Must Love Shoes

A bold glimpse into me. Since I was courageous enough to post this, I will leave comments open. I could use a good laugh.

Must Love Shoes

In a recent conversation with my friend Shelley of Quaint Revival I confessed my love for women’s shoes. (No, I do not wear them). No, not a shoe kisser type either, I just adore women who have plenty of shoes (in all styles and colors). Women’s shoes and feet, totally drives me insane.

One of the reasons I chose this new apartment, it has a shoe closet.

My idea of the perfect evening?

Lights are turned low. We are sitting on the couch, sipping wine, listening to soft mood setting music. We talk about poetry, life, books, and my favorite subject – YOU. My hands gently caress and massage your feet which rest in my lap.

Coming from New York, I met women all the time, on the bus, trains, stores, and streets. I guess you know by now, shyness is not one of my traits. So, I don’t use any of those internet meet sites.

But if I ever was to place a personal ad….

Single guy in Orlando area. Loves walks on the beach, shopping, coffee, sunsets, writing, and great conversation. Enjoys an occasional sangria, wine, or mojito. Other than blogging, not into social media. You: Should share my love for writing and poetry. Prefer if you were smarter than me. Don’t worry, this is a no brainer. (bad joke). Love for trying new restaurants required. Good sense of humor necessary! Oh, and you MUST LOVE SHOES.


365 thoughts on “Must Love Shoes

      1. Yeah comfort is a huge factor, and finding the right pair that fits well is always a chore…then on the flip side I have a hard time letting go when it’s time. 😂 yet I sent 8 pairs to Goodwill (pats self on back) a few weeks ago to make room for new. 😉

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  1. That’s intriguing! I had a discussion once with some of my male friends about the importance of shoes. One of the first things I look at when I find a man attractive is what kind of shoes he is wearing. The other day I was at a stoplight and there was a motorcyclist next to me, I couldn’t see his face because of his helmet, but I looked at his shoes and I just loved the style of shoe he was wearing! I sat there and admired them so much that I made up a personality for this mystery biker and joked to myself that I would follow that pair of shoes anywhere.

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    1. Smiling. One of the first things I observe in a woman is her shoes. It does sat a lot.
      I have known women who do the same with men. A man’s shoe can tell you much about his
      personality. Did he polish them? What style does her use?

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts and experiences.
      Grateful for your words and kindness. Thank you.

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  2. Most beautiful expression about the lady shoes.those will be awesome in your closet.i am happy to see after a long like was waiting for you since a long time.a lot of blessed love,dear dew!!🌹


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