The Lonely Immortal . (book excerpt)

The Lonely Immortal (Book Excerpt)

“Are you okay?”

“The souls of the dead see my light. They believe it is their opportunity to reenter our world. It happens every time I enter a cemetery.”

“You can feel them?”

“They pass through me like light through a prism.”

Spirits swirled inside Amani in a whirlpool of ancient scents, tastes, joys, and tears. The haunting pain of unfulfilled dreams from their previous lives pinched his heart.

Angelo came to a sudden realization. “This is the closest an immortal can come to feeling death.”

Amani inhaled deeply, longing to breathe in their hopes of a new life, the passions of lovers past, the cold inevitability of death.

“How do you feel having souls of the dead inside of you?”


Cursed to live forever, Amani befriends Angelo, a cranky Vietnam veteran who searches for his long lost love. Sharing the story of his 5,000 year journey searching for his perpetually reincarnating twin flame, Amani the immortal, learns the true meaning of life from his dying friend.

This manuscript, my notes. and outline, have been registered and are protected by the U.S. Copyright Office (within the Library of Congress). 

35 thoughts on “The Lonely Immortal . (book excerpt)

  1. This is powerful stuff and such an intriguing premise on the value of life and death. The “haunting pain of unfulfilled dreams” makes my heart heavy with regret of things not done. I wonder if Angelo will ever find his long lost love..? x


  2. Interesting premise. I looked into the twin flame thing a few years ago when a medium suggested a man I was seeing might be mine. I cried, lol. I didn’t want to never be free of him! Anyway I’m free now so apparently he was not my twin, pot at least we were not reconnecting in this lifetime! Looking forward to reading more of this though! At the moment this excerpt reminds me a bit of Tom Robbins “jitterbug perfume”. Not really twin flames but people do live s long time.


    1. I will have to research jitterbug perfume. Not familiar with it.
      Sometimes the way two people can connect, you have to wonder if
      this idea of twin flames truly exists.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your story. Grateful for your kind words.


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