floating on rhythmless seas

“I don’t know if we each have a destiny. Or if we’re all just floating around accidental, like on a breeze. But I think, maybe it’s both.” – Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)

floating on rhythmless seas

i am a poet
a vagabond soul
captain of a rudderless ship
floating on rhythmless seas
navigated by unseen winds
finding random friends
whenever they appear

the ocean is wide
my sail so brief
each wave is an opportunity
luck or chance or inevitability
i cherish every moment
i love ’til it hurts
for who knows where
the currents will take me
as I drift towards my final destiny


251 thoughts on “floating on rhythmless seas

  1. I think, somehow, we are on very similar wavelengths. I was just writing and posting the same time you were…both about destinies and finding our purposes…or not finding them. πŸ™‚ How very odd that we should both be struck with that same feeling on this Sunday night. “a vagabond soul..captain of a rudderless ship…floating on rhythmless seas…navigated by unseen winds”…ah, the perfect words to describe that floundering feeling of not knowing which way to go. “the ocean is wide…my sail so brief…” that line, Drew…pure genius. You outdid yourself this time, Drew. I applaud your masterful artistry. Well done, my friend, well done. xoxo

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    1. I was watching a sunset and these thoughts invaded my mind. I never thought I would have the freedom to live the way I am currently living – a vagabond life. It is such a wonderful and carefree feelings. This is what life is truly about.

      So, I got to thinking of my purpose here in this life. I hope I was meant to preach love and life and help others find the light of what is truly important in life. Life is more than the 9 to 5 and accomplishments.

      It is odd that we were both thinking the same thing at the same time. Shows you we are on the same wavelength. The lines you mentioned were aong my favorites.
      The ocean/sail so brief I believe are the heart of this piece. Life is too short. I like to think love and happiness are the things we are meant to be/experience.

      Grateful for your kind and very generous words. Thrill;ed you liked it and humbled by your beautiful praise.

      I guess I could write about something other than love. (Although, this was about my love of life).

      Thank you Melissa. Grateful for your friendship and support.

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      1. Dear Drew, why would you write about anything other than love? To love and be loved purely is one of the highest goals of our lives. To leave behind a legacy of love and light…what a legacy! Write what inspires your heart and what pours out of your soul…that’s when your poetry is genius. Sending love and hugs my friend xoxoxo

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  2. Such a beautiful surrender to fate or chance or whatever is the guiding force of the wind.. but if you allow it to happen, surely that must be contentment. Drifting on the sea, at the whim of the universe.

    Vagabond poet – that suits you!!

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    1. There is much contentment there (in that freedom). A great feeling. Wish more people could experience this drifting. A truly life altering experience.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Always treasured. The Lonely Vagabond Poet fits rather nicely. LOL

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      1. Ahhh, lonely vagabond poet. Perfect for you! Recently someone (who doesn’t know I write) told me I was dressed like a beatnik poet 😳. I was not sure if this was an insult or a compliment??!!

        And yes drifting…. it’s something I long for to be honest. Stay vagabond, lonely poet, and keep gifting us these beautiful poems.


        1. Beatnik poet. LOL I don’t even want to try to guess. Take it as a compliment (and let it go).

          Drifting…I just picture you so much wiser than many of us. Rooted in your life, but wise enough
          to not become stagnant. Alwaya imagined you with a little vagabond in you. And I mean that in a
          good way. Rachelm, I believe you are wise enough to enjoy life to its fullest.

          I will stay vagabond. Thanks.

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          1. I tried to interpret it as β€œintellectual” LOL. It wasn’t that bad, (I didn’t think). It was cold and I had a beanie with a Pom Pom and my glasses… I kinda liked it to be honest. Kind of a vagabond vibe in a way.

            As for being wise, I love it that that’s what you think of me… certainly not his I see myself. You really are a beautiful soul Andrew. Thank you.


            1. Laughing reading this. This was your repkly to the hippie compliment.
              Vagabond vibe…..I bet your wear it well. Pom pom and all. lol

              I see the way you interpret poetry and how you express your interpretation,
              I definitely don’t have that talent like you do. I wish I did. You floor
              people with your comments. You do it to me all of the time. (Good thing
              too. That is how I find the thiongs that have fallen under the bed.)

              Thank you for making me laugh. That is always appreciated.

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    1. Forrest Gump was a great movie. Happy you find my poem beautiful. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts. And I am honored if I inspired you in any way. Please let me know if you post anything from this inspiration. Would be happy to read it.
      Thank you so much.

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    1. Such a beautiful and thoughtful comment. I surrender to the beauty of your words.
      For a lonmg time I lived fighting to control my destiny (which isn’t always possible). Recently, I have been in drifting mode, feeling free and alive.

      Thank you for your thoughtful thoughts. LOL
      Your words are always treasured.
      These touched my heart.

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    1. That is the whole Forrest Gump theme. A feather being blown by the wind.
      Lately, I have had the freedom and peace to let myself drift on the sea, letting it take me where it wants.

      I will research Tao Te Ching. Thank you for sharing these words with me. I am truly grateful for the way your touched me. Thank you.

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    1. I am so happy yuo said that. I did just that. Read the post with the soft music playing in the background. It does add to the meaning and experience.

      Thrilled you loved it. So happy reading your words.
      Thank you for this wonderful comment Jessica.
      You made my day. Grateful. Flattered. HAPPY.

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  3. I deeply LOVE your opening 2 lines for one specific reason EACH. I will literally give you anything you want if you guess the reasons! ❀️πŸ”₯

    I guarantee, you will be inundated with comments today telling you how resonant this piece is and how much everybody connects to it and to you through it. You’ll be connecting all over the place. πŸ’‹ You know you’ve touched beautifully on a subject that permanently resides in everyone’s contemplative thoughts. All the time.

    I have spent the best part of my life wondering about the concepts of destiny and fate, of pathways visible and invisible- because both are constantly present, it just matters which one of those pathways we choose to allow ourselves to focus on and I feel like that is exactly what you express when you say that while you are the captain, your ship is rudderless. Your sea is rhythmless, yet the unseen winds navigate you. You express the duality of destiny and chance so perfectly. All gorgeous and expertly crafted analogies for life. You are a poet.

    I still do not know whether there is such a thing a chance. I am so deeply into the belief that all things are meant for us, that everything is made for us and all we encounter and go through is what we were always meant to because it shapes us. Paints our souls the colours they were meant to be. Beats our hearts the way they were meant to beat and love. You know that very well, right. In fact I believed it so much, I almost let it take me to a dark place, in the sense that all the bad things that have ever happened to me I deserved them somehow. That it was some karmic debt I was paying. And that caused me I think, to believe that somehow I was not good enough, or that I wasn’t done paying this karmic debt, this debt that destiny was demanding I pay before…I didn’t know at the time before what but I think it was a belief that I was suffering certain things because I did certain bad things and so the universe had to be balanced before I was allowed a glimpse of my destiny and my true happiness.

    And then, like someone told me once, you think life is going in one direction and then something happens and changes things. Shifts your perceptions so dramatically you are compelled to call it destiny and fate. And I honestly believe it is.

    What we’ve been through, shapes us and prepares us for what we are destined to go through and experience. To the happiness we deserve. And who knows, Andrew. ThatΒ may be true. God only knows. But when you allow yourself to go that deeply into the ‘everything happens for a reason’ path, punishing yourself as I did, it can take over take your Truth, if that makes sense.Β  There is a deep fundamental balance in all things. It’s the hardest thing to truly understand I think. We want to believe in destiny but then does that mean all the things that have hurt us almost irreparably were meant to happen too? Therefore I deserved the pain I experienced? We all have those thoughts and they are painful and confusing and the answer to a degree to those questions is yes. BUT not yes because you are bad. Yes because you are you, and you are meant to be moulded in a certain way because one day… you’ll need that armour life has given you, you’ll need that love that has grown in your heart and burns inside for when you are finally ready to meet your true destiny.Β 

    And the journey is important. You paint that concept so wonderfully. Cherish the journey because it is leading you exactly where you want to beΒ 

    Β I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a combination of destiny, which is set out for us, because some things are inevitable, and that path is…the main road if you will but also that, along that road are detours and they are choices we make and they can shape the road to destiny, yes, but you will always reach it. When things are meant to be, they just are. I feel like in your final stanza, you are saying something similar. Every wave an opportunity. The sea is the sea and has always been and will always be; the destination will be reached eventually. It’s the how that tortures us. The how and the when .Β 

    If I’ve learnt one thing over the past few months, it’s that the how and the when are not for us to know immediately. Something feels right, like your ship is being pulled by invisible forces towards a destiny. You can’t fight it. You don’t know how this destination has been determined and how it will be captured,Β  but you can traverse the waves with all the hurt and love you’ve ever felt and hold that ship steady and true with all the determination and life warrior gifts you’ve been given through your experiences good and bad and I feel like when you trust.. when you just trust that this is it. This is the final….IT that is meant for you, then as you put it, you’ll drift towards your final destiny. Even the word ‘drift’, my Lonely Author; just your choice to use that word shows me that you know you are being taken towards your destiny. You’re not forcing it, you’re not consciously guiding it, but you are allowing the How and the When to happen as you navigate your way, because it feels right and you are wide eyed, yet partly blinded by the sea and the waves. You think you are searching for answers in this poem, but you already have them all.

    They are just revealed one by one until they are all answered and illuminated and beautiful, just tailor made for you.

    Β I love til it hurts, too.

    It’s not easily understood by many, many people we know. I don’t know that there is any other way to love.




    I hereby free you from having to respond in detail to this unending comment!
    Chuck me a little kiss and I’ll be happy

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    1. Okay Fiery,

      I will take the bait. You like the first two lines because, you know how happy I am being a vagabond soul. It gives me such freedom and happiness. I know you are happy for me. Reason number two, and probably the main reason…..for the very
      first time in my life or in my poetry, I admitted to being a poet.

      Again, you are correct, therer are a ton of comments for this post. It does appear as if many relaed to this piece. I mean, it is our lives. Our existence is fate and chance, destiny and randomness. We plan and work towards our goals, and life blows us in a direction we never intended. So, I guess it is safe to say people related to it.

      Your thoughts in paragraph three, item two. LMFAO . Your thoughts were right on.
      We can choose a destiny or path, but life has a different plan for us; thus we are captains of rudderless ships. I thought it was the perfect analogy. So glad you think I expressed the duality so perfectly. Humbled by your beautiful words.

      Karmic debt is something I have wondered about often. I do believe the universe searches for balance. We do reap what we sow. So, there is some fate involved once we set our course.

      Now, the thoughgts of God and “everything happens for a reason.” I remind you of the opening lines of the second stanza. “the ocean is wide, my sail so brief.”
      Life is much too short to punish ourselves for past errors in judgement. In fact, the mere act of punishing ourselves (mentally) can divert or impede the opporunity of changing course. Many opportunities in life I lost when one focuses on the past.
      Deep, huh? Never thopught you would be in deep thoughts with the Beach Boy.

      The journey is everything. The destination is great, but it is triumphants and anguish that we encounter along the way that makes life what it is. A wonderful journey. That is why I chose the metaphor of sailing.

      Your thoughts are perfect. Your breakdown brilliant.

      Drifting was a key word.

      Thank you for this marvelous comment. It truly touches me that you took out the time. LOved your thoughts. many mirror my own.

      Thank you and bless you. XOXOXOXO

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    1. Smiling at your beautiful comment. First, happy you liked the image, I felt it was perfect for the poem. Your words made me happy, too. I think there is no defining answer. LIfe is a mix of destiny and chance/luck.
      I do believe it is much too short, thus we must cherish every moment.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is greatly appreciated.


      1. Congrats on completing the hut! Enjoy the beach – don’t forget to share photos so I can be envious while I imagine the view from my new windows instead! πŸ˜‰


          1. LOL – if only the windows didn’t suck up travel funds…I’d use it to coax another trip outta Mr.! Hopefully the windows will keep us cozy during the time of the year we’re craving a dose of the sea!

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    1. That is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this little poem.
      We can make all the plans we want, but life or destinty takes us in
      another direction.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment my friend. Much appreciated.


    1. Ah, Brad, thank you for this gorgeous and thoughtful comment. Life is special and we should make the most of it.
      You demonstrate your love of life in your beautiful writting and your appreciation of nature and your surroundings.
      Thank you for yuour beautiful words. Always treasured here.

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  4. My dear friend dew!! Most lovely but having a touch of pain in your image and video.i don’t know-why?The eternal truth of relationship between the destiny(ship of life)and the ocean(universe).you have beautifully described the uncertainty of life.so much melancholic rhyme in your poem perhaps the title of your poem is floating in rhythmless seas .you should be know that the sea is never rhythmless.it’s waves sing when those are silently and touching smoothly from the rock.when those are in anger or in depression then converts into roaring shape and talk to all in stormy way may be with rock or ship.wonderful line but so much teary” vagabond soul,captain of the rudderless ship”and true”the ocean is wide my sail is so brief…”oh.when i think in philosophical way about the life ,i feel so much sad and my heart drowned into the well of tears.Tom Hanks said in the movie above sentence , so much true,emotional,heart touching and tearful.i have seen that movie which had me so much affected emotionally,mentally and heart is filled up from tears.oh,what is the destiny which are forcing us to act and react on the stage of life.really life is merely a drama and we all are puppets in the hand of destiny.Hardy said very well-“the life gives us to deny.”i have read your poem from morning and all day that poem had touched my soul.in last lines is massage for them who are most in depression.a unique masterpiece in the word of poems,my dear friend dew!! Most heart touching your last lines”for who knows currents will take me as i drift toward my final destiny”.wonderfully written,my dear!!

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    1. Aruna, such beautiful words and thoughts, The sea doea have its own rhythm. Perhaps it was not the appropriate metaphor. Life is a combination of destiny and uncertainty. We never know what to expect.

      Didn’t mean for you to drown in an ocean of tears, It is sad how life can take us on an unexpected jouirney.

      So very touched by this magnificient message. Your beautiful praise and appreciation makes me blush.

      Thank you for your very kind words. They mean so much to me.


      1. A lot of thanks,dear!! As you tell that is true.destiny and uncertainty of life is true.but my dear friend!! Let the destiny do her work and Let human enjoy every moments of life.do you agree with me?plz reply.


  5. I am reading your poem from morning and just now sent a comment?where is my comment?my dear friend!! Your poem is a masterpiece in the word of poem.having so much painful feelings.my dear!!

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      1. Why have you not given the reply of my first comment if those are amazing?left them,dear!! And reply to many comments on your blog which are waiting for you,my friend.do your work without any tension.good luck.


          1. Good.after then you will hear the songs of waves and inspire.here ,i live,there is not the sea.but where my daughter lives at Channai near to Indian ocean.whenever i go there then fully enjoyed with waves of that ocean.hey dew!! It is good that you are building the home there.most silent place far from the madding crowd.wonderful.


              1. You are right dear dew!! Ocean’s sounds and waves are inspiring us more and more than others.i go there for sometime when i am free.that place is so much far as your Newyork from Florida.that city is most lovely because of ocean.


  6. What a journey this life is on the rhythm-less sea. I have just re-followed your blog. For some bizarre reason blogs that I have followed for years have dropped off my list of follows. I have contacted WP about this and I am now keeping a list of blogs that drop off and have to be re-followed. I will submit this to WP and see what they can do.


    1. Yes, we are affected by the currents and winds. We may not be the masters of our destiny as we like to think we are.
      Thank you for your beautiful words. So happy you shared your deep thoughts opn my post.
      Grateful and flattered. Thank you.

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  7. Every wave can be an opportunity – whether to gain or to learn. I also love completely with my heart and accept that loving so deeply may mean heartache and disappointment. Beautiful words – I like that the poem gives nice wisdom πŸ™‚


    1. Very happy you pointed that out. I was very happy with this poem, since it was something different from my usual stuff.
      There a a free lightheadedness about this piece.
      Thank you for your beautiful words of support. They truly mean so much to me.


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