our first date

our first date

Yes, I am talking about you and me. Our first date.

Let me warn you, I always say those three little words on a first date.

Let me begin by saying, first dates are for connecting and conversations, finding out if there is chemistry. I don’t believe in movies or Broadway shows on a first date.

It should be all about the conversation.

So, we may begin with a walk in a garden, art exhibit, museum, or book store. If I know anything about you, I will try to start the date viewing something pleasureable to you. It is a good ice breaker. I once started a date with a tom-boy lady friend by playing minature golf (me in a suit and tie, her in a little black dress).

Back to us. Of course, you and I will finally sit down for a fine dinner.

At some point during the dinner conversation, when you least expect it, I will gaze into your eyes and whisper those three little words.

“Tell me more.”


Photo taken by me during a quiet dinner on this exotic paradise.

240 thoughts on “our first date

  1. Gorgeous!! I’m also more interested in a walk through a garden on a first date rather than a movie. Conversation is everything on dates in general I think. Just not the interview type of conversation Lol… Hope you have fun on your first date with this lovely lady, Andrew ๐Ÿ˜


  2. First, Andrew, when I saw the photograph, I sighed. The poetic beauty and the simplicity screamed romance to me. Perfectly captured. And then your words. I hung on to every single one of them, imagining myself on a date as you described and found myself yearning. You are quite a man to want to get to know a woman and what she not you would want on a date. Not many men can do that. I applaud you. Your recap is written to perfection, fyi. I wish it were me sitting at that table ……


  3. This is awesomely amazing my dear friend Drew, a perfect date for anyone. Itโ€™s always important to know somebody instead of trying to know some โ€œbodyโ€ first. Your words and plans make for a romantic date thatโ€™ll have any woman signing up for reservations for a second date my friend. A dinner at The Gentlemanโ€™s Diner with Drew sounds like something any lady would do! Very nice my friend.๐ŸŒน


    1. My dear, look at me. I am finally getting to old messages. So don’t apologize fgor being MIA.
      Thank you for your beautiful words and for your special wishes. I am touched.
      Alyssa, thank you for everything. So appreciate your and your warm heart.
      Be well.

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