walking a quiet path
valentina found a wilted flower
admiring its faded beauty she wondered
if this flower has ever been loved
or did she bloom in gardens of neglect
have her petals ever kissed
the one who got away
valentina took her home
to spend her lonely nights
watering dead flowers
with tears of yesterday


261 thoughts on “valentina

      1. I am so glad your new surroundings are bringing you so much joy! You deserve all the happiness in the world!!!
        I am feeling a little better, but still battling the job stress. I sometimes think having a big heart causes me way more stress. All good things come to those who wait!

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              1. Yes, it is the new job that isn’t anything it was supposed to be. I feel a little betrayed, but such as life. Thank you so much for beaching some for me! There is nothing more calming than the sound of the waves crashing down!

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  1. Just adding this to my favourites collection! It’s a topic I believe affects many – do I truly know what love is and have I let the love of my life go? The overall feeling of poignant regret. I admit I would love to not be single right now and so sometimes these questions echo out to me and I start wondering.

    Very beautifully written with the perfect photo to accompany it.

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  2. My dearest Lonely Author,

    I will say much more when I can, but please know that this was a work of poetic art and heart and soul.
    Your allegory woven into a metaphor interlaced with deep loneliness and longing and misguided pure hearts was gorgeous.

    I heart this. And I’m holding back!

    I miss visiting you


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    1. Dear Ms. Fiery,

      Thrilled that you enjoyed Valentina’s little story and its meaning. Your words and support mean so much to me. Your delicate comment caressed my poetic soul.

      Thank you for your beautiful support. I treasure it.

      Missing you too.

      Beach Boy

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  3. A ray of hope in neglected life”watering dead flowers with tears of yesterday”,still now i am thinking about these amazing wordings.really,dear dew!!you are magician of shining words and metaphors.awesome and unique poet-my lonely author !!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷every line has sweetness like honey🐝🐝🐝🐝

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      1. My lonely star is going and you have decided for no replying.dear dew!! You are my sweet dreams as flying,do you not know?some one is thinking about you like a violin without bow. is right for well.bless you.good night.

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          1. Some thing fine dear dew!!because i had go to Delhi and returned back i am feeling most tired now.i am on my bed and going to sleep now.good night,my dear friend!!bless you ,dear!!


              1. Some times fine and some time harsh time,dear dew!! I have just now a post”no darkness on shrouds..”plz read it and your yesterday post the word of Shroud is most inspired me.plz see that,and reply,,my dear friend.your poem had me reminded the true famous love story of Laila and Majanu(Qays).

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  4. You know I actually googled, β€œCan you bring dead flowers back to life?” And according to this website,, and I quote,
    Bringing dying flowers back to life to is no easy task, but it can be done if you have the right tools. One of the most important is a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus. When applied as directed, a phosphorus-rich fertilizer stimulates re-budding of your flower. You also need to provide your near-dead flowers with a sunny locale, no matter if they are inside or out. Your garden can be beautiful and vibrant once more.

    I know I could be so literal sometimes! Your poem just made me wonder…

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      1. Stubble care 101! Me, a gardener? I would love to! I keep nagging my husband to build me a greenhouse. He argued that I’ve never grown anything in my life, so I have to prove to him yet that I can grow something. One of my chores growing up is watering the plants at home. But that’s about it. No trimming or anything. What about you? Got a green thumb there?

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  5. I have an antique brass spittoon full of roses from this poem’s metaphor re: flowers.
    Thank you for reminding me of my romantic fortune, with this delicate prose.

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  6. Dear dew!! Most beautiful line”watering dead flowers with tears of yesterday”most amazing imagination.oh ,you are remembed by me most bitterly.but i know so only waiting for well ,my dear.don’t worry about anything.take your best care.bless you, my dear dear dew!!


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