fingers crossed

fingers crossed

No poetry.

Today, I see my cardiologist to discuss my latest test results. My blood pressure has been steady. I hope last weeks tests will prompt a change in the medications I have been prescribed. The severe headaches make blogging (staring at a screen) and life unbearable.

Two weeks ago, one of my six pills was eliminated. Since then, the dizzy spells have ceased. I hope another reduction of pills will get me back to my old self.

Tomorrow, I will post an update on today’s appointment.

After the reduction of that one pill, the dizzy spells have gone away. My doctor approved a short weekend trip to the Dominican Republic to baptize little Axel. My Thursday post, like today’s and Tuesday’s posts, will be comments closed in order that I work on the backlog (700+) of comments awaiting a response.

Thank you for all of your support. It kept me going when I was ready to give up.

Have a beautiful week.