Lonely Author: Heart to Heart

Lonely Author: Heart to Heart

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

I will be brief.

During the past two years, I made 4 trips to the Dominican Republic to purchase strong pain killers that alleviate my back pain. Pills with dangerous side affects.

Since my return to Florida, I have felt lethargic, suffered constant headaches and dizzy spells as my blood pressure skyrocketed. Things that a man of my age shouldn’t be feeling.

Doctors have discovered several unhealthy changes in my heart (which they describe as “severely life threatening“). Emergency surgery is very possible, but I won’t know until more tests are run over the next two weeks.

During the next couple of months, I will be in blogging-lite mode as I try to regain my health and strength. I won’t be posting every week, but I will read blogs to stay in touch with all of my friends.

Your support and words have always filled my heart with joy. At some point in the future I hope to continue My Inspiring Women of WordPress.

Thank you for your understanding.

Trust me, your friendship and inspiration has been missed.

Hopefully, through your words, I can rediscover my creative mojo.

16 thoughts on “Lonely Author: Heart to Heart

    1. Stella, very touched and full of hope and happiness to find your the first person to respond. I have always considered myself lucky to have found you here in WordPress. You are one of the special people here who has made this experience worthwhile.

      Thank you for your warm beautiful message. It really means so muich to me. xoxo

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    1. Oh, I have learned to hard way to not take anything for granted. At times I let the overwhelming pain alter my decision making.
      I will never make that mistake again.

      Thank you for your beautiful wishes. I will remember them during my quiet moments of reflection. Thank you for always filling me with warmth and smiles.

      I know this time of year must be difficult for you, I hope your heart is filled with love and may it find peace and happiness during this festive season. xoxo .

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  1. Drew – Thanks for the update, and wow – stay away as long as you need because your health is of utmost importance. Positive thoughts your way.

    On a personal (selfish) note – I will be signing off sometime in late January … well, that the time I’m anticipating, but I haven’t planned it out to know.

    Take care of yourself!

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    1. I am amazed by your plans. You have had a great run. You and your blog will be greatly missed. We will talk often between now and then.

      Thank yyou for your beautirul words and message. For weeks, I have wrestled with this sudden change (all alone). I think a slow return to blogging may help. The loneliness definitely is making anything better. Hopefully, wonderful people like you will give me the strength that I need.

      Thank you so much my friend. I so appreciate your friendship and support.

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  2. I struggle to know how to respond to this… in the time I’ve followed you on WordPress, you’ve really found a place in my heart. Both in your poetry and in the beautiful way you interact with me and so many others on here. Your acceptance and understanding and empathy… I have to admit I’ve noticed and worried in your absence and it hurts my heart to know you are in pain and poor health… You are a gorgeous soul Andrew. Please take care. I know how much of a toll poor health can take… Thank you, for updating us on how you are. Oh! I hope you are ok!!! Xoxox

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    1. LIttle personificationn here….you made my heart smile with your wonderful message. You have spoken often about my interaction with people, I am hoping that very interaction can help me find the strength I will need. I know going this alone has only exacerbated my fears.

      Your beautiful message carressed my hurting heart. Kind of ironic a poet who only writes of love falls ill to a serious heart ailment. Hopefully, the damage I have inflicted on myself can be undone.

      Thank you for this special message. It means so much to me. Thank you for your beautiful support. It really is much needed and appreciated. xoxoxo

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