Pain Goes In, Love Comes Out

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ― Oprah Winfrey, media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer and philanthropist.

My dear friend Alyssa at Fightmsdaily is an amazing example of a person who turns pain into positive vibes. Even as she battles the pains and challenges of multiple sclerosis, she injects you with her warm personality and bright outlook; making her a perfect example of hope and kindness. Her Motivational Mondays & Pick Me Up Thursday are the perfect way to start/survive the week. Need a dose of inspiration? Visit one of the Inspiring Women of WordPress at Fightmsdaily.

As you can see I am taking this celebration of women seriously, so here it is, confession time.

Pain Goes In, Love Comes Out

On January 21, 2013, I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs.

Intense pain has accompanied me every second of my life for almost 7 years. Surgery corrected some of my injuries, but did not reduce the pain. I’m not interested in the prescriptions to opiates and morphine injections doctors have offered.

Pain has become as natural as breathing.

Like you, the people I meet have no idea I am suffering. I have no limp, cane, or visible marking to advise them.

I still run, play beach volleyball, dance, workout at the gym, and on occasion chase women (just don’t catch them anymore). LOL

Blogging has served as my therapy.  Don’t know how many times my cheeks were moist with tears as you and I laugh at one of my silly comments. Or as I read your inspiring posts. You are my pain relief.

Perception is the key to life. I cherish the memories of the painless years. I am grateful I didn’t end up in a wheelchair. Even with this eternal aching, I consider myself a lucky man.

My friends ask me, how do I deal with the pain?  How do I remain calm, happy, smiling, and caring through this pain? Why do I bother trying to inspire others?

Pain goes in, love comes out.

If you don’t mind, I will keep comments closed on this post. I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me and I definitely don’t want to spend the next two weeks replying to comments reminding me of this torment. Thank you for your warm and caring wishes. xo


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  1. I had no idea. Wish you all the best. Take care my friend.
    Not sure about the coincidence. On January 3, 2013, while walking my dog Skooby, I slipped on black ice (fancy black ice in California, someone may have kept sprinklers on at night and the water running out to the sidewalk froze) and fell. Next thing I know I was in excruciating pain. Not sure how I reached back home. Taken to emergency by my wife but as it was not life threatening, I had to wait for several hours with the pain before checkup. After a few xrays it was found that the humerus bone in my upper arm was cracked and my big toe on right leg was broken. As I did not have a clean fracture, my arm was kept on a sling and I was asked to keep my upper arm perpendicular to the ground at all time. I could not sleep on a bed for eight weeks and after that my arm froze in position. After several months of physical therapy I did get about ninety percent of the movement back but if I do not keep my arm moving (exercise), it still tries to lock. There always is a dull pain but I can’t take pain killers (makes me dizzy), so learnt to live with the pain. The big toe never healed properly.

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    1. I had no idea you went through this. I feel your pain. So sorry, you experienced this. It had to be
      tough. I bet you keep an eye out for black ice. I know I would.
      I hope you pain isn’t constant like me.
      Live with the pain. I know all about it.
      Be well my friend.
      Closing comment here in a second.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.

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    1. Very happy that you do. Everyone should take a moment to celebrate the beauty and wonders of women.
      As for the pain. we can turn it around and make it something special. If I can overcome this
      pain, so can others. Hopefully, my example and Alyssa’s will help someone out there.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and support. I treasure you me dear. Hugs of appreciation.

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    1. Laughing my head off. What else can I do? This nincompoop left the comments on.
      And I was staying at a friends house and no computer in sight. (Have no idea how
      to shut off comments on this stupiod app).

      But honestly, everyone was wonderful and respectful of my wishes. So I am a lucky
      dude. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

      I believe Glinda the good witch in The Wizard of Oz said these words, Dorothy I saved
      you for last.

      You jumped on this post so fast it is unbelievable. And let me tell you, I have been
      in pain all day long, but your comments and a frw others that trickled in made this
      day much more bearable and a little less painful. Thank yyou for ignoring the
      elephant in the room and respecting my wishes.

      You really are a special woman. Caring, talented, and so beautiful (yes, I know I
      have no idea what you look like, but I can feel your beauty in my heart).

      Closing comments once I send this to you. Thank you for making the day brighter.
      You have a talent for that. Always appreciate your thoughts. xoxo
      We will have to take about your appearance as one of the Inspiring Women of WordPress.
      Thank you. xo

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    1. As good. You could only be as good. Never bad. The two of you hopped all over this post. And I was too faraway
      to be able to change the settings on the post. Nincompoop me. The two of you had me laughing all night.

      Glad for your appreciation nd kind words. Thank you for everything. You don’t know how many times you have eased
      my day. And I will always be grateful for that. Thank you.

      Just an FYI, when I get to the last comment, I WILL shut off comment on this post.
      Thank you. LOL

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      1. Nah! Don’t call yourself that. Come on, you are a human and you forgot and we all sneakily peeped! Happy Halloween! Lol Andrew.
        Now don’t you dare reply to this or you will never reach the last comment. Lots of love.

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    1. Thank you so much. Don’t know about the debonair part. LOL I do my best to make others smile or feel inspired
      perhaps, that way I myself can smile.
      Thank you for your wonderful words and kind wishes. Appreciate it immensely.
      Just an FYI
      As soon as get to the last comment waiting, I will close comments here.
      Thank you.

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    1. Laughing. What a nincompoop I am. Left the comments pen.
      Your wishes, the candy, sunset, and laughs. Adore your comment.
      Those are the things I appreciate and adore. And they make the day a littl brighter,
      Thank you for your beautiful words.
      They really touched me and eased some pain.

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  2. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to respond 😅. I won’t express any sympathy whatsoever (😜) — but I will wish you moments full of love & smiles because I want that for you anyway. 😛 Your posts are always so heartwarming. Have a beautiful day!

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    1. Laughing. Well, I made the mistake of accidentally leaving the comments open, so it is’t your fault.
      Laughing some more.

      The wishes of love and smiles I wonderful. Warms the heart, tickles the soul, and eases my pain.
      Your appreciation for my poetry and posts, well, I am grateful for yur kindness and support.
      Thank you for being so wonderful. And for respecting my wishes. I am grateful. It does mean a
      lot to me.
      Thank you always. xo
      Just so you know, when I get to the last comment, I WILL shut off the comment here.
      Thank you.

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    1. Alyssa so happy you liked it. You are an inspiration. You don’t let things get you down,
      you try to lift spirits. You are an angel on Earth. Perhaps, you have enever thought of it,
      but spreading your light may be your purpose in life.

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  3. I empathize on this sentence.. on occasion chase women (just don’t catch them anymore). I know that feeling well!! lol.. except it’s men just to clarify!

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    1. Brad, that is a wonderful thought. I wish everyone can turn the negative into positive beauty.
      The world would be a better place.
      Alyssa, is amazing. So grateful she let me include her on this series.
      Thank you for your wonderful words and support. Please know, you gave me a wonderful smile.
      I can’t ask for anything more than that.
      Thank you my friend. Just so you know, I have 3 more comments. When I have replied to all,
      I will be closing comment.
      Thank you.

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  4. Most inspirational you know,my dear friend that every pain give us more inspiration for create something new.the beautiful word has too pain.without pain,we can not see all beauties of this universe.true,Pain goes in,Love comes are best example for it.and i may be a little you agree with me?dear dew!! Your friend Alysa is most wise lady.
    Have you written a post”she”on 16th January which image had a simple girl?is this girl had cared you in your painful days?if not plz sorry.but reply soon of my all question,dear!!

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    1. Ah, Miriam. Thank you for your love and friendship. Those are the greatest gifts one could receieve.
      I trust me, I adore them.
      Just so you know, I will be closing comments in a few seconds.
      Thank you for everything. xo

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