The Lonely Immortal (Book Excerpt)

The Lonely Immortal (Book Excerpt)

“Are you okay?”

“The souls of the dead see my light. They believe it is their opportunity to reenter our world. It happens every time I enter a cemetery.”

“You can feel them?”

“They pass through me like light through a prism.”

Spirits swirled inside Amani in a whirlpool of ancient scents, tastes, joys, and tears. The haunting pain of unfulfilled dreams from their previous lives pinched his heart. 

Angelo came to a sudden realization.  “This is the closest an immortal can come to feeling death.”

Amani inhaled deeply, longing to breathe in their hopes of a new life, the passions of lovers past, the cold inevitability of death.

“How do you feel having souls of the dead inside of you?”



Cursed to live forever, Amani befriends Angelo, a cranky Vietnam veteran who searches for his long lost love.  Sharing the story of his 5,000 year journey searching for his perpetually reincarnating twin flame, Amani the immortal, learns the true meaning of life from his dying friend.

This manuscript, my notes. and outline, have been registered and are protected by the U.S. Copyright Office (within the Library of Congress). 


181 thoughts on “The Lonely Immortal (Book Excerpt)

  1. Reading this is like just having eaten one delicious chocolate and you are desperate for more. Thank you for sharing this, it’s super tantalizing, I’m hooked, just like that. Love the characters… It’s awesome, I’m looking forward to the next installment!


  2. Gorgeous but hauting for me.why have you ask thrice time”How do you feel having the souls of dead inside of you….”.i have seen a mummy in the museum of Jaipur.these lines are remiding me that mummy.
    But it is truth that your book will be most popular after compliting and publishing it.bless you,my dear!!


      1. One week before,i saw a mummy of Tu Tu Khamen in museum of Jaipur after that i read your these all attention suddenly to that mummy who was old 5000 years and of a eighteen year princess of Egypt.may be some story is related to her ,so i felt so much as haunting.hey dew!!why you are not feared to listen about them.


                  1. Hey dew!!you have your friend’s poem.i think -it was comment on my poem.she has written it beautifully.i described about the guitar after then she wrote about”piano coughs old rhepsodies 8

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              1. Yeah.dear.!! I have received your are the one huge and deep root among all those roots of Banyan are my amazing friend!!you know that girl loves very much that tree.


  3. My Lonely Author,

    “Searching for his perpetually reincarnating twin flame…”

    I LOVE that so much.
    And Amani…where to start? Sigh.
    And your writing…I say again…where to start?



    Oh you want me to say more….

    Okay but I need some words from you first then I’ll unleash.



  4. Haunting and beautiful Drew ❤
    For a while though, I thought that you're finally announcing the release of your book. 😀 The title "The Lone Immortal" seemed to suits you…


    1. No where near a release date, but I am flattered you thought it.
      This title just came to me recently. Thank you for mentioning it.
      I was wondering what people were going to thank.

      As always, thanks for your beautiful comment. You provided the input that I desired.
      Thankl you.

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    1. Thank you so juch for your kind gesture of sharing my post Ian.
      Apologies for my late response. I had an accident at my construction site
      and I have been away from blogging for the past ten days,

      Thank you so much. Hope you are well.


      1. I’m thankful to hear it wasn’t a concussion – glad you rested though – if you research head injuries of any kind, it is important to stay clear of screens and technology while recovering. LOL – your pun was delightful though!! xx


  5. Glad to hear you are getting better! What craziness. There is something “out there” at play here!
    Ahhh, now I get it! I’m reading posts backwards.
    Well, I like both… if you care for input. I “love” the other version!


    1. On some posts I do turn off the messages. So many things are going on in my life,
      I need to stay on top of the blog and comments, closing messages does help.

      Hope you are doing well. Happy Monday. Have a great week.


  6. Oh, this is exceptional, Drew. I read it before. Yet re reading it makes it more powerful for me.
    “How do you feel having souls of the dead inside of you?”
    Are you kidding me? Brilliant, Drew. Brilliant.
    Way to go!


  7. How far he must journey over and again searching for her, his love. My thoughts are trapped now in the prism of Amani. What a beautiful excerpt of your story that will no doubt be both heartbreaking and lovely.

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      1. I’m sorry this is late. WordPress comments seem to be a little askew.
        Your story is very touching. I can only imagine all that you’ll do with it. I have far too many questions. I’ll try to hold them and wait to read more 🙂 Thank you for the lovely wishes. I hope your evening ahead will be quite beautiful. 🌷

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          1. Her love is for you.i have understood very well-in today’s post she called you dew not planing is going to get success.your ballerina will come soon in your arms,my lucky friend dew!!

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                  1. Not evening but is the time of night-11.30pm.dear dew!! When we talk then a day and night meet each other,one is for to receive and see off for other🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


  8. Drew, I read this for the first time a week or so ago, and I felt I needed to let it sink in….for a lot of reasons, this resonated with me on a very deep level…it evokes feelings of truth and subtle images of spiritual realities…while capturing some elements of the current stream of consciousness…this might sound a bit unfathomable or out there…but your excerpt touches on deep topics and existential questions for me, and I am sure you will touch a lot of people´s souls with this one! Very excited for you, thanks for sharing this intriguing piece of exquisite work with us! Abrazotes 🙂


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