It means a lot.

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      1. Sending a hug my friend. And you never have to fear that death will erase you. I have a feeling you will live on gloriously not only in the hearts of people here, but in the eternities as well. I’m glad you took the time to be introspective. I have done the same this week, but sunshine, weekends and summer have begun to work their magic. Happy Friday! xoxo


        1. How very kind of you to say that. I have had a tough time blogging since I moved. When I read to much my vision blurs more than normal, making driving a challenge. So I truly appreciate your concern and sweet words.

          Thank you. xo

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  7. My dearest Lonely Author,

    We all think about our own mortalityΒ  some point. It’s natural. I think that’s what you were doing here, since this is so beautifully contemplative and philosophical.

    What legacy will we leave behind, how will we be remembered…by our children? By the art we create? Our impact on other souls of light her before we leave this place…all of those things I saw in this, and possibly a hint of revert from the poet at not leaving behind his heart’s desire, possibly. What we leave behind though, lives on in the people we love and who love us and that cannot be erased.

    I love that the fragility of life is represented by the constantly changing and delicate yet forceful form of the ocean and the grains of sand. Partly heaven, partly life all in a beautiful cycle of constant change and flux and rebirth.

    And when you get deeply symbolic it’s amazing. The pomegranates are a huge symbol of fertility, especially in Greek culture. So that these illuminated should swim amongst them evokes the idea of birth and fertility and purity (and I am not googling this, so I could be a bit inaccurate but I know that pomegranates either grew or blossomed when Persephone was given back to her mother during summer, and then they withered when Hades took her back to under world…right? Has to be…and that makes your symbolism all the more profound) and then you placed that beautifully next to the symbol of the river Styx, taking the souls to the underworld where they can again be reborn.

    It’s so rich and deep, Andrew. I could write an academic essay on this, I am telling you. And you know I am serious!

    And more beautiful even you turn to yourself again or the poet does and he contemplates his mortality once more, only he sees it’s truth and its impact and he feels as though no one will be able to remember him as his footprints are erased. That is the most natural and beautiful question and thought process we ask ourselves and you articulated it so wonderfully and delicately.Β 

    It was a journey of symbology and life and death and the questioning and wondering if our legacy from the beautiful mind of a poet who created the imagesΒ 

    Loved it to its core.

    Always yours



    1. Fiery, this comment perfectly breaksdown my thoughts while writing this poem.

      Love your word on what we leave behind. Hopefully our loved ones remember and treasure our footprints.
      How insightful to see I was using the sea to represent the fragility of life. Really touched by your
      insight. Not surprised you understood the symbolism in pomegranates and the river Styx.

      Uncanny and amazing how you read me and this piece. Truly flattered and humbled.

      I was really contermplating my place in this world and whether my footprints would survive.
      Your gorgeous comment, provided reassurance. Thank you for that.

      Alwayas appreciate your beautiful insight Fiery.
      You are a treasure.

      Lonely Author

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      1. Made me smile this morning with your sweetness, my Lonely Author.
        You’re so effing welcome. (Had to add the censored swearing for emphasis)

        Seemed clear as day to me what you were expressing in this piece.

        It’s a beautiful feeling when someone understands you deeply.

        Makes me happy that I could give you that feeling.

        Some of these for you πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
        And this πŸ”₯❀️



  8. Wow, Drew. This is beyond beautiful.

    The innocent flames of the souls of light will be doused in the marsh of Styx.
    “unseeing eyes will fail to witness
    my footprints erased by the sea”

    Twice in this beautiful poem, which feels like the touch of a veil, pain opens her eyes. Innocence doused in the marsh of the Styx. I can interpret this in various ways, yet first thing I thought of was the death of innocent feelings. Then the longing: unseen eyes cannot see your footprints erased by the sea.

    This poem is gorgeous and it hurts. Perhaps is just me.
    However, you wrote an exceptional piece!


    1. You make me blush. And let me tell you, I adore you interpretation. Actually more beautiful thanb mine.
      The death of innnocent feelings is beautiful. There you go with your Midas touch. Turning everything
      into beauty.

      Flattered and grateful for your words. Thank you for your kindness.
      Mucho appreciated my dear.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha . Oh, it was a bit of philosophical moments where I thought about the meaning of life and death. Then, the thought of what I leave behind and if I will be remembered ran through my mind.

          Hey, pat me on the back. lol . I didn’t write about love. (Smiling big time G).

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I see.
            You did and you did not at the same time. I can read the last to lines in a way that reminds me of love.. of a faraway love..
            Seriously, a great poem, Drew. I love writings open to interpretation πŸ™‚


  9. Beaches always seemed so magical in your poems, because of them the mere thoughts of sand makes me want to close my eyes and dream. It’s a lovely poem as always ❀


          1. I have a note at the bottom of my posts to pop in a πŸ™‚ or hi… so I’ll know who stops by… Sometimes folks look at that.
            I also try to visit through the stats to see Likes. But writing and return visits to comments are a priority. πŸ™‚

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              1. The issue is that WP gives one a choice to use Likes or not. I chose ‘not to’ since when I did I also got oodles of odd folks, some of who were trolls. Which is one of the reasons I gave up my other blogs.

                As for the ‘icon switch’ and ‘link switch’ they may be an easy things to do – I just don’t know how. I’m not very techy. And if my icon going to the closed site distracts twits… well I’m OK with that.

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  10. Oh wow! That’s gorgeous, very self prophetic.
    It must be the move you made… maybe the ocean? Something about your cadence and delivery has me swimming in pleasantry. It’s hard to put it into words. It’s not a “better” it’s a “change”, and I feel it.


    1. What a gorgeous and humbling comment. Resa, to have this comment come from someone as talented as you…..sigh.
      Very flattered and grateful. I am a beach boy. Always have been. The closer I am to beaches and palm trees
      the happier I am.
      Thank you for your beautiful words. You alwaqys touch my soul.


  11. unseeing eyes will fail to witness
    my footprints erased by the sea

    Wow! these words sunk in my soul as if I stood alone on the wet sand. Beautiful, just beautiful. Have a blessed time and fabulous weekend.


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