everywhere time inscribes his indelible marks
there remains one untainted corner
beneath a thousand wounds
of boiling sensitivities
our hearts are a lab
creating poetic alchemy
a lonely place where the unloved
transform melancholy into poetry

137 thoughts on “alchemy

    1. You won’t believe this. I though of you when that line came to me.
      I read your poetry. At that moment I thought, that is exactly what you do.
      Turn melancholy into poetry.
      Hope I haven’t offended you with my reply. That was not my intention.
      Sorry, if I did.

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  1. My Lonely Author,

    Perfectly beautiful, relatable and true.
    We all need a place to share our hearts and souls.
    You’ve connected to everyone with this poem of creative, magical imagery and from the melting pot of loneliness, love and expression, you made gold.

    See what I did there.


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    1. Smiling and half blushing. Takes a lot for a full blush, but you know that already.

      melting pot of loneliness You won’t believe this. I was playing with a line somewhat similar to this in this very poem.
      I just thought it would go well, but it never materialized.

      Yes, I see what you did there. lol

      Thank you for your beautiful appreciation. It means so much to me.

      Lonely Author xo

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      1. A full blush…damn, as you Americans say.

        Actually I DO believe that you considered a line like that! I’ve given up questioning this poetic connection. lol. I just let it run around freely and be magical and stuff.

        My pleasure always.
        You’re kind of my fave, but don’t tell anyone.




          1. To answer your question..we say bloody hell, f*** me, cor blimey…okay that last one is a bit chimney sweep in Mary Poppins but you get the picture.
            I personally tend to say damn a lot. And way worse things, too!
            I have no control over my mouth most days

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  2. Most lovely,dear dew!!amazing alchemy of love in lab of heart.a new experiment in poetry is gorgeous.all scientists are failed here.😊amazing lines are”creating poetry alchemy a lonely place where the unloved transform melancholy into poetry”.awesome,dear.but great thing is “boiling sensitivities in lab of your heart.funny but having a touch of melancholy. Weldon my dear friend!!

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                  1. I am laughing on myself but no worriesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚really i am a silly type woman.hey dew!! If you allow me to sleep.can i sleep now?because i am most tired.

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  3. Hey there Drew,

    Fascinating poem.

    “a lonely place where the unloved
    transform melancholy into poetry”

    Aren’t you sweet today? The unloved; the transformation of melancholy into poetry. Beautiful.

    May you have an afternoon as beautiful as your poem.


    1. Smiling. Hola G,

      You are very kind. I struggled with tis piece for some reason. Didn’t come out the way I truly wanted.
      Thank you for your beautiful words of appreciation. Your wonderful support, motivation, and praise encourages
      me to reach deeper into my soul for the next time.

      Always touched by your comments.

      Thank you for being you. Always appreciated. Thank you.

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    1. You are so right. It is a delicate combination of the two. oets write about certain things in life
      and in those words are hidden their own experiences, feelings, and thoughts\.

      Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts. Truly appreciate it.


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