your absence

your absence

your absence
wanders the solitude of my room
through labyrinths of silence
like my heartbeat screaming
inside the darkest of catacombs
it is a symphony of memories
that echo with no finale
an unholy apparition
haunting without mercy
as I lay in a bed of dead roses
where the thorns of your absence
are forever piercing me


311 thoughts on “your absence

    1. Smiling at this comment. I think we all have experienced loss in way or another.
      Maybe I am just a silly fool for not only keeping the memories stored, but doing
      my best to remember the pain as well to inspire my writing. (Bit of a masochist).

      Thank you for these very lovely thoughts. I always appreciate ythe way you touch me.

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  1. I never knew that the pain, grief and sorrow arising from separation can be expressed in such magnificent way… It’s really an awesome and touching piece, buddy…

    Take care of your eyes and health… Believe in God, he will definitely bless you in every way…

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    1. Humbled by your beautiful words. Serously, it touched me so much. I am graterful for your read and sharing your thoughts.
      I feel like a lucky man.

      Thanks for the words of advice. I am pacing myself with blog reading. Taking many breaks as well.

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        1. I am trying different methods to make this process easier on my eyes. Reading breaks. Enlarging fonts
          on my screen. Thank you for your concern and your suggestiob.
          I truly appreciate your kindness. Thank you for your warm support.

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  2. It is a thought provoking poem but there seems to be an ‘absence’ of theme as well, was that on purpose? If so, bravo! It certainly is fun to read in more than one dimension! 💕

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  3. Very vivid poem, and great descriptions used to articulate deep emotions. The pain of devastation comes through very clearly. Never easy when someone who matters to you is never around. A great piece.

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  4. We’ve all felt he absence of the one we love, whether someone who’s never loved us back, someone who’s gone for a while or even more sadly, forever, or someone who once loved us as well but now does not. Love is not stagnant, it flows, but the flow can flood or recede. Then it’s the memories that lift or drown us. Obviously, this one really touched me.

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  5. OMG! It’s so difficult missing someone you love. Even my pet cats passed haunt me with the thorns you speak of.
    A beautifully melancholy poem, Lonely!
    Well, I’m not sure what to say, but I wish the pain to go away.

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    1. Smiling
      I am touched by your beautiful reaction Resa. Yes, the loss doesn’t have to be a lover for us to feel the thorns of pain.
      Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts and feelings. I am flattered and honored by your words.

      As for your beasutiful wishes, thank you. But this was all written from my sick creative mind. There has been no fecent
      loss in my life. Technically, I would be required to have a girlfriend first for me to lose her. Funny how that works.

      Thank you.

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  6. This is something that I could have written but you do it better , I wonder if I could have written it so well. It’s like an echo of my thoughts .


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