Lonely Author: Week In Review (As if anybody really cares)

Lonely Author: Week In Review (As if anybody really cares)

Couldn’t think of a better title.

So, let’s get right to the action.

The neighbor’s dwarf hen has visited the construction site everyday for the past two weeks.

She delivers an egg every other day. Now, if I can teach her to make bacon and brew some coffee, I will be all set.

My roof is up. (Bad joke).

Since I am no longer allowed to work on my own hut, I have been shopping for curtains, bathroom tiles, furniture, etc.

Found this fish art in a mall. He is made of ladles, spoons, empty bottle and spatulas.

A closer look.

A mall aquarium.

Selected the dark gray tile pattern for the bathroom. It should stand out beautifully against a contrast of a white and light gray scheme for the other tiles and bathroom floor.

You had no idea the Beach Boy could get all HGTV on you. Did ya?

I attended a baby shower this past weekend. Pearla (black dress) the momma to be and her hubby Johan, the father to be, asked me to be the Godfather to be, to their baby to be. His name will be Axel and his estimated time of arrival is late October.

What would the end of the day be like without a gorgeous sunset? Well, I guess it would be the end of a day without a gorgeous sunset.

Seriously, I am doing very well. I followed doctor’s orders. (Something very new for me).

Thank you all for your beautiful messages and concern. Sigh. So sweet of all of you. Much like the mosquitos on the island, you have touched me in places you will never know.

And this concludes…..

Lonely Author: Week In Review (As If Anybody Really Cares)

Will leave comments open for a while to have a few laughs. Enjoy the end of the week.


322 thoughts on “Lonely Author: Week In Review (As if anybody really cares)

  1. I care, they are some beautiful pictures/memories to hold on to. Sunset at the end was absolutely beautiful! Happy you had a wonderful week, I know the feeling of lonely all to well. ((Hugs)) hope you have a wonderful weekend

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    1. You touched me with this beautiful comment. Alone is not fun. Never look forward to the evenings alone.

      Thats sunset was so beautiful. I try to catch as many sunsets as I can.

      I hope your weekend and evening are as beautiful as that sunset.
      Be well.
      Thank you for your message, It is greatly appreciated.


  2. “What would the end of the day be like without a gorgeous sunset? Well, I guess it would be the end of a day without a gorgeous sunset.” I love it โค

    And I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry after being compared to a mosquito… ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜ญ Mosquitos are my top mortal enemy. Drew, you're being mean now that you've recover ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ˜‚

    But hey I enjoyed reading this post. Mostly smiled and laughed. That fish statue is so cool!

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    1. LOL Jessica. Mosquitos appear to love me. I can’t find a woman, but I can find every mosquito on the island.

      That fish is so cool. Looked at it for several minutes.

      And I would never hurt hour feelings. Maybe I should send you the fish to make it up to you.
      Thank you so much. You always make me smile.

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      1. I’ll gladly accept the fish! โค Thank you very much! But please pay for the shipping ๐Ÿ˜‚

        And don't get me started about mosquitos, it's autumn and they still linger around me whispering "I love you" in that high pitch voices. Annoying insects. At least if they fell in love with you, it's understandable because you're single haha ๐Ÿ˜€

        So happy I'm making you smile. Have a great day Drew ๐Ÿ˜


  3. A man who loves shoes and can pull off an HGTV excursion, all while the eggs (and wishful bacon) are cooking back at the home front, scores big in my book of a great catch to spend the sunsets together with. Plus…you follow doctor’s orders! You’re fibbing, aren’t you? You’re not real, are you? You must be, they asked you to be a godfather. Hmm…as always, I’m leaving here intrigued! ๐Ÿ˜‰ PS (the gray tiles are very nice…did you buy the fish statute? I think that might be a bit over the top!).

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    1. Haha . Shelley, HGTV is pretty much the only thing I watch. I guess there is a little home designer
      lurking somewhere deep inside of me.
      The doctor’s order,,,,,well this was a first. But the concussion scare was enough for me to follow
      anyone’s orders.

      Will post tiny home pics soon. We aren’t far from completion.

      Thank you always Shelley. Mucho appreciated.

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      1. I love HGTV! I can’t watch it though – I binge too long and don’t get anything done, it’s more time-consuming than blogging for me ;-)!
        Yes, caring for brain injuries is very important!
        I’m looking forward to seeing the tiny house!!!
        Ditto to you ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hahaha this was hilarious . I bet many ladies would be jealous of those mosquitoes . So nice to know that you are doing well mister LOVED author. Listen to the doctors and enjoy the non chicken made coffee on in the sunset . Smiles.

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    1. Happy to make you laugh Ms. Sparkles. Jealous of mosquitos…you are funny.
      I will follow doctor’s orders and yours as well my friend.
      Thank you foor reading and for your beautiful words.
      They truly made me smile.


  5. What a lovely post! I adore the random chicken! I love when authors share a bit of their everyday life/experiences–it lets the reader know more about the man or woman behind the poetry. I think a lot of people would care ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I have always been very private. And i don’t participate in the awards or challenges in WordPress
      which makes me even more of a mystery for my followers. So, I have used my Thursday posts to give
      a little glimpse into my world.

      Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comment. It is so appreciated.

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  6. Glad you are continuing to follow doctors orders. This was cute! I love your “mascot” at the hut – the chicken. It is nice of her to share her eggs with you. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the building process.

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  7. Are you seriously contemplating on buying that fish? LOL I admit is was extremely fascinating, yes, but ….. really, Andrew? I like the tiles and the color scheme …. very orderly. The baby on the way ….. big smile. As for that sunset, gorgeous in every way possible. And yeah, I care. (smile) xo

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  8. I adore reading about your life. My way of living vicariously through your adventures-LOL. Fantastic choice on the tile- I have one very similar for my kitchen backsplash. And that is the cutest chicken I have ever seen. Happy you are well Drew!

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  9. Aww congrats on becoming (or soon to be becoming) a Godfather! And I loved seeing all your photos of your life the other week, perhaps because I like being nosy. That mall aquarium is so damn cool! I hope youโ€™re managing as well as possible, even though you say youโ€™re doing okay. When times get tough, imagine yourself as a little fishy, Drew Nemo, swimming in the aquarium while staring out lovingly at Krispy Kreme donuts. Do fish dribble? I bet they would if they could.


    1. Thank you so much. Not far from the beach. My nights are spent watching sunsets and the sea.
      My dreams have finally come true, Miriam.
      Never been happier.
      Thanks you for your beautiful words and amazing support.
      I treasure your friendship.

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      1. I treasure yours too. And it makes me so happy to hear youโ€™ve achieved your dream Andrew. And the best bit is, we can then dream something new. Enjoy your piece of paradise my friend. And stay happy. xx


  10. You rock in the shopping department. Great choices!!!
    The mall looks quite modern for the islands. Is this in the captial of Puerta Plata?
    Just wonderin’. Congrats on being a Godfather. You might have to start talkin’ with a Brooklyn accent. LOL
    Fun post, Drew. It looks like your enjoying your project.
    Isadora ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    1. Happy yuo enjoyed my post. I was hoping to make people smile.
      That mall is very modern and the art amazing.
      Never expected to find that here on the island.
      Haha I do have a heavy New Yawk accent. So, maybe I could do Brooklyn too.
      Thanks for reading my silliness. Appreciate it my friend.

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      1. LOLOL … so, I sound like J.Lo when I speak. Everyone can always tell I’m from Brooklyn. LOL I don’t hear it but it’s O K. At least, it isn’t boring. It’s incredible the way art is being used even in malls. Great fish sculpture. I’ve got a mini one made from the same materials made by a Florida artist.
        Hey … I always enjoy the fun posts in between the beautiful prose and poetry you paint. Keep them going … ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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        1. I know. I know. Once I sart talking, everyone in Florida everyone tells me you’re from New York.
          I have to laugh. I didn’t know I have a New York accent.
          I love mall art. Some artist are being so creative. It is wonderful.

          I like to post something different so it is not always poetry. Don’t want my writing o become stale.
          Thank you so much. Always appreciate your thoughts and the laugh.

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