the theory of you and me

the theory of you and me

never understood
the theory of everything
yet I am smart enough to theorize
my wine would be sweeter
coming from your lips
the stars more brilliant
in the galaxy of your eyes
no need to hypothesize
don’t always comprehend
what you are doing to me
for I am a virgin in love
since everything is so new
today, I finally understood
i wasn’t born
until the moment
i discovered you


285 thoughts on “the theory of you and me

  1. Most emotional poem.all droplets of rains which are hidden under the eyelids ,suddenly rained and got wet all earth of my imagination so much my feelings had been soaking all night,dear dew!! Every lines are most heart do you feel other’s pains?my dear friend!!

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  2. Only in the mysterious equations of love, can any logic be found … Very beautiful poem Drew 😊😘

    Solo en las misteriosas ecuaciones del amor, puede encontrarse alguna lógica… Muy bello poema Drew 😊😘


  3. mai compresa la teoria del tutto
    eppure sono abbastanza intelligente da teorizzare
    che il mio vino sarebbe più dolce
    se venisse dalle tue labbra
    le stelle più brillanti
    sono nella galassia dei tuoi occhi
    non c’è bisogno di ipotizzare
    non sempre capire
    cosa mi stai facendo
    poiché sono vergine innamorata
    poiché tutto è così nuovo
    oggi ho finalmente capito:
    non sono nato
    fino al momento in cui
    ti ho scoperto


      1. You’re always welcome Drew and I’m delighted you think so.

        A blessing, that caught me completely off guard, mostly I’m referred to as a weirdo but blessing, that’s a complement I’ll gladly take.


          1. Well long story short I’m mostly surrounded by folks who don’t quite understand what mental illness is and if it’s not familiar to them they call it weird or strange, you should see the looks I get from my neighbours simply because I like to sit up on the roof of my house.


            1. I a sorry to hear this. Your family of all people should understand your feelings and your needs.
              And if they don’t undertsand, they need to make an effort to learn.

              Hey, if I had a rof to get away form it al and be alone to write, I would do the exact same thing.
              Sorry, you are going through this. No one deserves to be made to feel this way.

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              1. Thank you for your comforting words Drew.

                I guess I’ve just adapted and learnt to be okay with it, blocking out those voices helps a whole lot and in time I’ll find a place where I belong. 🙂

                The roof top does make a place for great thoughts aye


    1. Grateful for your kind words and praise.
      Thank you for taking the time out to sahre your lovely thoughts.
      I am now, getting to these older messages.
      I have had serious heart problems, including two heart attacks during the holidays.
      So please accept my apologies on the lateness of my replay.
      I hope you are well.

      Please, be safe. I wish all the best health for you and everyone you love.


                1. Yup. No complaints.
                  Seriously rachel I take things easy.
                  Almost have the pills worked out
                  It’s just poetry and novels

                  Check out my comments today
                  One person who was asking about you the other day
                  Asks me about my failed relationship
                  I found it strange

                  Please find me time for you


                  1. Ahhh well, I’m pleased you are taking it easy. I’m especially pleased you nearly have the pills sorted out.

                    I’ll check out the comments, that’s so weird..

                    “Please find me time for you” – I love that, thank you. I’ll do my best. I am seriously craving that. I’m enjoying sitting in the sun quietly for now.

                    Drew, thank you, you’ve been a light in my week. You say I’ve helped heal you, well, you do exactly the same.

                    I hope you have a better than average sleep


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