when the moon arrived without you

when the moon arrived without you

A metaphor slowly wilts
like a red rose dying
in the sad reflections of a tinted vase

faded petals of unrecited verses
expired in a gentle whisper
as cold winds blew

tonight, a melancholy poem
exhaled its final breathe
when the moon arrived without you

I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I am struggling with my vision and I hope to be back soon to read your blogs and reply to comments on mine,


364 thoughts on “when the moon arrived without you

  1. If I repeat myself forgive my dotage; I shall try to visit Mondays…
    Do take care of yourself.
    Write as large as you need on paper or put the print to huge on your PC. πŸ™‚
    Just keep writing!


  2. WordPress makes things difficult for those who do not speak computerese.
    The only blog I have open, (different from the actual link) is named Julse Pens So Gems I have not figured out how to make the icon go there instead of to one of my closed sites. Hope that helps. Thanks, Jules


  3. Please get better soon. I hope you do something about this problem. You might even google some exercises for your eyes. Don’t push yourself too much. Most of us are having one problem or another, and visiting other blogs sometimes becomes a hard task. Take your time.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and supportive words. I have to imrpove my blog reading routine. Make it more efficient and productive.
      Take regular reading breaks.
      Thankl you so much for your words. They are greatly appreciatede.

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  4. Hope your vision is returning and it’s nothing more than something reading glasses will take care of. Great poem too. It makes me think about turning from the night and waiting for the next moon…hoping.

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    1. Smiling. What gorgerous thoughts to share. Happy to inspire those thoughts. Thank you for your kind read and words.
      Happy this poem was to your liking.

      Vision is a problem doctors cannot fix. I have had thiis problem for four years now. The difference is I am living
      in Florida and I have to drive now. I am searching for ways to change my blog reading habits to help me through
      the process. Thank you for your kind wishes.

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  5. I was working backwards on your posts and just saw the one about your vision. You do have a huge following and a lot of comments to manage…I can’t imagine. It would be like a full-time job to manage it properly. I hope you find the balance that fulfills you, brother.


    1. Thank you for your very kind words and wishes. I appreciate your comment and support.
      The comments do pile up on me sometimes. I am trying to learn to manage them better by
      haing some of my posts be comments closed.

      Thank you my friend. Be well.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful words and wishes. The blurred vision has been there for years, but now that I drive it is a much greater concern.
      Finding ways to work around it after a brief hiatus.
      Thank you for your lovely words of concern. It means so much.


  6. Rest your eyes Drew. Hope you aren’t overdoing it. But glad you shared this lovely poem with me. The moon is indeed a wonderful source of inspiration to express melancholic thoughts. She is too beautiful, mysterious and far out of our reach!


    1. I have been restoing my eyues and limited my blogging time, thus my late response.
      The moon is a wonderful inspiration. She has been for centuries.
      Amazing when we think of the great minds, poets, and artist that bask in her.
      Thank you for your kind words and advice.
      Always appreciated


      1. Sorry for my late response Andrew but I’m on holiday in Edinburgh catching up with my family and enjoying the Festival Fringe shows. Yes the moon was such a beautiful sight above the castle last night. Best, Marje πŸ™‚

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  7. This poem speaks so clearly to me and your image, as ever, is exquisite. Thank you. I am sorry to read about your sight, BTW, as a macular degeneration sufferer I have a certain empathy for your problem. Be well soon!


    1. Flattered this spoke to you. I have often asked myself how many millions have been inspired by the moon?
      Think of all of the poets, artists, and writers. Amazing.

      Thank you for your very kind and supportive words. I finally feel well enough to reply to the backlog
      of messages. Grateful for your kindness. Thank you. Be well.


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