an imperfect flower (For All Women)

Real beauty is in the fragility of your petals. A rose that never wilts isn’t a rose at all.” – Crystal Woods, author, stage coach, pro bikini athlete, child abuse advocate.

When I think of this Inspiring Woman of WordPress , I think of delicate flowers. As a little girl, she admired the prairies. As a young woman she overcame adversity and bloomed into a Costume Designer dressing the stars of film & television. That is the inspiring story of my precious friend Resa at Art Gowns. To see videos of her stunning creations click here. Her beautiful sketches & sweet personality always touches my soul. Resa doesn’t make gowns, she creates wearable poetry.

an imperfect flower

an imperfect flower
grows in a flawless garden
forever afraid to bloom
ashamed of her weather-beaten stem
and frail leaves
she fails to understand
her damaged petals
are what makes her beautiful
to me


311 thoughts on “an imperfect flower (For All Women)

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                    3. Hey dear dew!! Have you give me blessings with your heart?now i am absolutely fine.a lot of thanks,dear!!your words are my treasure.
             waste your time to search my comment on Monday’s post.this Monday has,i will see your post of tomorrow and next Monday.right. Okay.i am going to sleep.have a wonderful and amazing day.take your best care.bless you,my dear!!⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘


                    4. Your Thursday post dedicated to gypsy at heart is most lovely gift to my friend gypsy know-she has become my friend on blog.really ,she is a pure soul.❀


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  1. Beautiful poem. I especially loved the last line: “she fails to understand
    her damaged petals are what makes her beautiful to me” I visited Resa’s blog and I can see why she’s on your list of Inspiring Women of WordPress.


    1. Resa is a very inspiring lady. Beautiful on this inside and out. Always sweet and kind to all.
      I believe here are so many women walking around who don’t understand how beautiful they are. They
      look at the ridiculous, unfair standards society and the media have set. No one has to be a runway

      Thank you for your beautiful words and support Adele. I will pay you a visit on your blog and talk
      about the possibility of me introducing you in this series. You and your blog stand for many of the
      same things that I do. I would be flattered if I can introduce you.

      Again, thank you so much.


      1. I am glad I could make you happy, there needs to be more happy in the world! You are most welcome. … and I really don’t qualify to that level. I am just a lady trying to write out what’s rattling around inside.


    1. You just delivered tears to me eyes. You are too kind. Thank you for being so sweet. God, I am so touched by your words.

      I get frustrated with the treatment of women and how the media and men have filled with women with so many inhibitions. It is heartbreaking for me.

      Thank you for tyhis gorgeous comment. If you don’t mind, I will treasure it.

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      1. It will be my honor to know you treasure my honest words Drew ❀ A lot of your poems are precious treasure for me too. Your words are heartfelt and full of genuine emotions like this one.

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    1. She truly is an amzing woman. And her life wasn’t easy. Nothing was given to her. She had to earn it all herself. A truly inspiring woman.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate your kindness.

      Have a gorgeous day – Drew

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      1. You know, Lonely, it’s so true that nothing was given to me. I earned it myself. It’s different to hear it from someone else. Sure, I have always told that to people, but to hear it come back on me…. well it has a different ring. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

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  2. I’m not sure if my last comment made it thru. Ive been struggling with the internet here lately. This was a beautiful post! Rasa is amazing and I’m now following her blog. And your poem…well, my blog is already called Wallflower Blossoming, so we know what I think of myself. I wish I could see the beauty in my imperfections and vulnerability the way you see them in all women. Why is it so easy to see the imperfect in ourselves instead of the good? Why are we our own harshest critics? I wish I knew. ❀


    1. Yes, I did receieve the others messages. I have had a difficult week packing, and having so many friends
      drop by (some tryign to convince me to never leave). The interruptions have me behind on blog reading and
      replying to comments. You know I would never ignore you or anyone else.

      There is beauty in your imperfections. There is beauty in your heart. Now, that you are too blind to see that,
      that is unfortunate. Life is hard and very hurtful. Sometimes we carry baggage with us that we just got to learn
      to let go. You are a wonderful poet, angelic soul, and beautiful woman. Wish you could see yourself through my

      Why we reflect on the negative, the weaknesses, and “our perceived” imperfections? The answer my friend is blowing
      in the wind. Sorry, that is a song. lol . Don’t know why WE do it, but I do know WOMEN do it more than men. The
      media, Hollywood, the fashion world, Disney, and Playboy have set such unfair standards.

      Melissa, I am a broken Beach Boy with no cares in the world…..but if you ask me, you are PERFECT the way you are.

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      1. Dear Drew…you made my day with that comment. Thank you, my friend. You are like calming lavender essential oil over a bruised heart. πŸ™‚ (Yes, I love my essential oils. haha!) It must be hard to leave a place you love so much, but I know you love your home in Florida. When the weather is bleak and grey in January/February, I may have to look at a visit to tropical climes to escape.
        And I would never call you broken. Never. Scarred? Yes…but not broken. To me, you are simply a beautiful person who heals with love. xoxoxoxoxo

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        1. What a gorgeous thing to say. I so appreciate that. Perhaps we heal one another. Yeah, it is hard to leave, but I am going to another place that is warm. If I were still in New York would be upset.
          Florida is a drea come true.


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  3. This piece so elegantly pairs with her blog’s niche, too; it reminds me of flowing, soft fabrics and the light touch of a beautiful gown. I love that expression, ‘wearable poetry’. I’ll check out her page now.
    PS. A huge congrats – your beautiful Godson Axel is a little darling! All of the thirsty, 9lbs 1oz of him! Β β™₯
    Caz x


  4. Hey dew!!what has there happened?today’s poem is not here on your blog.hope-you will be healthy n wealthy.wating for you.bless you,my dear!!⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘


  5. Hey dear dew!!what has happened with you?Are you feeling tired?do you not want to come on blog.?many questions are wandering in my mind like a stormy know-without reading your poem,i feel emptiness in my whole existence. If you want to take a rest for some days,please,write on your blog.your many friends are puzzled because of your absence.plz tell me-where are you and why?


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