the color of you

the color of you

one day when I look back
on how I adored you in silence
i will remember the tint of your words
how my every breath
was inspired by your hues
and if by chance the day arrives
where you become a sepia memory
nothing will ever change
for i will always cherish
the color of you

281 thoughts on “the color of you

  1. To the warmth of your words joins the exciting and beautiful colors that your poetry gives off. 😊😘

    A la calidez de tus palabras se une los apasionantes y bellos colores que desprende tu poesía. 😊😘

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  2. Andrew, my goodness! Every time I read your poems, I’m stunned by the width and the depth and the magnificence of your talent. How you do what you do always, and I mean always, touches me deeply. May your muse assist you each and every day to not think about the pain you endure. Beautiful post!! Thank you!

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  3. We are all beautiful in our own way with our many shades and scars that make us beautiful in our own way! This is so beautiful keep up the wonderful penmanship! You are awesome


  4. This one really touched my soul, dear Drew. Don´t we all wish for someone to love us with such devotion and depth? I can really relate to this poem – it feels as if your being is completely bathed in your loved one´s essence, and you´ll remain entrenched forever on a soul-level, even if they shall “become a sepia memory” (exquisitely expressed!). Your art is true beauty, amigo. Hope you are well, muchos abrazos


    1. Oh my, what a gorgeous comment. Your words were poetry. You came and lef a work of art on my blog.
      Thank you for your wonderful appreciation of my poem.
      Amiga, when there is love time nor age she ruin how we remember a person. If there is love, they will
      always be beauiful.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are wonderful.
      Gracias Amiga. Abrazos.

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      1. De corazon amigo! What can I say – your art brings the poet in me out of hiding, your art acts as an encouragement of my being to step into the light and out of its oftentimes shy shell! Deep gratitude to you for that, and for being so open and sharing. You are wonderful, too! Gracias! Abrazo grande 🙂


  5. The color of you is such a beautiful concept. We all shine in different colors both inside and out.
    Vivid in its’ description, as it brings to mind, a rainbow of loving romance in vivid colors in a sepia lack-of-color tone. Beautiful …
    Isadora 😎


    1. While writing this, I thought, when we are in love, time and age may affect the way a person looks, but
      if we really love them, they will always be beautiful in our eyes.

      So happy you liked this poem. Thank you for your beautiful words Isadora. They mean so much.
      Thank you very much.


        1. There are so many women here in WordPress that inspire me. In some ways my muse is a composite
          of all these amazing ladies, yet, honestly, there is one that does inspire me more than the others.Hope that answers your question.
          Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful message and wishes. I appreciate your kindness
      and wonderful support. Hope you are doing well.

      I see your blog has gone private. I sent an invite, hope that is okay.
      Have a great day.


          1. Nope… not publicly, but I can hunt them down in the Dashboard. The story though wasn’t about the Twins. Just sisters who didn’t get along. Seems siblings don’t always mesh as well as one would like – that’s life though.

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              1. Distance doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder… I had a relative that moved after she got married – barely spoke to her sisters. When the Mom passed the one who moved came in for the funeral for the service didn’t even stay overnight… barely talked to any other relatives. Separation from old world beliefs or responsibilities? Everyone is, I suppose entitled to their own reasons.


  6. This is lovely Drew. I think of you in shades of blue- indigo, sapphire, turquoise, cerulean, swirling in an ocean of loneliness. It’s probably the whole ‘Lonely Author’ persona that comes through-lol.


    1. This is one of the most poetic and beautiful comments I ever recieved Linda.
      Thank you so very much. I can see that blue in me. It is why I have always
      adored the beach photo.

      Thank you for this gorgeous comment. I will always treasure it.

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    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, but I do not participate in the giving or receiving of awards.
      Thank you so much for your nominating me. Please understand, I am currently building a new home and
      manintaining a busy blog while writing my book.
      Thankls again. I hope you understand.


    1. Smiling. We age, we change, perhaps lose our beauty. But if there is real love.
      We will always remember a person at the most beautiful best.

      Your words and praise touched me. So happy you liked this one so much.
      Thank you for your beautiful words. I am grateful and lucky.


    1. Your beautiful appreciation for this poem really touches me. Every time we exchange thoughts. I always think I am talking to a very special soul with a heartb and soul that has no limits.
      I treasure your woords. They always touch me.
      Thank you.

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